Monday, 13 April 2015

HEY, IT'S OK! (Inspired by Glamour)

To spend all night stalking hot girls on insta and crying about how ugly you never know who could be stalking yours and thinking the same!

To constantly re-evaluate your life and wonder what the hell you are doing. Just remember, everything will be OK in the end, and if it isn't OK, it's not the end. (I LOVE that quote.)

To tell the whole world on every social media feed that you are going to the gym and that you are healthy eating...Remember to include a photo of your trainers to prove it!

To then upload a photo of the worlds largest Chinese takeaway three days later..Because we ALL know junk food feasts rake in the most likes on Instagram ;)

To spend the journey to your destination making up a long-winded sob story excuse as to why you are late, when in actual fact you have spent the last hour taking that perfect Instagram worthy selfie.

To rough draft a text message three times and ask a friend to double check it twice before you send it to a new crush. Only for him to reply 'cool'. We've all been there.

To continue to wear oversized sunglasses even when it's raining. It's Spring. Sunglasses are accepted anytime. (This mainly applies to me after the amount I just spent- They will be glued to my face 24/7 rain or shine!)

To be utterly obsessed with a 17 year old. Yes I am referring to Kylie Jenner. I'm sure when I was 17 I was still wearing glitter hair gel, wearing Hush Puppy trainers and got about £3 pocket money a week, not a multi-millionaire cruising around LA in a G Wagon and dating rappers. SO. FREAKING. JEALOUS.


To ignore that comment on Insta asking where your outfit is from, juuuust to make sure you are the only one rocking it for that little while longer....until someone spills the beans eventually. (Ugh.)

To plan an imaginary argument with somebody in the shower and plan what you want to say down to a tee. Who knows, you might get to act it out for real one day.. Just remember Charlotte in SATC when Big stands up Carrie at their wedding!

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  1. Hahahaha I love this - stalking Instagram girls (and their boob jobs) is deffo a bit of a secret hobby of mine..!

    Claire | | xx