Friday, 25 March 2016


When it comes to Easter baking, why stop at creme egg brownies?! I scroll down my Instagram newsfeed about 7389283 times a day, and I can see every man and his dog rustling up a batch. So I've scoured the web to find the most decadent, indulgent seasonal treats to impress your pals this Easter.

I'm on a strict diet atm (like I have been basically my whole life...EYE ROLL) so I'm having to live vicariously through other people right now (lol), so if you decide to make anything make sure you tweet me a pic! (@CLAUDIAWRIGHTx) I'll pretend to be enjoying a slice with you whilst tucking into my cottage cheese and grilled tofu! 


Creme Egg Cookie Cups from Kerry Cooks

Creme Egg Cheesecake Bites. Also from Kerry Cooks (That woman is a baking goddess!)

Homemade Creme Egg Poptarts (yep, you read that right! HOMEMADE POPTARTS. WITH CREME EGGS!!!!!) from Emily at Layers of Happiness 

Creme Egg Scotch Eggs (2016 is definitely their year!) from Jennie at Scarlet Scorch Droppers

Not for the faint hearted- The almighty Deep Fried Creme Egg from Food Network. (I know it looks like a scrotum, but YOU try finding an aesthetically pleasing deep fried egg.) I've actually had one of these before, in Blackpool when I was about 15. It was from a dossy little chippy near the beach and it was UH-MAZING. Probably my whole months worth allowance of calories, but whatev. 

Creme Egg Rocky Road from the Taming Twins

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  1. Wow all of these recipes look so delicious! I'm far from a pro baker so not sure how well any of these would turn out if I made them, but I may tackle the first one. Thanks for sharing these :) x
    Charlotte's Road