Sunday, 6 September 2015


I haven't really been buying much since I've moved home. Kind of a mixture of being too busy with my new job and just the fact that it hadn't really crossed my mind. Anyway, as soon as payday arrived I stocked up on all the necessitates (and a few extras, of course) How is it that all your most expensive make-up always runs out at the same time?!
I also have 20% off vouchers for Urban Outfitters and ASOS to be used by September 10th, so expect another haul video very soon!

Anyway, check out my new vlog- like, comment subscribe, share!


(I tried so hard to create a nice opening photo but once again...absolute fail! AND how on earth have I managed to crop half of my head out for the whole thing FFS)


  1. Hahaha you are so funny the cat sat on my jeans ffs lol! I loved your hairdryer so pretty and the blusher was gorgeous too.

  2. Does the Bootea actually work? I've been thinking about trying it for ages but getting it shipped over here is kinda costly!

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