Tuesday, 25 August 2015


I have ALWAYS been a 'girly' girl. Despite having two older brothers, and my mum constantly encouraging me to join in with their boisterous hobbies and activities  when we were younger, the majority of the time I would rather play with my Barbies. Saying that, I do still like to get down and dirty from time to time, I'm not a bore.

As I got older, naturally, I got less and less interested in toys, and gradually my obsession with Barbie slipped away. UNTIL Jeremy Scott wowed the crowd with his S/S15 Barbie themed collection for Moschino last year. I fell in love with eeeeeeeverything! I didn't find it wearable though. Although it was absolutely delicious  to look at, it didn't really appeal to my personal style. (Apart from that amazing mirror phone case!)

ENTER SOPHIA WEBSTER. Her exquisite, unique shoe designs are more of a masterpiece than a merely a piece of footwear. When I heard the news of her latest collaboration, I caught the Barbie bug once again! The shoe designer extraordinare has created a capsule collection for adults and children, six for adults, three for children. (Times like this I wish I had a mini-me!) Saying that, I will be physically SICK with jealousy if I see a child wearing a pair of these beauties!!!

Webster Said,

"Creating a shoe collection for Barbie has always been my dream project, but getting to be a part of her embracing flats for the first time made it extra exciting, and deeply personal," Webster told us. "I love that this concept strikes a balance between dreams and reality - the idea of getting Barbie in some hi-tops and setting her loose in East London instantly appealed."

 Yes, you read that correctly, Barbie in FLATS! Madness. However, I think taking inspiration from Barbie is ideal for a footwear collection as opposed to Scott's full clothing line. Metallic's, sparkle, butterfly wings, hot pink patent and bows work well as a statement accessory as opposed to an item of clothing, in my opinion. Much more wearable, impossible to take your eyes off! (Without being overkill) These are my personal favourites, aren't they just amazing!!! Pretty impossible to wear on a night out in Preston though, the wings wouldn't make it home in one piece :|

RRP £430

The collection launches on both Sophia Webster's website and Selfridges on August 27th. SO CLOSE TO PAYDAY!


  1. Oh my GOD, these are amazing, Those wings would never last in Coventry either though, sob...

    Claire | Stylingo.co.uk | xx

    1. I am tempted to buy them to just wear round the house! haha!


  2. I am obsessed with anything Sophia Webster! I saved up so much to buy some of her shoes I love her stuff!