Tuesday, 5 May 2015



I can officially say that it is my birthday NEXT WEEK! 11 nights.....10 sleeps!!!! Of course getting older isn't something to shout about, but as long as I can still describe myself as 'early twenties' I'm happy. 

This months 'Lust List' is a special one, as it doubles as my birthday wish list! So basically, anybody struggling with what to buy me this year..Look no further...and get your wallet out. (Jokes)* It is surprising smaller than I would imagine most people would think it would be, with the main reason being I already have everything that I want! *Smug face* SO cliche but I honestly struggled to put this lust list together because anything I want badly enough I just buy myself!

*(Not actually joking)

TOPSHOP FRINGED SNAKE PRINT CLUTCH. I have probably written about this on every lust list since I started creating them! They have now disappeared from the website so it is my mission to track one down before they vanish from all Topshop stores altogether.

NIKON CAMERA. Well, maybe not this exact model but you get the picture ('SCUSE the pun) I need to step my blog up to the next level, and that means so more crappy iPhone camera photos. I really want to start vlogging more as well, and with a decent camera the quality will be a million times better! PLUS you will get to see my face in HD instead of the usual 1megapixel camera on my MacBook. Feel free to tweet me with any camera recommendations you have for a camera newbie like myself! @CLAUDIAWRIGHTx

ANATASIA BEVERLY HILLS CREAM CONTOUR KIT. I wanna look flawless every living moment, so I think I need to start learning how to contour, and what better product to start learning with?!

ZARA DRESS. This is pretty random but I was struggling for gift ideas! I am fully embracing the gypsy/hippy/boho summer trend and this dress would look divine with a pair of lace up gladiators and a fringed bag.

COVER FX COVER DROPS. Such a shame they only sell this at Harvey Nics and Selfridges because I need matching up before I go making any internet orders. If you don't know what this is, watch some tutorials on YouTube. It's either going to be unbelievable or a massive waste of £36.

YSL BLACK OPIUM. Such a cliche birthday gift but this smells GORGEOUS. I have written about it before and, well yeah I still haven't got it so MUM IF YOU ARE READING THIS GET TO DEBENHAMS RIGHT NOW....It's the 100ml bottle or nothing.

PHARRELL X ADIDAS SUPERCOLORS. According to Ryan 'every man and his dog have the red pair now they are so common babe get another colour'. WELL my dear boy:
1. Out of the hundred people I have seen wearing them only a couple have been red
2. Stop trying to think of excuses not to buy me them!!!!

Out of all the gifts I am expecting would love to receive on my birthday this and the camera are the main ones. It is my birthday in exactly 11 days and they are currently sold out everywhere so the race is on!

Will Ryan pull it out the bag? Will I get anything on this list? Will my birthday be RUINED?! All will be revealed soon!!!!


  1. Hahahaha I am crying at the subtlety of this post! Hope your birthday isn't RUINED :')

    Claire | Stylingo.co.uk | xx

  2. Oh wow...I can't believe how similar our taste is! Literally sat here nodding along to each one of these. Dying for the YSL perfume in particular.

    Happy early birthday lovely, hope you get everything you wish for <3

    X Emma | www.missemmacharlotte.com

  3. Sooo coveting those Cover ID drops as well....off down to London this weekend so might see if I can hunt them down! Loving the snakey fringed bag as well. Very cool. Great picks, the lady has taste! Hope the birthday fairy is good to you! xx

    Sarah | www.seriouslyshallow.co.uk