Sunday, 28 June 2015


I was recently  contacted by the lovely Alexa from Slimfast to try out their two week #SlimFastChallenge 3-2-1 diet plan. The plan consists of 3 snacks, 2 meal replacement bars or shakes, and 1 healthy 600 calorie meal. After a recent holiday, as well as massively overindulging the last couple of weeks I am excited to try out the plan and hopefully shed a few pounds before my next holiday in August. I wear a size 10 currently, but I would love to slim down to an 8. I read on the Slimfast website that they advise a healthy weight loss of around 1-2 pounds per week, but I am hoping to lose a little more than 4lbs!

For breakfast and lunch, you get a choice of a shake or a meal replacement bar. The flavours sound delicious- I am dying to try out the chocolate peanut meal bar and the mocha shake! As a girl with a huge sweet tooth, Slimfast sounds right up my street. In regards to snacks, there is a choice of either a chocolate bar, various savoury snack bags or you can create your own 100 calorie snack. The Slimfast website is packed with snack ideas, from boiled eggs and ryvita, to celery and peanut butter or a small handful of nuts. 

Unlike many other diet plans, Slimfast actually encourages regular exercise, and as I said earlier the website has loads of delicious, healthy meal idea's to keep participants inspired and motivated. I like the way the plan is quite flexible, so I can still eat out as long as I choose a dish from the 'under 500 calories' option, something which more and more restaurants have started to include on their menu. 

I would say I eat pretty healthily anyway, so I don't think I will struggle with putting together my evening meal, in fact after eating sweet treats all day I feel like I am going to be dying for a chicken salad or some veggies!

I will be posting my progress results in two weeks time, and I will be tweeting/snapchatting/instagramming my journey along the way! Keep up with me at:
Snapchat: claudiawrightx

....and wish me luck!

Has anybody else completed the #SLIMFASTCHALLENGE ? What did you think? Send me your blog links so I can check out the results!

Sunday, 21 June 2015


I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE! It's quite a sad announcement actually, because I am finally leaving Sheffield after being lucky enough to call it home for the last five years. I have also left my job at Topshop! (No more discount!!!!) Absolutely heartbreaking because I cannot believe what such amazing, supportive, hilarious, endearing people I have met there over the last year, people who I would genuinely call 'friends'. You know when you meet somebody and you instantly click? Yeah that. So it is going to be so weird getting used to the fact I will no longer be seeing those lovely little faces every day. 

It was my last day on Friday and when it was time for me to finish my shift, I got called upstairs into the fitting rooms and all of my favourite girls were there clapping for me! Of course I started bawling my eyes out and doing my ugly Kim Kardashian crying face because I think it suddenly hit me that it was the end! They got me a massive card (which I cried at AGAIN when I read it) a box of Millie's cookies (which I inhaled when I got home...oops) and a surprise makeover at NARS for my leaving party! The best and most thoughtful gift EVER! I cried all the way home and my mum nearly started crying on the phone when I told her! So yeah, you could say it was a pretty emotional day for me!

The reason for all the change is due to it finally being time for me to get myself onto the career ladder and pt my degree to good use. I want to work in PR/social media so I need to be in living in a bigger city really. I am moving home first to get my shit together and then my plan is to be settled in Manchester (or London!) before Christmas. So if anybody currently works in any of those fields and has any advice then help a sister out!

Anyway, enough serious chat! Let me tell you about my delicious NARS makeover! It was done by Seema at the NARS counter in John Lewis yesterday. As it was an evening look that I was going for, I asked for a heavy, smokey eye with a contour. It took about an hour and 15 minutes but I could have stayed there all afternoon! I have never had my make-up professionally done so I was in awe at how amazing it looked! I felt INCREDIBLE. On the way home I was strutting down the high street like I was on a bloody catwalk (hand over eyes!!!) I would have liked to think people were staring because of my make-up but they were probably thinking who the F does she think she is!!! LOL. 

Thank God Ryan wasn't home when I got in because I spent the next hour taking selfies! (Of course). Here are a lucky few that made the cut...of out actual THOUSANDS. Follow me on Instagram to see a few more! @IAMCLAUDIAWRIGHT.

The makeover cost £30 and that was redeemable on products which I didn't realise so that was a really nice surprise! Of course I bought the lipstick so I could keep topping myself up all night, and I wanted to get something that I wouldn't usually buy so I chose the under eye concealer Seema used to highlight my under eye area....Fingers crossed I can apply it as well as she did and not end up like GC....

HOW beautiful is the packaging?!?!? It just oozes luxury and the lid is sightly magnetic too. I almost didn't want to use it incase I smudged the little 'NARS' imprint on the lipstick! The shade is 'Racquel' and it's a pinky nude. (RRP £24)

I got the concealer in shade 'Vanilla' and the packaging is equally lavish. A little pricier than MAC but the quality and finish are flawless so I have a feeling I will be investing in a few more NARS products in the near future. (RRP £22)

Has anybody else had a NARS makeover? Which is your favourite product?

Sunday, 14 June 2015


Had a few personal issues going on recently, hence the lack of blogging. BUT I am back with a VLOG! I thought I would be a pretty poor excuse for a beauty blogger if I kept purchasing the same beauty products, so I decided to go for something different with my foundation this time. As a die hard full-thick-coverage-matte-finish kinda gal, I surprised myself by going for something with a little less coverage. With summer in full swing, (although I am currently typing this as torrential rain is hammering against my window, LOL) I thought it would be nice to go for more of a natural, lighter finish. Nobody wants a sweaty upper lip after all.

I have FINALLY started to get the hang of iMovie so this video actually has opening credits! Starting slow....hopefully the next one might have a bit of music! OR slide transitions! Who knows!

Enjoy! (PS apologies for the VILE opening still picture...I don't know how to change it!)


Monday, 1 June 2015


I was recently contacted by Bluestone to go and stay in one of their luxury cabins for a mid-week break. I would love to say it was a much-needed escape from all the stress I've been going through recently but that would be a complete lie! 2015 has been a fabulous year for me so far, but who am I to decline the offer of a relaxing week away amongst the rugged coastlines, picturesque countryside and stunning national parks of Wales!

I chose two of my friends, Polly and Chloe to join me on my welsh adventure. It's a good job I had some good company because the train journey was SEVEN HOURS LONG. Safe to say we made sure we stocked up on sweets and magazines for the journey ahead! Narberth station was hilarious. It consisted of one bench, and a derelict shop. Not even a vending machine! No toilets, no shops, no taxi rank, no people! It felt like we had gone back in time.  Quote Chloe, "I feel like I'm on the set of the Railway Children". An old lady getting into her car took notice of our confused state and long story short, she ended up driving all three of us to Bluestone! On the way she told us how Narberth only has one taxi, and if he's booked you could end up waiting hours! She dropped us off at the reception and we thanked her a million times but the little angel wouldn't take any money off us. Which was a good job actually because we didn't have any cash on us anyway! Lollllll.

Mrs. Organised over here had already checked us in online, so after a quick sign in at the reception desk we were chauffeured to our lodge in this jeep. I kind of felt like I was on Jurassic Park as we were driving through the woods! Can you tell I don't get out into the countryside much?

Home, Sweet home! The lodge was absolutely stunning! Not one detail had been overlooked, even the ends of each toilet roll had been neatly folded into a point and stickered! The bedrooms were downstairs, one twin room and one double, each with an en-suite. The double room also had sliding doors out to our own little picnic bench. Upstairs was a beautiful open plan lounge and fully stocked kitchen. There was also a welcome pack on the coffee table with a map of the resort and timetables of all the activities.

Stunning location

Polly making friends with the locals!

Chris Hoy and Bradley Wiggins

On our first day we decided to take advantage of the facilities and rent bikes and go on a little tour of the huge resort. I thought I was leading us on one of the many nature trails but we ended up deep in the woods and about three foot deep in thick mud. Orienteering never has been my strong point! We managed to direct ourselves out of the woods and took the sensible option of riding over to reception to find some LEGIT bike routes. I found a good one along the beach which was 3 hours. I thought it would be a nice easy ride, but after speaking to the receptionists and realising the beach itself was 1.5 hours away, we decided to bail on the bikes and head over to the Blue Lagoon instead!

The Blue Lagoon is an all weather waterpark, with a wave pool, outdoor jacuzzi, and the best part...The slides! They were HILARIOUS. Even if I did almost drown about 12 times and we almost got knocked out by some big mommas who found us outside in the jacuzzi chatting to their husbands. 

That evening we ate one of the resorts own restaurants, The Farmhouse Grill. I chose the tuna steak with a side of veggies, which was lovely. We then bought a few bottles of wine and went back to the lodge for a chilled evening.

Spa day HAD to be my favourite day of the week! I have visited spa's before, but never had a treatment so I was so excited to go. We chose the deal of the day, which was  a facial and celtic spa experience for just £30! The 'celtic spa experience' consists of full use of the six  thermal rooms, the hydro pool and the relaxation room. Instead of the standard sauna and steam room, there was a salt inhalation room (great for respiratory and skin conditions), hot brick sauna (helps cleanse the body of toxins), herbal steam room (helps to relax muscles), marine steam room (helps to cleanse and detoxify the body), ice room (helps to stimulate the body natural circulation) and hot slate sauna (induces relaxation and releases surface muscular tension).

We also took full advantage of the hydro pool! I had a little photo shoot as the location was just TOO beautiful not to! Plus I have no shame whatsoever. (Thanks, Poll.)

Apologies for this creepy close-up but I couldn't post my make-up free face staring straight into the camera without issuing a parental guidance warning on the title of this post. Aside from the fact I look blind, LOOK HOW FRESH MY SKIN LOOKS! This was taken straight after my facial, I felt glowing! The treatment took 25 minutes. I was tempted to pay extra for a 50 minute treatment but I would have probably fallen asleep on the table.

Feeling like the ultimate ladies-of-leisure, we rounded up our spa day with a few glasses of prosecco. I could DEFINITELY get used to this! I think I am going to make an effort to organise a spa break every couple of months with my friends, it is a fabulous way to relax and pamper yourselves! No phones, no distractions, just pure relaxation. And Champagne. Don't forget that.

Previously in the week, two of the staff in the 'village' had told us that Tenby is the closest town to visit a few bars. We weren't looking for a night out essentially, just a few drinks in town. Bluestone is kind of in the middle of nowhere, and without a car it was hard for us to explore Wales. We rang a Tenby taxi to collect us (they have more than one there!) and made our way into town. It was £50, as opposed to the £25 estimation we had been told by staff (cheers guys), but the driver only charged us £25, kindly letting us know it will probably be about £60 to get home. I wasn't planning on using my entire spending money for Marbella on a night out in bloody Tenby, so Paul (the driver, who we were eagerly trying to befriend at this point to get a bigger discount) said if we called him, he would take us back for £25 again. 

We had been browsing through the 'nightlife' tab on Trip Advisor before we left the house (LOL) and found a few pubs that seemed like the Tenby 'hotspots', so we walked down to one of those first. It wasn't hard to find, considering Tenby town centre is about the size of my two-bedroom flat. We met some welsh boys who we had such a laugh with, and after a few bottles of wine they took us to the (only) club, the Prince of Wales. When I say club, it is a small, sketchy looking upstairs bar with a light-up dance floor that has hardly enough room to swing a cat. We all had a good time though! We ended up meeting this girl in the toilets who is FROM SHEFFIELD! Small world. She was staying in her aunties caravan (or something) with some friends and invited us back, so before I knew it I was in a bloody caravan site playing drinking games at 6am. Hilarious, random, and what turned out to be a cheaper night that expected, (as one of the boys drove us home in the morning) Result! Tenby it was a pleasure, but I don't think I will be giving up Viper Rooms for the Prince of Wales any time soon!

After sleeping away the majority of the day, we mustered up enough strength to go out for dinner at the Oak Tree. We shared a couple of platters for our staters which were delicious, but we were disappointed with the mains. What was described a stone-baked pizza looked, and tasted like a frozen Asda special. I chose sausage and broccoli, and Polly chose goats cheese and red onion but when they arrived they both just looked like margaritas. Toppings were v. scarce. I think mine had about three chunks of sausage and a sprig of broccoli. Chloe had the carbonara which looked good but the sauce had separated from the pasta, so the taste wasn't great. We ate about a slice each then took the rest home.

Ready for home!
We had to be out of our lodge by 10am on the Friday so we got up around 9, had some breakfast and got a taxi into Narberth to have a little potter around before our train. I was screwing to find out Narberth doesn't have a sunbed shop!!!! Massive gap in the market there, if my career doesn't work out then I am moving down and opening one myself. We sat in a beer garden and got some food and reminisced on our time in Wales. I have never laughed so hard! Maybe if I hadn't been eating my body weight in carbs each day U may have come home with an ab or two.

The only thing I regret is not taking advantage of any of the outdoor activities! I would have loved to try the sky wires or the zip line. I would have also loved to eat at Camp Smokey- an outdoor BBQ style venue in the woods where you can toast marshmallows for dessert! 

Spending time in Wales was a really nice change from the city. HUGE thank-you to Bluestone for having us!