Sunday, 21 June 2015


I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE! It's quite a sad announcement actually, because I am finally leaving Sheffield after being lucky enough to call it home for the last five years. I have also left my job at Topshop! (No more discount!!!!) Absolutely heartbreaking because I cannot believe what such amazing, supportive, hilarious, endearing people I have met there over the last year, people who I would genuinely call 'friends'. You know when you meet somebody and you instantly click? Yeah that. So it is going to be so weird getting used to the fact I will no longer be seeing those lovely little faces every day. 

It was my last day on Friday and when it was time for me to finish my shift, I got called upstairs into the fitting rooms and all of my favourite girls were there clapping for me! Of course I started bawling my eyes out and doing my ugly Kim Kardashian crying face because I think it suddenly hit me that it was the end! They got me a massive card (which I cried at AGAIN when I read it) a box of Millie's cookies (which I inhaled when I got home...oops) and a surprise makeover at NARS for my leaving party! The best and most thoughtful gift EVER! I cried all the way home and my mum nearly started crying on the phone when I told her! So yeah, you could say it was a pretty emotional day for me!

The reason for all the change is due to it finally being time for me to get myself onto the career ladder and pt my degree to good use. I want to work in PR/social media so I need to be in living in a bigger city really. I am moving home first to get my shit together and then my plan is to be settled in Manchester (or London!) before Christmas. So if anybody currently works in any of those fields and has any advice then help a sister out!

Anyway, enough serious chat! Let me tell you about my delicious NARS makeover! It was done by Seema at the NARS counter in John Lewis yesterday. As it was an evening look that I was going for, I asked for a heavy, smokey eye with a contour. It took about an hour and 15 minutes but I could have stayed there all afternoon! I have never had my make-up professionally done so I was in awe at how amazing it looked! I felt INCREDIBLE. On the way home I was strutting down the high street like I was on a bloody catwalk (hand over eyes!!!) I would have liked to think people were staring because of my make-up but they were probably thinking who the F does she think she is!!! LOL. 

Thank God Ryan wasn't home when I got in because I spent the next hour taking selfies! (Of course). Here are a lucky few that made the cut...of out actual THOUSANDS. Follow me on Instagram to see a few more! @IAMCLAUDIAWRIGHT.

The makeover cost £30 and that was redeemable on products which I didn't realise so that was a really nice surprise! Of course I bought the lipstick so I could keep topping myself up all night, and I wanted to get something that I wouldn't usually buy so I chose the under eye concealer Seema used to highlight my under eye area....Fingers crossed I can apply it as well as she did and not end up like GC....

HOW beautiful is the packaging?!?!? It just oozes luxury and the lid is sightly magnetic too. I almost didn't want to use it incase I smudged the little 'NARS' imprint on the lipstick! The shade is 'Racquel' and it's a pinky nude. (RRP £24)

I got the concealer in shade 'Vanilla' and the packaging is equally lavish. A little pricier than MAC but the quality and finish are flawless so I have a feeling I will be investing in a few more NARS products in the near future. (RRP £22)

Has anybody else had a NARS makeover? Which is your favourite product?


  1. Ahhh so exciting about your new adventures. Sending you loads of luck for everything! Oh and you look FAB!!!!! that lippy is now on my list - i think i need it asap! Love the selfies!

    Roisin x

  2. I'm in retail wanting to break into PR/marketing-i feel your pain! Good luck x

  3. What a lovely post, definitely just added that lipstick to my wish list! Good luck with everything in the future sounds so exciting,

    X Emma |