Monday, 24 August 2015


Don't you just love it when Friday comes around and you have an amazing weekend lined up?! Even though I am still fighting a losing battle with a poor attempt at catching up on sleep, (5/6 hours a night is killin' me) I hate the thought of 'wasting' a weekend and doing absolutely nothing.

On Friday night I went out with one of my best friends Jess. Well, when I say 'went out' with her, we drank three bottles of prosecco before we even left my house and then she couldn't get in anywhere so she went home. LOL. Luckily, Preston is a small place and I bumped into some friends and stayed out with them. Saying that, I probably should have left with Jess because I ZERO recollection of the night, apart from strolling through my front door at 6am. :|

How hilarious is this though, I was wearing a long sleeve top so I hid my Fitbit Charge watch underneath my sleeve and wore it out. It told me I did 13, 763 steps, burned 3,426 calories and was active for 167 minutes between the hours of midnight and 4am. Was I doing Zumba or something??! Performing an energetic street dance routine? I honestly dread to imagine what I looked like...There is not a chance that my usual 'pout-and-sway' dance burns that many calories!! #NeverDrinkingAgain

As I no longer live with my boyfriend, we try and arrange to see each other every weekend. Fortunately for me (and him, actually) his train only got in at 5.30pm so I had time to re-attach my head and sober up before I picked him up from the station. (In my new car I might add! I will do a separate post on this though.) I always try and plan something fun for us to do, so I thought it would be nice to make our own pizza's! Making the dough was SO simple, it is literally bread flour, yeast and salt, mixed with water and a little olive oil. I followed this recipe HERE

We then rolled it out, spread it with some passata sauce and then the fun part- adding the toppings! As you can see we got a little over-excited with our selection! We had salami, pepperoni, pepper, onion, about 20340983049 different types of cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, sweetcorn and sausage! 

Then I had to wait about 20 minutes for Ryan to take photos from every angle in every type of filter..... :| They went into a pre-heated oven for about 15-20 minutes and they were done! My eyes were WAY too big for my belly as I could only manage two slices until I had to have a breather. Then of course I ate some even though I was so full but I have absolutely no self control. FFS.

Sunday was such a beautiful day so we went out on a bike ride and completed the Guild Wheel, which is a 20 mile bike ride around Preston. (The third time I have done it this week!) We stopped off at a really nice pub on the way home and had a delicious Sunday roast and a few Kopparbergs in the sun. Such a perfect Sunday!

AND now I am typing this sat at my desk at work thinking how the hell is it Monday already! At least there is a bank holiday coming up! Do you have any plans for it?

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