Thursday, 29 December 2016


Ok, so I knowww the majority of bags in this handbag edit are Gucci- but everything in the new season collection is SO amazing I just couldn't pick my favourite! As usual, all links are shoppable if you're feeling spendy! 😜


Tuesday, 27 December 2016


It's almost impossible to hear the phrase 'new year' without thinking of this meme:

So instead of harping on about how I'm gonna be a better person, stop drinking, binge eating and getting up to mischief every weekend, cos we all know that ain't happening, I thought I would set some realistic targets.

1. Get into more of a routine with my blog. So instead of posting randomly throughout the month, I wanna post more regularly and stick to a schedule.

2. Get better at blog photography. Looking back at my photography from just last year makes me cringe cos it is SOOOOoOOO bad. It was only recently that I learned how to take a decent flay lay and I invested in some photo props and a marble background. I was actually going to buy a new camera with my Christmas money but it's going on a deposit for a trip to Vegas next year now instead. So blog.

3. LEARN HOW TO USE IMOVIE. Yep. My vlogs are terrible quality. It is literally just me sat on my bed chatting shit. But I LOVE recording them, and you seem to love watching them as I always get requests to do more! But the fact I can not use iMovie to save my life pains me because I wanna be able to add cute music and text and effects to make them look pretty so this is definitely high priority for next year.

4. SAVE MONEY. Again, one that really should be high priority but anybody that knows me, knows I am SHOCKING with a capital 'S' at saving money. But now I'm at the ripe old age of 24, I wanna start looking at the bigger picture i.e buying a house, plus I wanna see more of the world.... which means going a bit further than Marbella!! Vegas, Dubai, Miami, Oz, Bali and Thailand are all on my 'to-visit' list so I'm gonna have to stop buying £26 lipsticks and start doing some serious saving.

5. Keep on top of my fitness game! When I got back from Thailand in January I was probably the fattest I had ever been, and looking back at the photos genuinely makes me cringe. Since then I got a PT for 6 months who really helped me focus on getting my body, and confidence back! I'm not saying I wanna lose 10 stone, get a six pack and develop quads the size of a small country, I just wanna carry on being at the point I am now- where I enjoy eating healthily and working out.

6. Make more effort to see my friends. I'm lucky to have an amaaaaazing group of best friends in my home town, who I see whenever I'm home, but for the ones who have flown the nest, and the onesI  met at uni etc I really want to make the effort to see more. My mum bought me the cutest Ban.Do diary for Christmas, so I have no excuse not to get some weekends pencilled in!

7. Travel more in general! I've already got London, Belfast and Amsterdam booked so far this year, but I wanna make more plans! European city breaks, UK breaks, anywhere and EVERYWHERE.

8. Do the splits. Bit random, but I am soooo close it's really frustrating! Plus I need a party trick for next time I'm thrust into the spotlight at a talent show on a reality TV show.

Friday, 23 December 2016


At the end of every year, it's always nice to reminisce on all the memorable, special, unforgettable times had over the last 12 months. But in true Claudia style, and the fact I am the unluckiest person in the world ever, I thought I would share this years fails. So if anyone has had a shit year, hopefully having a little lol at my misfortune will cheer you up! To be fair though, NOTHING will top 2011, which involved dropping out of uni, getting a boys name tattooed on my bottom lip and getting thrown off a reality TV show for having 'explicit' photos on Facebook, but these come pretty close! 

And for the record- NO, those photos didn't exist. (5 years later people are still searching for them looool)

Anyway, let's get started!

That time I was newly single on Valentines Day so Co-op sent me a Valentines hamper. (get the violin out)

That time I uploaded a photo on Instagram with #nomakeupselfie and got absolutely roasted by some random bird on her Facebook page (IT WAS A JOKE, LOVE) And for the record, I don't know this girl, it was someone who was in my brothers army training who has her as a friend and recognised my face!

That time I thought I was Mary Berry and tried to ice 'Happy Birthday Sarah' on her birthday cake and it resembled bird poo. 

That time I was catfished on Plenty of Fish as 'AmyLou1974' and the gal listed my age as FUCKING 42.

Here's to 2017! (nervous laughter)

Thursday, 15 December 2016



I've been ill this week with tonsillitis....AGAIN *eye roll*. Which means I have had absolutey no shortage of time to spend stalking alllllll my favourite MUA and beauty bloggers on Instagram, and discovering loads of new wonder products to my ever-growing beauty wishlist. Fortunately for me, my brothers haven't bought my Christmas presents yet so I will be lucky enough to be unwrapping some of these babies on the 25th!

At the moment I've been using a cheap foundation from NYX Cosmetics. I bought it for my holiday in August when I was absolutely caning the sunbeds and with moving out and getting my new job and just generally being a busy gal, I haven't got round to getting a new one. I'm bored of MAC studio fix and was feeling adventurous in Debenhams beauty hall the other day so I picked up a couple of samples from Clarins. I have an oily T-Zone and have heard great things about Ever Matte and so far so good! I've been using 'Amber' for daytime and 'Chestnut' for weekends.

I usually use the Urban Decay Surreal Skin powder foundation over the top of my normal foundation on nights out because it makes my skin look F-L-A-W-L-E-S-S. No joke. It's incredible. So incredible that I actually bought about 3 tubs, which in hindsight was a great move because the whole Surreal Skin range got discontinued and replaced with Naked Skin. It looks the same so I'm guessing it's just the same thing with a difference name! I hope so anyway cos I've asked my brother to get it me!

If you haven't heard how amazing this stuff is then there is no other explanation than that you have been living under a rock for the last five years.

The world went craaaaaazy for this lipstick after seeing these photos, and it flew off the shelves. But now it's BACK. The pics have me baffled though cos it looks like a shiny barbie pink, however the website describes it as warm metallic peach? Don't really wanna pay £18 (incl. delivery) for metallic peach thanks. Do I take the risk? ALL WILL BE REVEALED.

Who doesn't love CT? Absolutely everything from the celebrity inspired lipstick ranges (big up KKW!), to the luxe gold packaging, to the lady herself, I am obsessed with! But I am still yet to own any of her products. Purely for the fact there is no CT counter near me, otherwise I would be stocked up with every item ever...and also bankrupt and living in a shed behind my parents house. But whatever. I follow a gorgeous girl called Polly on Instagram and she wears this duo and it looks amazing on every photo, so I NEED IT. So mum if you're reading this get to the Trafford Centre NOW. Thanks.

These keep selling out and it's no wonder why! At £21 for 35 eyeshadows, they are unbelievable value for money and the range of colours is so good. Non of the random greens or bright blues that you get in an eyeshadow set that you are never gonna even swatch. I can't decide Koffee and Nature Glow!

Again, part of the Naked Skin collection. I watched this in store last week and HOLY HELL I thought God himself was beaming a strobe of light down on me, it is SO pigmented and beautiful! I'm slightly worried in case I do get this for Christmas...I'll get overexcited and wear it all over my face and body instead of limiting it to my cheekbones. 

Friday, 9 December 2016


After completing Born Survivor, a couple of months ago, I officially caught the running bug. Yes to the 10km, but a big fat NO to the military style obstacles and being up to my neck in thick mud. So when I saw an advert for the Rough Runner on my Facebook timeline, it caught my eye straight away. Another 10km, however there is an option for 5km and 15km, all with 'Total Wipeout/Takeshi's Castle/Ninja Warrior style obstacles. I have actually applied to go on Total Wipeout (got pied...cheers guys) so this was right up my street! Plus, after completing B.S, it seemed like it would be a walk in the park. Since I wrote up my Born Survivor experience, (HERE) I contacted the marketing guys to see if I could review the course and fortunately they were more than happy to offer myself and a friend a pair of tickets for me and a friend for the Manchester event.

We opted for the 10km course, nice steady middle ground. Stupidly, I went out the night before so I was HAAAAANGING. But I still had an absolute blast! ESPECIALLY because my friend Hayley fell in on the very first obstacle 😄

Revved up and raring to go! (kinda)

Don't ask :|

A modern day Jack and Rose

FINISHED! (Excuse the poor quality & the love handle)

We both had an absolutely brilliant day- the sun was shining, the course ran through some lush countryside and the obstacles were absolutely hilarious- especially 'swept off your feet' and the 'travelator' at the end- which I face palmed the floor about 4 times trying to get up. See the rest of the obstacles here.

If you fancy taking on the Rough Runner next year, the list of locations and ticket information can be found here:

I would recommend it to anybody looking to plan a fun day out! It's not a competitive race so you don't need to be incredibly athletic, you can go at your own pace and just have a laugh!

Huge thank you to the team at RR for putting on such a brilliant day and for the tickets. We can't wait to come back next year!

Thursday, 8 December 2016

How to MAKE Money When You're Online Shopping (Yes, Really!)

FOR REAAAAL GUYS! I read about Quidco when I was researching money saving tips for a client in my old job. It's a cash back site, where all you have to do is sign up, then whenever you want to make an online purchase, you go to the Quidco website, type in the name of the shop you want to purchase from (some aren't available yet, but the majority are on there!) then click the 'Shop now' button to be taken to your website of choice THROUGH the link on Quidco. This point is crucial because if you don't purchase the item/tickets/holiday/car insurance/whatever THROUGH the link on Quidco then your cashback wont be tracked.

I bet some people are reading this like hmm....sounds like a scam, but seriously it's legit. I just really  wanted to share it with the world, especially when I'm guessing the majority of my readers are making loads of online purchases around this time of year. I recently checked my account and I had over £115 of available funds just from going about my normal online shopping! (which is basically every week, but whatever)

Simply click this link to sign up, and shop away! (Think about how much you can earn buying Christmas presents for your friends and family!)

Happy shopping!

P.s This is NOT a sponsored post- I'm just trying to help a sista (or sista's) out!

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Life Update: Some BIIIIIIG Changes...

So yeah. It's December. Almost time for the cliche 'new year new me' bullshit that you see clogging up your newsfeed on every possible social network. Then fast forward 12 months and they're still fat, still single, still not organised and still haven't saved a penny. It's hilarious because I am usually the first person who is like OH MY GOD SHUT UPPPPP *eye roll into the next century* but next year is gonna be prettttttty different for me.

I've got a new job in an industry I LOOOOVE and I've moved back out of my parents house! *insert face screaming in fear emoji here* So some pretty huge changes have been going down. I'm now living in a city which, before I came about a month ago to flat hunt with my parents, I had never been to in my life, and I've started a new job so that's completely new territory too. Fortunately for me, I haven't had do do a Lindsay Lohan and eat my lunch in a toilet cubicle by myself because my new colleagues are lovely, and my new housemates seem nice too. 

I'm learning to cook, do my own washing, still haven't a fucking clue how to iron mind you, and pay my own bills. To most 24 year old this is standard daily routine and you're probably reading this in absolute disbelief but anybody who knows me will know I lived a verrrrryy sheltered life (lolz) and my mum literally does (or did...wah) EVERYTHING for me. Like everything. She still cuts my sandwich into triangles and makes me sugar-free jelly and greek yoghurt to take to work. Yeah- really. Like, I'm 24 and I don't know how to iron. Or use a washing machine without shrinking/dying my clothes. In fact I've only just mastered how to put my duvet cover back onto my duvet ffs. ANYWAY. Back to the point, I might actually grow up a bit this year!

I've been here a week now, and I STILL haven't unpacked- due to the fact I have been so busy!!! I've been to two blogger events (HOORAYYYY for there being so many Leeds/Sheffield bloggers!) I've been for dinner with a friend who I haven't seen for a year, I've been taken on a night out by a friend from work (which was eye opening to say the least) and next week is filling up nicely too. So, call me over optimistic but it's turning out to be a really positive change in my life. And it's actually pretty frustrating actually to know how many opportunities I have been missing out on purely because I was too scared to just step outside of my comfort zone! 

So anyway, that's why I have been a bit quieter than usual on my social networks recently, but I'm back and planning some exciting things for the new year!

Here's to new beginnings!

Tuesday, 15 November 2016


My Christmas gift guide is probably my favourite blog post to write every year! Not just because I bloody LOVE Christmas, but I love finding that perfect gift for someone. I’m not being funny, but nobody likes getting gift vouchers or bath stuff for Christmas. So as much as they LOOK like they are absolutely over the moon at that bath bomb set you got them, they aren’t.  

Prior to posting, I spend a couple of weeks trying to find some unique, cute gift ideas that I would love to open on Christmas day. Not only is this a massive hint to my family and friends, but I feel like if I would like to receive it, my blog readers will too! I have tried to include gifts to suit all styles, uses and budgets- from secret santa prezzies to something a little more extravagant, without breaking the bank. All links are listed below!


Monday, 14 November 2016

10 Thoughts That Go Through Your Head During a Half Marathon

So, many of you will know that last week I ran my first EVER half marathon! I have never been a runner- like to the point of where I would actively volunteer for the long jump or shot-put at school sports days because I knew everyone else was crap at them as well so I wouldn't be too bothered about losing so badly- so for me to enter myself into a half marathon was MAJOR.

I did it for two reasons; 
1) because I wanted something to help me stay fit. It's winter, its dark and its bloody freezing, so it's SO easy to just get home from work and snuggle up in front of the telly with a hot chocolate and my dinner. A marathon requires a hell of a lot of training, so although there were sooo many times where I was suffering from a major case of CBA, I put my trainers on and I went running. Another huge motivator was fund raising. I've never set up a Just Giving account before, but I am so glad I did! Whenever I couldn't be bothered to go running, I would look at the generous donations from my family and friends and it forced me to power on!

2) I wanted to challenge myself. Like I said, I am NOT a runner, but having done the Yorkshire 3 Peaks, Born Survivor and Rough Runner this year I was looking to squeeze one more challenge in before I throw in the towel for 2016 and let myself get fat for Christmas.Not gonna lie, it was only when I signed up and paid for the run that I realised it was 21km, and the most I had ever run was 10km, so it was time to put in some serious work!

For anyone looking to sign up for their first half-marathon/full marathon next year, do it! You will surprise yourself! To give you an insight into my thought process before, during and after the run, here are 10 thoughts that went through my head...

1. What is carb loading? I've heard so much about it but I don't really like eating carbs after 7... 

2. Will there be actual toilets? I'm not gonna have to squat by the side of the road like Paula Radcliffe am I?!

3. It's today. What if I don't complete it? Will the people who have sponsored me ask for their money back and MacMillan will put me on the blacklist because I'm crap at fundraising?

4. Have I downloaded enough episodes of 'Serial' to cover the duration of the run? I'll download 8 just in case (6 hours 32mins) What if I'm actually running for that long?! And when I eventually get to the finish line it's pitch black and everyone's gone home?

5. Ok so everyone is overtaking me. I'm the worst runner in the world.

6. Feels like I have been running for AGESSSSSSS...Oh I've just passed the 4 miles marker. Only 9.1 to go... *gulps*

7. Oh my god some people are already on the way back!! HOW

8. Oh my god I'm on the way back! And I'm not last! In fact, there are loads of people behind me..I'm not the worst runner in the world!

9. Haribo. YES.

10. I'm about to cross the finish line......I've crossed, it's done, it's over!!! I AM AN ATHLETE!!!!!!!!!!!! *passes out on floor*

So yeah, you could say I was pretty chuffed with myself, especially considering I was in a wheelchair 2 years ago and I didn't think my leg would ever be 100% again.

Wonder what 2017 is gonna have in store for me...

Monday, 24 October 2016



And at the time of writing this post, the NYX advent calendar hadn't been released, but as I have been SUCH a huge fan of the afforability and quality of the NYX products, I wanted to include it! Purchase yours here!

Wednesday, 28 September 2016


(Before I start- can I just state that there were NO tears! It just sounded good in the title ok.)

Until my personal trainer, James brought it up, I had never heard of Born Survivor. He is always encouraging and pushing me to challenge myself and step outside my comfort zone, so willingly I signed up- WITHOUT checking the obstacle course out first. HUGE MISTAKE NUMBER ONE.

Born Survivor is a 10km obstacle course designed by ex-Royal Marines and includes over 30 EPIC obstacles, similar to those used in actual military training. So yeah, you could say it looked pretty challenging :| 

Oh and the mud. But I'll come to that part later.

With regards to the training, I didn't actually do anything more than I usually do in the gym (HUGE MISTAKE NUMBER TWO). I generally go about three times a week and do a mixture of spinning, Bodypump, free weights, running and ab circuits. I crammed in two extra 8km runs on the week of the event as a last minute attempt to up my endurance but in hindsight- the only thing that could have made the day slightly easier was if my legs suddenly doubled in length and I had gone for a few extra minutes on the sunbeds beforehand (unflattering photos, if anyone was wondering how this would make a difference to my fitness.)

I was pretty excited to get going if I'm honest - I was in a massive team of people from my gym so I had expectations of a fun day! We arrived and got kitted out with our tattoos and headbands and started rallying each other up at the start line. The first couple of obstacles were fine- one included an army-style crawl under barbed wire so I got a little bit dirty but HOLY HELL that was nothing compared to what was coming up...

No you aren't looking at Stig of the Dump-  that is me almost getting swallowed whole by a muddy swamp. I'm not joking- at one point my life was flashing before my eyes and I thought it was the end. I was stuck up to my CHEST in thick mud, and the more I tried to free myself, the further I got stuck. Cut a long story short (well, it was prob about 5 seconds but to me it felt like hours) I had 3 people on each leg trying to pull me out, two random girls pulling my arms and a by from my team pulling my body to try and get me out. Mortifying to say the least, but I lived to tell the tale.

About 7km into the course, I was absolute buzzing to see my parents at the side of the  monkey-bars! Bit embarrassing that they didn't recognise their own daughter for about 45 seconds (the fact my beautiful blonde hair had turned into one thick brown deadlock might have been the giveaway) but it really gave me the motivation to dig that little bit deeper!!!!.... Just a shame I flopped straight in after the first bar. LOL. My Dad is OBSESSED with taking photos, so he did his best to keep up with me so he could video my journey, my mum lagging behind with the iPad. I had a quick look through her pics in the car after and 99% are of the grass or her shoes, bless her. Probably a good thing as I don't imagine I'm going to be updating my Facebook profile pic to one of me KO'ed in a bog with mud in my teeth anytime soon, thanks.

Obstacle number 31(!!!!!!) was 'The Blitz' - a huge wall that you had to run up and grab the top to haul yourself over. It was where the majority of the crowd was, so if you missed and slid back down you may as well have just pretended to be dead to save the embarrassment. 
Did I do it first time I hear you ask?  OF COURSE I DID! *smug face*

It took just under three hours to complete, but the feeling of standing on that winners podium with the rest of my team made it all so worth it! (And even more worth it when I was tucking in to an absolute FEAST from Domino's later on that night!) Stepping out of your comfort zone is so rewarding- especially when you are part of such an incredible group of people! 

So, the big question- would I do it again? HELL NO. Ok, I'm exaggerating slightly. Even though I am still partially blind, deaf in one ear, covered in bruises and still brushing the dreads out my hair, I probably would! Especially now that I know what I'm letting myself in for (the mud!!!!!!) And luckily for me, the next events start in May 2017, so I have plenty of time to recover/forget how tough it was so I can naively sign up again.

Have you done the Born Survivor before? How did you find it?
To take on the challenge yourself, head over to the website here >

Friday, 2 September 2016


Ok, so the title is a LITTLE bit optimistic. Last week I went to Barcelona with my best friend Sarah. I'm not gonna lie, the whole 6 days are an absolute blur (in the best way!) Although the majority of my weeks activities are definitely NOT suitable for the blog, there are a few places that I had to share with you all!

Firstly- the hotel. WOW. We stayed at the Barcelo Raval for three reasons- 1. The Trip Advisor ratings, obv. 2. The location. It was a 5-10 minute walk from Las Ramblas (the main strip in Barca) 3. THE ROOF TOP POOL! #slayin.
The interior of the hotel was really quirky and modern and impeccably clean. I loved the dramatic contrast between the black and the pink and all the unique lighting! There was a huge life-size statue of a black acrylic horse in the lobby which was just fabulous. At night the security guard stood by it and I couldn't help wondering if he ever gets tired and just mounts it for a bit of a lol.
The staff were also a major asset to the hotel. They were soooo friendly and attentive, (especially cos me and Sazzle didn't have a clue what the time or day was half the time) Due to our early flight, we arrived a couple of hours before we could check into our room, but instead of being told to wait, we were upgraded to a junior suite! It had a huuuuuuuuge bed and this huge shower that was right next to the bed. *nudge nudge wink wink*

Roof top chillin'
In fact, I loved the hotel so much that I even created a Trip Advisor account and wrote a review. *paints nails emoji*

We attended DGTL festival on the Saturday. Unfortunately this sweaty, double-chinned, underwear flashing, weirdly happy photo is the only one I have- not the best I've got to admit but I think it pretty much sums up the first day!

BRUNCH AND CAKE- Probably the most Instagrammable cafe ever. If you visit Barcelona you HAVE to eat here. I was recommended to go by a friend and oh my word I am so glad I did! They don't take reservations, so you have to try and go at a non-peak time (i.e NOT lunch time, unlike us). We were waiting for about 45 minutes but it was so worth it. I ordered the smoked salmon and scrambled egg bagel, which came with curried hummus, watermelon and a lil side salad with feta. I also got a superfood smoothie, I forgot the flavour but it has dates and almond milk and cocao and tasted like HEAVEN.

Although we didn't do ANY tourist-y things (oops) I was determined to visit La Boqueria after seeing the same bloody picture of those smoothies on Instagram all summer. And voila- my very own! I'm not gonna lie, we were only actually inside La Boqueria for about 10 minutes because we were both reeeeeally hungover and as soon as we clocked a skinless sheep's head chilling on display we had to get the F outta there. 

We decided to pop into MakaMaka on our way home from a hard day's tanning at the beach, but after a bit of research, I have noticed it popping up in everyones Barcelona recommendations! It's a burger place just off the beach, and the food is insane. I ordered the Caribbean chicken salad which has looooooads of avocado, and Sarah got the topless burger and an obligatory Fanta Limon. (Are you REALLY on holiday if you aren't drinking Fanta Limon though?) We also got the 'hummus threesome' (lol) to share and oh my god I could eat this for every meal for the rest of my life. The flavours were beetroot, caramelised onion and apple and hazelnut. APPLE AND HAZELNUT HUMMUS. Don't knock it before you've tried it!

We also had a fabulous meal at Gallito which is just by the famous W hotel, and some delicious tapas at Taller de Tapas in Rambla Catalunya. I didn't manage to take any photos because I was too busy getting absolutely hammered on the vodka sodas. The waiter pours the vodka at your table and I think ours forgot how much a measure was because it seemed to be 95% vodka, 4% soda and a slither of lime thrown in as garnish. I wasn't complaining though!

So, my personal Barcelona travel guide is a little bit thin on the ground, but I definitely can see why it is so many people's favourite city in the world. I can not WAIT to go back. Until next time, Barca!

Have you visited Barcelona? What was your favourite thing to do/eat/see?

Tuesday, 23 August 2016


It is absolutely no surprise to anybody that I LOVE La Roche-Posay skincare. It's the only brand I have found that is designed for oily/blemish prone skin and actually WORKS. Well, it does for me anyway. Since I read a review of the Effaclar 3-Step Anti-Blemish System and decided to try it out, I have been hooked on LR-P. So obviously when I was recently contacted to review the brand new Effaclar Duo[+] Unifiant I jumped at the chance!

I already own the award-winning Effaclar Duo[+] cream, and although I am fortunate enough to never really suffer from spots or bad skin (thanks mum!) I do have an oily t-zone. The Effaclar Duo[+] makes an ideal base for my make-up, working as a primer, reducing shine AND keeping my skin hydrated! The tube isn't huge, but you literally need a pea sized amount to cover the entire face- and I have an absolute moon head so I am rejoicing!

N.B- Ignore the fact I appear to be doing the YMCA in these photo's, but I have never taken 'natural' photos of myself and instantly got awkward arm syndrome!

Au Naturale!
The new Effaclar DUO [+] Unifiant contains all the amazing benefits of the Duo[+] with the addition of a sheer coverage. There are two shades, light or medium. Although I am extremely tanned atm *smug face*, the medium shade still adapts perfectly to my skin. It's perfect for wearing to work, especially when I have the daily dilemma or whether I want to get up and put my face on or have 20 minutes longer in bed. And the latter always wins, obviously.

Like I said, the amount you need to use is so small!

(Excuse the bush)

Small additional of a couple of brows, a slick of Carmex, a hairbrush, a bit of mascara and voila! This is my every-day look for work. I have absolutely minimal make-up but my skin looks unified, blemish free and moisturised. All the qualities of my foundation but it feels weightless! Plus it takes about 5 minutes. What's not to love?!

Pick up yours here or check out the full range of La Roche-Posay products over on their website here!