Wednesday, 24 June 2015


My second video this week! I handed my notice in at work especially early so I could spend my last week in Sheffield seeing friends/packing/generally being a lady of leisure. This means I have found loads of time to post, you lucky readers!!

I have been out of control with my spending in the last two weeks, so I decided to film a haul to kind of make it seem like I was buying it for the sake of the blog (pathetic attempt at justification, I know!) I am gonna end up being one of those girls who gets all glammed up just to potter around the house and watch TV because I will have no money to actually go out wearing it! I started packing yesterday and found soooo many clothes hidden under other piles of clothes, still with the labels on! Mostly Topshop as well! I am slowly but surely adding them to my eBay page, so if anybody fancies grabbing a bargain search princesspeachxo on eBay and bid away.

PS I really need to start having a little rehearsal before I film! I am watching it back right now and realising that half the time it doesn't even sounds like I am speaking english! I mean, I know I chat a lot of shit but this is just getting ridiculous now I think I just panic as soon as I start recording! I suppose I am still a vlogging newbie so I will just have to add that to my list of things to remember for next time. Said list is getting scarily long now I think about it, but I am determined to get my videos looking professional!


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