Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Who doesn't love blogger mail! Part of the reason I order so much stuff online is because I love getting things in the post, so when it's a surprise parcel then it's ten times more exciting to open!

I was contacted by the lovely Chanelle to try out Astral cream. After doing a bit of research I discovered that it was created way back in 1953 and was probably a vanity dressing table staple for our mums and grandmas. Normally I would be a little reluctant to pick this up if I saw it on the shelf, but if it has been around all these years and is still going strong, there must be something about it! And who am I to turn down the promise of silken, hydrated, nourished skin!

The original Astral cream is a thick, velvety, whipped formula. It takes a while to absorb into the skin but it is most definitely worth the wait! My skin felt so soft and nourished. Perfect when I have just got back from absolutely frying my poor skin to smithereens on the beach every day for two weeks. I noticed a difference after just a couple of days, especially on my legs and chest. They no longer looked scaly and dry (lovely imagery there), so I think my chances of my tan peeling off are slim to none! Thank you Astral!

The original Astral cream can be used on the face and the body, but I have always been really conscious about what creams I use on my face. I never really get spots, but when I apply moisturiser to my face at night I feel like I have a greasy layer sitting on my skin, and I get worried that I am going to wake up with severe acne. Enter, Astra Soft! A lighter version of the original cream, with added aloe vera and vitamin E for intense nourishment and moisture. It absorbs a lot quicker than the original cream, and feels a lot lighter on my face (no severe acne you will be pleased to know). 

I suffer from combination skin, but I have been scouring through loads of reviews online and the overall impression I got is that it works wonders for all skin types, including allergy prone skin. A very rare quality to come across in the skincare world! 

Finally the best part..Astral is an absolute STEAL! The pricing ranges from just £1.29-£7.99! The reviews told me that a big tub of Astral lasts for months, but the way I've been smothering it over my sunburn I may have to repurchase a lot sooner. A beauty staple for all ages!


  1. OMG this is the stuff Joanna Lumley swears by! I remember reading an article about it yonks ago. I think staying out of the sun and this heavy duty moisturiser were the two 'how to not look aged' tips of a bunch women in their 50's.

  2. I love this cream but I find it gives me loads of white heads on my chin. Is it because it is too thick for my skin? Clogging my pores?