Tuesday, 27 October 2015


When it comes to Halloween, there are two types of people- those who go ALL out, and those who literally put a bit of blood dribbling out of the side of their mouth. Terrifying. *eye roll*

Personally, I like to go all out. I don't necessarily have to be GORY, (although I do love splattering myself with fake blood) I try to stand out.  I also don't like spending money on a pre-made costume because A) They're usually crap, and B) I really enjoy putting the outfit together! I was recently sent a little box of (trick or) treats from @HQHAIR to create some #HQSCARE's which I have really enjoyed doing. I have chosen two super simple costumes to give you a little inspo for this years scarefest...

LOOK 1- Lady Gaga in the 'Bad Romance' video. Such a simple, but so effective costume to create. I used some white face paint that I picked up in a fancy dress shop and applied to my whole face. I then applied black face paint around my eyes, and then used my Rimmel Glam Eyes Mono Eye-shadow in colour 'jet black' to smoke it out and create a 'hollow' look. I lined my eyes with my Rimmel Exaggerate Smoke n Shine Eye Definer in colour 'little black smokey' for extra drama. For the mouth, I drew vertical, slightly skewed lines with my black face paint, covering my lips and about half way across my cheek. I finished off the look with white contacts (be careful with these- they are an absolute BITCH to get in and out!) and of course a gals gotta have brows, right? Even if I am a skeleton!

Here was my finished look! A simple white shirt and bow tie that I picked up from Primark and some black shorts I already had from Topshop Boutique. You could wear trousers but if you wanted to flash a little more flesh (we've all seen Mean Girls, right!?) then opt for something shorter. I am wearing SO many extensions to get the volume but another option would be to backcomb like you've never backcombed before! 

LOOK 2- Zombie schoolgirl. A cliche costume, some might say, but a classic nontheless! And again, SO EASY TO DO! For this look I applied my foundation as I usually would, then dabbed over areas of it with a damp sponge and some dark yellow face paint, to create a sort of rotting skin effect. Then I went #HAM with my jet black eyeshadow and smoke n shine eye definer! I started by coating the lid then just started smoking outwards. I applied fake blood in the top corner of my head and dribbling out of my nose after this photo was taken but it looks good with or without!

Stay tuned for later on this week where I will be creating some more #HQSCARES!

Friday, 9 October 2015



It's October, officially time to break out the A/W wardrobe. Which I must admit, I'm pretty glad about because I am siiiiiick to death of my summer clothes, I feel like they have been worn to death and I am beginning to get pissed off by just looking at them. I love Autumnal colours- I think warm tones like rust, camel, nude teamed with black looks so classy and so easy to pull off! I have decided this year I want to invest in a few premium pieces that I can just wear to death as opposed to loads of crap that I impulse by and start to hate after about 2 wears.

Starting top left- clockwise:

TOPSHOP BOUTIQUE CAMEL ROLL NECK.  LOVE camel. LOVE roll-necks. I just need to see this little gem in with my very own eyes before I go making any brash purchases though, there has been too many instances lately where I have bought something from the boutique range and it has turned up on my doorstep looking NOTHING like it did online. So. annoying.

STUART WEIZMAN LOWLAND BOOTS. I can't decide between black and grey so I included both! Just a little *ahem* out of my price range at £650 but maybe one of my online sugar daddies will see this post and surprise me with them on Christmas day!

BLACK LEATHER ANKLE BOOTS. These particular pair are by Acne Studios, but I have no preference really. I just want a really good quality pair that I can live in over the festive season.

IPHONE 6S ROSE GOLD. YES the colour makes ALL the difference! I've still got about 10 months left on my contract but I'm considering recycling my current 5S and using the money to pay off my contract so I can upgrade. As well satisfying my rose gold obsession, I hear it has a better camera etc etc so I can waste more of my life taking thousands of selfies :)

LEATHER SKIRT. I saw one of these on one of my favourite fashion bloggers recently but instead of shelling out £120 on the Topshop Boutique version I found this steal in Zara for £29.99! Absolute bargain.

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS LIP GLOSS. I follow the ABH account on Instagram and these glosses are always cropping up! I'm gonna wait till I can track it down on a UK site so I don't have to pay a fortune in shipping/import fees. (I learnt the hard way with my NastyGal order! .....FOURTY FIVE FUCKING POUNDS)

ORIGINS GINZENG. Smells amazing. Feels amazing on my skin. I think I might wait for Christmas for my Mum to get it me as a little stocking filler hehehehehehe.

Monday, 5 October 2015


I cant believe that I am actually typing this, but the day has finally come where I have fallen out of love with reality TV. Now, for the last God knows how many years I have been THE biggest fan of TOWIE, to the point of if I was to ever appear on Mastermind, it would have been my specialist subject. Yes, I really was that obsessed! Whenever a new series started it was like a team-building activity at my flat. My housemates and I would settle down in the lounge with a selection of telly snacks, and my ex-boyfriend would come round just in time for it to start to watch it with us. I'm one of those people where I HAVE to watch it with people. I HAVE to discuss the events as they happen and give my opinion on every hook-up/date/argument/event. Oh, and if that wasn't enough then I also did a running commentary on Twitter so I could interact with other super fans and stir a bit of trouble with a few highly opinionated tweets ;)

I was absolutely HOOKED on the first few series, and then my favourite characters starting leaving the show to move onto bigger and better things, and their replacements were kind of disappointing. First there was Mark Wright, then Amy Childs, JOEY ESSEX (my absolute fave) Sam Faiers, Lucy Meck...

Even the little addition of some eye candy didn't help....Cos he bloody left too!
And same with MIC, Francis left, Caggie, Millie, and now big Spenny has gone! As much as I thought he was a massive twat, his womanising ways were the best thing about Chelsea! Oh, and who can forget the famous #SMACKINTOSH

I was hanging onto TOWIE by the skin of my teeth, until I recently found out my ALL-TIME favourite Diva had left the show. GC, HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?! I just love everything about her, her diva strops, her love/hate relationship with Bobby, her hilarious one-liners. I mean who can forget the infamous pool scene in Marbs?!?!

"You ain't EVER gonna get this candy!!!!"

She was the only good thing left about the show. So should ANOTHER series have been filmed? (15!!!!)

IMO, #TOWIE has had it's day. Same goes for #MIC. I didn't watch ANY of #MICLA, despite being so obsessed with the NYC episodes. Nowadays, I have to admit I can't even be bothered having it playing in the background. I've grown tired of the constant rows and bitching and falling out, nothing is funny or entertaining any-more, and it's become a bit of a chore to watch. In fact, now I have discovered how to add gif's to my posts, here are a collection of Lucy Watson eye-rolls to illustrate how I feel when someone asks me if I watched the latest episode...