Monday, 28 September 2015


So last month I had a little 'meh' phase where I was struggling to get inspiration for my blog posts. I wanted to include a more diverse range of topics, but with me being so busy with my job I couldn't think of something special enough to be blogged about (or interesting enough for people to want to read!)
Then I stumbled across Foodie Penpals. Now in no way would I class myself as a 'foodie', but I enjoy eating food (lol) and I liked the concept. You are matched with somebody that you have to create a parcel for, and somebody different is matched to you (so you aren't partners) and you have a maximum limit of £10 to put together a box of 'foodie' treats! It can be anything from home baking, to local delicacies - the point is to use your imagination!

You then have the opportunity to message your pen-pal and check if they have any allergies, and what they like and dislike. I was GUTTED when I found out that both my pen-pals were from the UK :( I really wanted a Japanese pen-pal to send me loads of green tea Kit Kats :( (saw a pic of some on Instagram and became obsessed.) Or it would have been good to have a foreign pen-pal so I could send them loads of quintessentially British treats. Oh well, maybe next time! (Hint hint)

Anyway, as I have no allergies I was open to receiving anything! I did mention to Aimee that I liked peanut butter and she went to town on it! I got Reeces peanut butter cups, cheese and onion coated nuts (strangely delicious), a Nakd pecan pie bar, chocolate covered rice cakes, banana chips (YUM), cinder toffee, garlic croutons, salted cashew nuts, Butterfinger bites, dates AND these absolutely in-credible peanut cookies! I am literally having to slap my hands away from the box every time I go into my bedroom. Unfortunately for my diet, I love every item in my parcel, so a massive thank you to Aimee!

Looking forward to next month!

*Says prayer every night for Japanese pen-pal*


  1. LOVE this concept, though it's probably a bit dangerous as I'd definitely see it as an excuse to eat everything in the box in about a day...

    Claire | | xx

    1. Im gonna have to request a box of dust next month *CRIES TRYING TO FASTEN JEANS*

  2. It's Europe only so I'm afraid Japan is out ;-) My very first package came from Lithuania though.

  3. What an amazing idea!! I'm literally signing up now I love food and surprise post, a combination of the two can never be bad! Xx