Tuesday, 19 January 2016


I genuinely can't believe it's 2016 already! After my birthday in May I feel like the rest of the year was a myth because I have just been SO busy. 2015 has been a pretty pivotal point of my life so far, so this is quite a personal post but I like to think the high's have outweighed the low's I thought I would share it with you.

I won;t go through all the boring, cliché stuff like my birthday, Christmas etc. So I'll start with the lowest points (lol) Cos then at least it's uphill from there!

I quit my job at Topshop. I had been working there just over a year since I finished my degree. Although the job itself was absolutely AWFUL and I was constantly watching the seconds go by, desperate for home time, I met some of the greatest people EVER. Namely, these two little babes (^) You know when you just feel like you've known somebody your whole life? That. We have had so many fun nights out and trips away (Narrrrrrbeth), and apart from Chloe's rendition of Cher, I can not pick ONE fault with these two. And so many other special ladies that I won't name but you know who you are!

*Deep breath* My boyfriend and I split up. It's always gonna be excrutiatingly hard to deal with a break-up, especially when it's your first ever boyfriend, and to be honest it's something I'm still trying to get through. And it's hard. We were together for almost three years (official for almost 2, but that's only because he took almost A WHOLE YEAR to ask me out ffs) which is a pretty big chunk of my early adult life! But as well as being my boyfriend he was my best friend and we lived together, which is pretty major especially for a 22 year old. So yeah. </3
Subsequently I moved out, and back in with my parents. HUUUUUUUUGE shock to the system after living away for 5 years! I couldn't leave the house without the Spanish Inquisition from my Mum or Dad  "Where are you going?" "What time are you gonna be home?" "Who's going, anyone I know?" :| But then I realised the perks- I am reunited with the notorious HOMEGYALS! The best group of friends I could ever imagine! I no longer have to miss out on every birthday/night out/dinner/sleepover/party due to being halfway across the country in Sheffield. Then of course I now have absolutely ZERO outgoings- no bills to pay, no council tax, no food shop...nothing. The heating is always on, I get my clothes washed and ironed, my Mum makes my lunches for work, dinner is always ready when I get home. I can't believe I ever left home in the first place! 

I also finally got myself on the career ladder in a job which I absolutely love, and I work with hilarious, motivating and fun people too which is a huge perk!

I got my dream car. I have wanted a cream Mini since I passed my driving test when I was 17 (it sounds quick, but I had about 4 lessons a week and failed 3 times beforehand). As I work in Lancaster, it was much easier to persuade my parents to get me a car, and it wasn't long till my Mum and I were browsing Mini's and I was driving this little beauty home. Not gonna lie- I already want to upgrade to a white BMW 1 Series :| (Sorry Mum if you're reading this!)

My best friend went travelling....So of course I booked a flight out to visit her in Thailand as soon as my Christmas break came around! I flew out the Bangkok on Christmas Eve and we spent the next 3 weeks travelling SE Asia and island hopping! It was my first time flying solo so I was a brave bunny and got there safe and sound. I also went snorkelling which was huge for me because I HATE the sea. I won't say too much about this yet though because I will be writing a full post on my Thailand adventure soon!

So yeah. A pretty big year for Claudia Wright. But despite the Great Depression, (the break-up) I feel like I've found my feet it's all uphill from here, and I can't WAIT to see what 2016 brings!

#NewYearNewMe......YEAH I SAID IT

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