Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Me every day when I worked in retail

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had finally broken out of the living HELL that is retail, and got myself a proper grown up job! (Not that I absolutely dreaded every day of retail life, because I met some of my best friends there) I'm not gonna lie, it took me just over a year of filling out dozens of application forms, endless interviews, countless mental breakdowns over the thought of never actually getting a  job in my field and a LOT of tears. I mean, who wants to spend four years at university working hard towards a degree that is useless? There were times when it felt absolutely pointless, that uni was just a waste of time and money, when I saw friends who went straight into a job after college earning more than me. Every time I got knocked back it was always the same, "Great interview, but we have decided to go with somebody with a little bit more experience." But how the F am I supposed to get experience when nobody will employ me?! Surely a degree counts as experience?!

Nevertheless, I was determined to get a job in digital media. Whether it be PR, social media,  blogging, I just knew this was an industry I would thrive in. I never gave up, and I accepted my role as a Social Media Executive at the end of July this year.

I have worked here for almost a month now, and I am still absolutely loving every day! (Touch wood!) My team are great, the work doesn't feel like work and the pay is a LOT better! 

Did I mention our office has a beer fridge AND a popcorn machine?! The only downside is getting up at 6.30 every day and getting home at 6.30 every day. L O N G. But I am slowly getting used to it and actually managing to have a social life again instead of already being tucked up in bed at 7pm every night!

I can finally experience the infamous 'Friday Feeling' and make weekend plans!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anybody currently working in retail will understand what a liberty this is!)

The point of this post isn't PURELY to blow my own trumpet (well, kinda), it is a kind of preachy post for all the grads still searching for their dream job, don't give up!

Has anybody else struggled with getting themselves on the career ladder after uni?


  1. Well down for sticking with it Claudia xx

  2. I'm still living the retail dream! Well done for cracking into digital media, I'm trying to do it without interning for all of eternity! X

    1. How companies can expect you to complete a 3-6 month UNPAID internship in London is just ridiculous isn't it! You will get there!


  3. Trying to find a job after uni is so hard.
    I found employers always played the "experience" card.. but how is it even possible to gain experience when you've spent all your life in education?!

    But I agree, proper pay cheques, and that Friday feeling (plus bank holiday's outside of retail.. yay!) are great feelings!


    Small&Blonde ♥

  4. Congrats on your new job! I had a tough time just trying to get a retail job over summer, so that definitely made me feel a little worthless, cause how can I get experience if no one will give it to me? I'm heading back to uni in September for an MA and so I'm hoping to milk all of the experience out of it as possible :) x
    Charlotte's Road