Monday, 25 January 2016


Extreeeeeemely delayed blog post! I ideally wanted to get this up as soon as I got back from Berlin in case I had inspired anybody to book a last minute festive mini-break but hey h0, at least you will be ready for Christmas 2017!

I have always wanted to go to a German market in actual Germany, so last October my friend Emily and I decided to book a couple of nights in Berlin. We got a really good deal- around £200 for 3 nights and 4 days in the capital, including flights from Manchester. I have never stayed in a hostel before, but Emily convinced me that it's the best way to meet people and get tips on the best way to eat/drink/explore the city, so we booked into the Generator. It had the best reviews on Trip Advisor (who doesn't check this religiously when booking a break?!) and was in a really good central location.

We decided to treat ourselves and booked into the executive lounge before our flight. We were spoilt for choice with unlimited delicious breakfast-y food and drinks...I'll give you one guess what we took advantage of...

...30 minutes later

When we arrived at the Generator (which is AMAZING by the way!) our first port of call was the bar, obviously. I would recommend this hostel to anybody visiting Berlin- the staff are really friendly and helpful (and fit!), the rooms are clean and there is a bar downstairs which is great for meeting people- like we did with these Scottish boys. After about 25 thousand G&T's we went to a club called Le Chalet. It's a really cool old building and each room has a different DJ playing techno/house music. SUCH A GOOD NIGHT.

The next day we were feeling about as fresh as a mouldy apple but we dragged ourselves out of bed and in search of a walking tour of the city. Emily found one that started at the Brandenburg Gate- one of Berlin's landmarks. The tour guide was amazing- so knowledgeable and really engaging! He was pretty hot too, which helped my eyes to refrain from slowly sealing up as a result of my hangover.

Brandenberg Gate

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe. (the holocaust memorial)

THE HOTEL THAT MICHAEL JACKSON DANGLED HIS BABY OUT THE WINDOW!!! (Obviously a major highlight of the tour)

We also visited Hitler's bunker where he committed suicide, Checkpoint Charlie, the remains of the Berlin wall, and loads of other interesting places across the city. The tour lasted about 3 hours and it's free, you just pay the guide however much you like at the end. I'm 99% sure this was the tour we went on > (we kind of just tagged along to one and got lucky!)

Because we enjoyed the original walking tour so much, we booked the Sachsenhausen tour for the following day. I have always had a massive interest in history so it was great to walk round the camp. Really harrowing and sad, but really eye-opening. 

We couldn't come to Germany and not try some tradition German food!  As much as I love a sausage, Currywurst wasn't really appealing to me, so we went to a little German restaurant called 'Mutterhoppen'. I ordered the venison which came with cranberries, about 50,000 brussel sprouts with bacon and two HUGE dumplings. I've never had a dumpling before, but I can honestly say I will never be eating one again. It tasted like a brillo pad. The whole meal was absolutely rank to be fair, and there was WAY too much on the plate! I had a slither of venison, about 5 sprouts and then threw the towel in. I don't even know why I even ordered venison to be fair, I think it's really cruel :|

Papped outside Museum Island!
On our last night we went to a club called Kit Kat which is actually a sex club! PLEASE GO if you visit Berlin, it is an 'experience' to say the least! The club features a full size indoor pool, beds everywhere, stripper poles and unisex toilets- I'll let you imagine what goes on in there! Germans are veeeeery open minded so there are no rules- apart from if you are wearing too many clothes at the door you have to take them off...

Of course I've saved the best till last.....THE CHRISTMAS MARKETS!!!! Because everything is so spread out it took us ages to find them, but it was soooo worth it! With over 250 stalls, the markets at Charlottenberg are one of the biggest. The atmosphere is so cute and Christmassy, and it was so nice to just wander round the stalls and browse the homemade treats and toys.

Staple diet- frankfurters and gluhwein's. We made friends with one of the girls on the bar so she made ours EXTRA strong, which was ideal really cos they are so small and not cheap!


Has anyone else visited Berlin? What was your highlight?


  1. This has made me really want to visit Berlin! If its spread out, are the taxis expensive? & where is your coat from the memorial from? 😍

    1. It's such a beaut city kayley, loads to explore! We walked most places or got the S-Bahn (the underground) which is about 3 euros one way, so mega cheap :)

      It's from River Island about 100 years ago, it's served me well haha!

      Claudia xxxxxx

  2. Your reviews make my life - "the whole meal was absolutely rank to be fair" haha! I went to Berlin when I was about 13 with the rents and NEED to go again now with the girls to get drunk with Scottish men (not sure about the sex club though).

    Claire | xx

  3. My friend won a mini break to Berlin and took me with her! I loved it - such an amazing city and so much to learn. I kept calling my dad like "Hey dad did you know…" He wasn't very impressed with my obvious lack of knowledge of History before I went there though! It's also really good in the summer time, we climbed the TV tower and the views are incredible and went to the Zoo which was really fun (although slightly upsetting seeing the distressed Polar Bear!) xx

    1. Oh my god you lucky thing! We didnt do the TV and I can't go to zoos because I'm too much of an animal lover, it breaks my heart to see them in captivity :(

      Claudia xx

  4. I'm off interlining next month and Berlin is one of our stops, I'm dying to go to Kit Kat and just wondering what an earth to wear!!? I'm not looking to join in any of the 'activities' so wondering what is appropriate? Haha!

    Ashley xxx

    1. You're going to have such a good time in Berlin! We went to a night called Electro Mondays and I wore a low cut shirt and skinny jeans which was ok, but on the weekends I think they're a little more strict on the dress code! (AKA less is more!)

      Claudia xx