Wednesday, 29 April 2015


It's VLOG TIME! Since my last video, I have realised how much I love video blogging! I think it's a combination of me being an absolute show pony and never shutting up, and YOUR amazing feedback! So I just wanna say a massive thank you to anybody who has taken the time to comment/tweet me/message me/give me positive feedback because it has allowed me to breathe a huge sigh of relief and get over the nervous breakdown I had before posting my first video. 

I have decided to film a haul of the things I have purchased in the last week or so. Apologies for the lack of editing AGAIN. *Slap on the wrist* I said I would improve for next time and I think the quality has actually got worse (LOL). But I am asking my parents for a swanky new camera for my birthday next month (So at least I can look the part!) and I am going to book myself in for an iMovie tutorial at the Apple shop so watch this space.

Another apology for filming in my dressing gown like an absolute SLOB! I had just finished work and couldn't wait to get some comfy clothes on after my disgusting 6am wake up call. I know I apologise for this at the start of the video but my excuse is that I had just finished work and the sun is shining so it was a perfect time to film?!?!?! Not sure how that is an excuse for looking like a couch potato but I guess I just got caught up in the moment of filming and just went with any excuse! ENJOY! 


  1. "I just said that's from Topshop but actually its from new look" haha LOVEEEE the vid!

  2. Love the vid clauds! Going on toppers website now for frenchy case and nighty! That place should be giving you commission xxx

  3. Love this video, I laughed so much (with you not at you) I always try to jusitfy my purchases like 'it used to be this but now its this so really I've saved money' hahaha. Keep them coming! iMovie is so easy once you know how! xxx