Thursday, 22 October 2015


If getting a parcel in the post isn't exciting enough....Imagine how ecstatic you would be when you know it's going to be brimming with treats from across the globe!?

If you didn't see my last Foodie Pen-Pals post, where I explained what it actually is, you can check it out >HERE<

Much to my dismay, for the second month running I wasn't paired with my dream pen-pal from Japan who was going to send me green tea Kit-Kats and Hello Kitty bento boxes and all that good stuff. HOWEVER, I was paired with Caitlin, a lovely lady from Cornwall. After my last absolute FAIL with my special foodie requests, where I foolishly told my pen-pal that I had a huge sweet tooth and gained about 4 stone from the contents of what she sent me, I decided to ask for some healthy treats. But of COURSE I wouldn't be complainin' if a little treat somehow snuck in there.. This is what I received:

-Tarallini and fennel seed snacks. (Kinda like little pretzel crispy savoury biscuit type things)

-ITSU vegetable festive noodle cup. Struggling to wrap myhead around a 'festive' flavour of noodles but I am willing to try anything once!

-Bounce ball. I always see these crop up on Instagram and I have been dying to try one, but a 200 calorie hit for such a small snack has always put me off. I'll have to work-out REALLY hard before I treat myself to this!

-Graze box. Again, something I have always wanted to try but was never willing to sign myself up to a monthly subscription. Absolutely BUZZING that they sell these individually now!

-Homemade honey. YUM.

-Natural pear drops. I loved pear drops as a kid! I think I'm going to bring these into the office so I am not tempted to eat them all myself.

-Spiced chai powder. Unsure how I am supposed to use this...Perhaps make it into a tea? I have never drank anything 'chai' flavour before but it sounds SO L.A so of course I will be drinking (eating?!) it!

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