Sunday, 14 June 2015


Had a few personal issues going on recently, hence the lack of blogging. BUT I am back with a VLOG! I thought I would be a pretty poor excuse for a beauty blogger if I kept purchasing the same beauty products, so I decided to go for something different with my foundation this time. As a die hard full-thick-coverage-matte-finish kinda gal, I surprised myself by going for something with a little less coverage. With summer in full swing, (although I am currently typing this as torrential rain is hammering against my window, LOL) I thought it would be nice to go for more of a natural, lighter finish. Nobody wants a sweaty upper lip after all.

I have FINALLY started to get the hang of iMovie so this video actually has opening credits! Starting slow....hopefully the next one might have a bit of music! OR slide transitions! Who knows!

Enjoy! (PS apologies for the VILE opening still picture...I don't know how to change it!)



  1. I've been meaning to try Sheer Glow! That colour is perfect for you and the coverage looks so natural (Aaah running to my nearest Nars counter as we speak)

    X Emma |

  2. I've wanted to give this foundation a go for the longest time ever as so many bloggers have raved about it. I need to stop being lazy and get my booty to a Nars counter to get colour matched lol Xx