Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Casual smart. Such a loose phrase that could be used to describe a whole plethora of looks. I absolutely hate not knowing the exact dress code, like even before a night out I send a group text round asking to know exactly what everyone is wearing (photographs are an added bonus) Fail to prepare, prepare to fail I say.

I mean, who wants to turn up to their first day at work in a three piece suit when the guy on the desk next to you is wearing his PJ top and some old George at Asda jeans that should not be seen by the light of day, never mind in your place of work. This ACTUALLY happened at my work a few years back. Maybe I over-exaggerated the extravagance of the suit, and of course nobody is REALLY going to turn up to work in their PJ top, but the point I am trying to get across is, when you have never stepped foot there before, how are you supposed to know what the F to dress yourself in?!

This is my idea of casual smart. Of course, you're in your place of work so there has to be some form of professionalism. I can't be rocking up to any more interviews in my daisy dukes again (A la Sorority Girls!) I am wearing a structured T-Shirt shift dress that I picked up in the Mango sale, with my beloved marabou feather cardigan from Topshop, and my Louis V, which I am sure you are all sick to death of seeing by now (LOL, soz) but I am afraid it is still surgically attached to my arm. To add a bit of colour and fun to my outfit, and to reassure my colleagues that I am not a member of the Addams family, I threw on my beaut suede red booties. They were an absolute steal from the limited edition range last year at.......M&S!

I got my mum to quickly take this photo before work this morning, so it isn't the best, but it is an actual outfit post for once!!!!! I promise to post loads more because I feel all my beautiful Topshop clothes are wasted by just swinging on my clothes rail in my bedroom and not getting any airtime. However at the moment I feel like a beached whale so give me a week or so to fit back into them first. Regina George.....I feel ya sista.


  1. I love this post! Again so funny but genuinely informative. I overdress for absolutely everything - dress codes are too hard!

    Abbey Lauren

    1. Thankyou so much! Comments like this make me remember why I love blogging so much :)


  2. Yesss.....more outfit posts please Claudia! I absolutely love your style, you dress gorgeously. As for 'smart casual'....pffft....I hate when people wear jeans to work, not professional. Your outfit is gorgeous, love the pop of colour with the shoes. beaut. Please post more outfits so I can jack your style once I lose my baby weight lol x

    Sarah |

    1. Me too! Keep your jeans for the weekends ...pfft. (hand palm emoji)
      Thank you so much - Your comments give me life! More outfit posts coming up!