Sunday, 5 April 2015


IT'S EASTER! EGGS! JESUS! FOUR DAY WEEKEND! BANK HOLIDAY! Lucky for some, I suppose. Unfortunately for me I have had an absolute SHOCKER of an Easter weekend this year. Why is that, you ask? WELL, don't you worry my little easter bunnies, because I will vent all my frustration to you right now.

FIRST AND FOREMOST. I WORK IN RETAIL. Therefore I have no soul. Just kidding, but it does realllllllllly test your patience, and I sometimes forget what laughter really feels like after having to plaster a false smile across my face all day every day. ALSO we have to work bank holidays. UGH. I got today off (Easter Sunday) but it is one of the only two days a year we are allowed off, but Sundays are my usual days off anyway so it hasn't really affected me much anyway! The ONE good thing is I get paid double time to work tomorrow, which does mean I can't go out tonight, but to be fair I'm not really a fan of bank holidays anyway. I'm not saying I don't love an all day drinking session because I am all for a large glass of rose at 11am, but as soon as the sun goes down town turns into a circus of fighting, ambulances, a very small bartender to crowd ratio, people spewing at the side of the road, you get the picture. I would much rather stay in and watch TOWIE. (Plus I went  out last night so I am way too hungover for round two anyway...)

Top- River Island 

Trousers- Boutique by Topshop
Shoes- Kurt Geiger
(apologies for the poor quality...see Exhibit B)

Exhibit B. Take 209329238. Thank you Ryan for the astounding photography.... :|

I couldn't help but to include this photobomb! HILARIOUS.

SECONDLY. I got no easter eggs!!!! NONE. Not even a mini egg! The closest thing I got was a mini caramel egg my friend gave me at work, after she had chewed off the top half. It's hardly the easter EGGSTRAVAGANZA I was hoping for. Let's hope my parents can pull something out of the bag when I see them next weekend.

THIRDLY. I STILL haven't baked creme egg brownies!! I see them all over my social media feeds every year and always tell myself I will make them. I could have made them today, but instead Ryan took me to the most disgusting Chinese buffet in the world. The meat looked like jelly and SO unappealing, and randomly in with all the sauces there was custard(?!) then a random apple strudel on the side in amongst all the noodles and prawn toast! SO random, I wish I had taken a photo but the waitress was watching me like a hawk. It was actually so hilarious, I would have loved to see somebody smother their food in custard thinking it was curry sauce.

So there we have it! The most un-eastery easter weekend in the world. What did everybody else get up to this Easter?

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  1. You're not the only one who had an absolute HELL of an Easter either Claudia, I got that excited to have a weekend off (massive rarity for me too) I got that drunk on Good Friday, I spent the whole of Saturday in bed crying cause I couldn't remember anything from the night before, attempted to meet my friends Saturday night as I'd promised but in my hungover state got on the wrong train, had to jump off at a random train station to throw my guts up. Come back home, cry some more cause I thought everyone hated me. Spent Easter Sunday in bed watching reality TV as my hangover still hadn't budged by day two then actually got excited to have an early night and work Easter Monday to end the hell and earn double time.
    I feel your pain of the worst easter ever! xx