Monday, 8 February 2016



Slightly depressing to put together this gift guide as this is the first year that I have been single for three years! (WAH) So anyone who is secretly in love with me speak now or forever hold your peace!

I didn't want me wallowing in my own self pity to affect my gift guides so here you go you lucky gals! (or should I say lucky guys/clueless boyfriends who have absolutely no idea what to buy their other half this V-Day...I got you.)

Starting top left-clockwise

AGENT PROVOCATEUR LINGERIE SET. Come onnnnn, if Valentines Day isn't a day to rock the AP then I don't know what is!

WILDFOX SLEEP MASK. I love everything from Wildfox. Yes, its a little pricey but this little token is practical, AND cute. #winner

ESSIE POLISH IN 'FIJI'. Big advocate for nude nails atm, and this colour is bound to match anything your girlfriend wears on the big night.

BANDO PASSPORT COVER...Or.....a holiday! Ok, maybe not 3 weeks in the Dominican Republic, but if you've been together a while then why not treat her to a city break? A couple of days away won't cost you more than £200 if you shop around for a good deal. 

VALENTINES CARD. I have to admit, I'm a massive card freak and I always spend ages choosing a really nice/funny/cute one from Paperchase or Urban Outfitters. I just think it makes the gesture of a gift extra special and thoughtful. I like to try and keep them all in a drawer, but now that I am typing this it sounds really weird...Like when am I EVER going to spend the afternoon sat on my bedroom floor looking through all my old cards? If that ever happens then I'm going to need to have a serious word with myself :| or therapy.

NAKED 3 SMOKEY. A smokey eye is SO sexy. Valentines Day all over.

GIORGIO ARMANI 'SI'. I had a lil spray of this in the airport when I was on my way home from Dubai last month and fell in love. Such a gorgeous scent- perfect for date night.

KATE SPADE JEWELLERY PLATE. Kate Spade home ware is just delicious. All of it. And this jewellery plate is the ideal shape for a valentines gift.

So there you have it. Enjoy your day ya filthy animals! (not bitter at all....nope, not me)


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    1. It's gorgeous isn't it! If only all my wardrobe was AP!

      Claudia xx