Friday, 28 August 2015


I am thrilled to announce that I am now a proud owner of a car!!! Here is a bit of background info...I passed my driving test three months after turning 17. (I'm now 23) I had about 3 lessons a week because my Mum was hell-bent on me having a full license as soon as possible. (I did fail twice before I passed though, oops.) In the one measly year that I was actually on the roads I managed to write off two cars, one was my fault, one wasn't. It didn't really matter to me anyway because I was off to uni where I wouldn't be needing my own transport anyway.

But now I am back home where it all began! My new job however, is in Lancaster, which is only about 20 minutes away on the train. My ANGEL of a Mother drops me off at the station each morning at the eye-watering time of 7.40am, and then I get the train to Lancaster and walk about 10-15 minutes to the office. I make the same journey home, except from this time my Mum can't pick me up, so I have to get the peasant wagon (bus, if you hadn't got that) to near my house and then walk another 10 minutes home.

I know there are gonna be people rolling their eyeballs into another dimension at this, and I know it doesn't sound TOO bad, but believe me, after just one week I was ready to quit and beg my Dad's friend who owns the Newsagents up the road to give me a paper-round instead. I mean, yeah the train is only 20 minutes but who wants to trek 15 minutes UP HILL at the crack of dawn and arrive at work looking like I've just finished circuit training?!?!?! AND THE BUS HOME oh my God don't get me started. I feel like my IQ drops every time I step foot on board.

So I started pestering my parents for a car. I have wanted a cream Mini since forever, but both my parents point blank refused and said there was no way I was getting a Mini until I was confident driving again. They agreed to get me a 'practice car' for six months first. I was absolutely horrified when they took me to see a little black Clio, but I was tired and hungover and somehow agreed to have it. 

Now I get what my Mum was talking about when she said I needed a practice car!!!! She took me down to Macro car park for a little drive around to refresh my memory and Jeeeesus Christ I felt like I had dementia. I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHICH PEDAL WAS THE BRAKE FFS :| And don't get me started on all the little knobs and levers around the steering wheel, I felt like I was playing Bop It! After spending half an hour working out which button turned the windscreen wipers on, I finally started moving. 

Accurate reconstruction of the drive home

Long story short...I was in the drivers seat for about 20 minutes till my Mum had to take over. Since then I have been going out and having little practise runs around Preston, supervised of course. I am ashamed to admit that I am now fully embracing the course of 're-fresher session' driving lessons my Mum has booked me in for. *Hand over eyes*

Who would have thought it would be so difficult to pick up again after having a few years out?!?!!?!? 

Please tell me somebody else has had this problem. Oh, and stay off the roads. For now.


  1. Haha loved this! I'm sitting my driving test next week and I'm so unprepared haha x

    Phoebe | Phoebe’s Diaries

  2. Oh, you think you're a driving disaster - I FAILED MY TEST SEVEN TIMES (insert the monkey emoji swiftly followed by the gun). However, I'm now a fully competent (ish...) driver and would never ever everrrr give up the independence that driving gives me, so stick with the refresher courses and you'll be loving life in no time :)

    Claire | | xx

    PS that Bop it reference has brought back serious flashbacks ;)

    1. THANK GOD somebody was worse than me! I was yet to find somebody who failed more times than me (Sorry!) hahaha. Perfection takes time i guess ;)

  3. This is really funny! Driving is all in the practice, isn't it? You need to feel confident with it. My husband still doesn't drive much and he's not great when he does because of it, and he's been passed for years! I remember I didn't go on the motorway for a good couple of years after passing and it was only when I got a job (ironically at a car company) that required going on the motorway every single day AND driving up and down the country, literally from Bristol to Glasgow, that I really managed to get confident with it. You'll get better and get that Mini in no time! xx

    Sarah |

    1. That is so reassuring! I'm getting slightly more confident on the three journeys I know which lane to go in when I get to a roundabout (LOL) I am aiming to be cruising in my beloved Mini by my birthday next year! It's in May so I have a few months to improve ;)