Saturday, 23 May 2015


Dress- Topshop
Shoes- Kurt Geiger
Cardigan- Topshop
Hat- Primark

So I am 23....WOW that sounds old! Does anybody else still get all confused when somebody asks their age and say 21 or something? I don't want to be a proper 'grown up' yet! But personally I don't think I look a day over 20 so I think I'm alright for now. Anyway, here is what I got up to last weekend to celebrate my day of birth.

It was actual birthday on May 16th, but I went home last Friday to see my family and friends, and FINALLY get my barnet sorted! My roots could be seen from outer space, and each hair was split about seven times, so a bit of TLC was long overdue. It takes about three hours to do a full head of foils on my head, but I kept myself entertained by reading almost every magazine in the salon (LOL) and drinking several coffees to stay away. On some occasions in the past when I have had my hair coloured, the root ends up a different colour to the rest of my hair, and can look quite brassy, I was blown away by the results this time! I felt like the Princess from Tangled! (No pic from the front as I was sans make-up and had just been for a sunbed so I was red RAW.) However the BEST part was when I got to the till to pay, my cutey little mother had already rung up and paid for it for me as a little early birthday treat!!!! I nearly burst out crying on the spot, absolute BABE.

VOILA! (Ignore Ryan's crusty tart in the background)

The plan was to come home Friday night, but I missed the last train home so I ended up sinking two bottles of red wine with my friend Jess, my Mum and her friend at my house. Yes, you did hear that correctly, RED wine. My palate must have been in the process of maturing in preparation for my birthday, as I usually can't think of anything worse than a 'nice glass of red', but I was absolutely loving it! Of course one bottle turned into two, and before I knew it we were in a taxi to town to carry on the celebrations. Last minute plans are always the best, and I had a really fun night. Needless to say the train home at 8.30am was NOT the most enjoyable thing I could think of to kick start my actual day of birth. But when I got home Ryan surprised me with a trip to Patisserie Valerie for brunch! I always bang on about how I have never been taken for brunch so I was so excited for a bit of eggs benedict! My photo wasn't as ascetically pleasing as the ones I see on Instagram but the taste  definitely made up for it. And of course I couldn't leave without getting one of the famous pastries! I chose a massive slab of chocolate-gateaux-creamy-profiterole thing and it was UNBELIEVABLE. Probably devoured my whole months calorie allowance in that one visit but calories don't count of your birthday.

We went out in Manchester that night and ate at Australasia. If you like sushi then you HAVE to visit! Everything from the glamorous but relaxed atmosphere, the attentive hosts, to the faultless service was just perfect. We decided to chose a few small plates to share, like tapas. The server recommended we chose four each, and they were brought out in stages. After Australasia we went for a few cocktails at the Alchemist and then back to Grand Pacific. Such a perfect evening and I was so happy to spend my second birthday with my boyfriend!

After eating like a queen all weekend, it's back to reality...and the gym! Marbella is 11 days away! I repeat, ELEVEN. Stay tune for bikini pics! (Or wetsuit pics if I still look like a California roll on June 3rd)


  1. Well, we both have birthday on the 16th may :) so happy belated birthday darling! Btw, you look beautiful and your hair is just gorgeous!

    Love Leo

    I would be really happy if you visit my blog too♡

  2. Happy birthday Claudia! Glad you had a nice day. 23 is sooo young, you just wait. I'm about to turn 30 and absolutely bricking it, no way I feel that old - where on earth did the last decade go!?! Loved the outfit as per ;) xx

    Sarah |