Tuesday, 21 July 2015



After working in retail for the entirety of my working life so far, I have finally got my foot on the career ladder! I will be starting my new role as a social media executive on Monday and I couldn't be more thrilled! In fact, thrilled is an understatement, I am over the freaking MOON!!!!!!!! So now I am on an actual wage, and not the gift vouchers I was paid in at Topshop (or may as well have been) I have out together a pretty lavish lust list this month. Obviously I am not expecting to buy it all with my next wage packet (I wish!) but slowly over the next year I hope to have it slowly but surely making itself at home in my bedroom.

Starting top left:

VALENTINO ROCKSTUDS. Retailing at around £620, these are going to have to be some sort of reward for something pretty big! But aren't they just amazing! I don't know which colour I would go for yet, but I suppose I'm not going to be buying them any time soon so I have a lot of time to mull it over!

TOO FACE MELTED LIPSTICKS. Why are all the best products American?! These molten, creamy lipsticks provide high impact, super rich, saturated pigment in a long wear formula. The colours I particularly want to get my hands on are 'sugar' and 'peony'.

MOSCHINO BELT. Mine is getting all tatty now so I really need to invest in a new one. I love throwing it on to instantly glam up an otherwise plain outfit. 

DIOR SUNGLASSES. I have seen these on a couple of my favourite bloggers and fell in love! I have no idea if the shape of them would compliment my massive head though, I usually have to go for oversized or cat eyes!

JO MALONE CANDLE. Preferably in 'Pomegranate Noir'. Now that I am not living with Ryan I can finally waste all my money on overpriced homeware, and he can't get mad about it! The candles are priced at £42, and the packaging is so pretty I don't think I would want to light it! Perhaps it can just be a decoration. (And then I can buy a cheaper pomegranate scented candle and have that burning instead!)

NIKE FREE RUNS. But not any old Nike Free Runs! (And not the trainers shown in the picture either, they were the best I could find on Polyvore!)  I was reeeeeeally bored the other day so I designed myself a custom pair using Nike ID (on the Nike website). They were leopard print with a bright yellow tick and they were so cute! They were £100, not too bad considering Free Runs usually retail at around £70 so I may be tottering down to Total Fitness in these sooner than I think!

GHD ROSE GOLD HAIRDRYER. Anyone who has long hair will know it is an absolute bastard to dry! I come out the shower and three hours later I still have strands of damp hair making a soggy patch on my shirt. I give up most of the time and end up straightening it while it's still a bit wet (DONT TRY THIS AT HOME) so I need to invest in something a bit more powerful! When it comes to hair, nothing beats GHD so I am going to be scouting around for this to be on offer somewhere and then I will be snapping it up! And yes, it has to be the rose gold one.

LV PASSPORT COVER. A classic piece of leatherwear from Louis Vuitton. It makes you look like you always travel to super expensive, tropical-paradise locations (apart from when you are standing in the Easy Jet line for the 5.20pm flight to Magaluf) Oh, and it matches my bag!

MUJI ACRYLIC STORAGE. Pretty pricey for what it is, but there are so many cheaper alternatives that are identical! (Including some that I have recently spied in BHS for a fraction of the price.) I love the fact you can see what's inside each drawer and the way you can buy loads and stack them. Judging by the amount of cosmetics I own I am going to be needing to put a bulk order in ASAP!

YSL. A girl can dream right?!?!?! The day I have a couple of YSL handbags in my closet is the day I can die a happy woman. OK I just said closet... And I am talking about YSL... I think I am Carrie Bradshaw :|

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