Friday, 10 April 2015


The day is finally here! I actually recorded this video on Wednesday morning before work, but by the time I would have got home at 10pm it would have been too late to post. Then my MacBook completely locked me out on Thursday and the earliest one of the guys from Apple could call me to sort it out was this morning, so I felt like everything was against me to stop me posting this video! Is that a sign to delete the video and pretend it never happened?! Maybe. But after the positive response from all my loyal readers on Twitter and Instagram (love u guyz) I have decided to bite the bullet and reveal my first ever VLOG!

I decided to show off my River Island sale bargains in my haul video. I found it so much easier to record a vid as opposed to attempting to take flattering photos so if this has a good response I promise to do more!

Oh, and before I forget, apologies for the lack of editing/music/lighting/all singing all dancing additions! I have just purchased iMovie and had no idea how confusing it would be to try and edit a video. Im not gonna lie- I thought it was going to be like creating a slideshow on Microsoft Powerpoint...Boy was I wrong! Going to watch some tutorials and try and knowledge myself on editing- All tips welcome!


I was quite surprised how well filming went. I had the perfect lighting, perfect space to film...aside from channelling Debbie from 'TOWIE' with my bushy fro and my sweaty upper lip things seemed to go TOO well. Until I walked back into my bedroom to see this little freakazoid copying me. Of COURSE the little show pony couldn't help but get involved! Do you think he has caught the blogging bug? Will there be a coming soon? Watch this space! (LOL)

What did you think? Shall I continue with the Vlogs or just stick to blogging?

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