Thursday, 16 April 2015


Yes, Primark! But before you click the 'X' and get back to your shopping basket on Net-A-Porter, just hear me out. Now I am an absolute sucker for a designer label, just by browsing down through my older posts you can see how I am always lusting after little luxuries. Not particularly with clothes, but bags, belts, accessories, shoes, I am ALL over it. I love nothing more than buying myself an entire new holiday wardrobe before I jet off, even if I am only going away for a week, and then half the things I buy I don't even end up wearing anyway. 

On my way to the gym last week I passed Primark and noticed the holiday department in the window. I am in dire need of updating my bikini collection before I go away, and had a little time to kill before my 'Body Attack' class started so I decided to check out what they had to offer, and I must say I was pleasantly surprised!

SO much money is wasted on bits and bobs we buy in preparation for our holidays (especially mine) and as I was browsing the aisles I realised how much money I could be saving myself by purchasing them at Primark. (More dollar to spend whilst I'm away!) Of course, there is a LOT of crap, but if you are lucky you can discover some absolute gems. For example these bikinis! The patterns are so summery and fun, and I especially love the cute frilly bandeau top with the matching high waisted bottoms. This style is so popular at pool parties in the summer time, and at a fraction of the price you would be paying elsewhere you can afford to buy one for every day of the week (£12!!!) Personally I look VILE in a high waisted bikini, it does absolutely nothing for my body shape so I just bought the one on the left, I think it will look beaut with a nice dark tan.

Left bikini set £8
Right bikini set £12

That brings me to the accessories! Why buy a hat for £20-£30 when lets be honest you are probably only going to wear it about three times. These were a measly FOUR POUNDS each! I also spied a massive cream floppy hat but it was positioned next to the ugliest bags in the history of bags, and my blog is not ready for that kind of atrocity yet.

And everybody needs a beach bag! I found this little treat for £8. I love the raffia style, so easy to match with anything. Plus it is big enough for a towel, suncream, all your beach essentials, and even a few bottles of vodka to sneak in to which ever pool party you are en route to.

I didn't know that Primark also sold miniature toiletries! This excited me because I love EVERYTHING miniature, and at a fraction of the price of Boots/Superdrug, you would be crazy not to stock up. Make-up sponges, mini shaving foam, nail files, vaseline, exfoliating gloves, hand cream, you name it! And it ISN'T just Primark own brand stuff, which could be decent (emphasis on the COULD), but for now I am too much of a cosmetic snob to try it out. For the toiletry brand lovers out there, Primark stock Carmex, Vaseline, Nivea, Simple, Herbal Essences etc etc etc.

All your favourite brands at a fraction of the miniature! Perfect for travelling.

Disposable bottles are perfect for trips away to save your using all your luggage allowance on full size toiletries! 
And last but not least, Primark even cater for all you CRAZY bitches hitting IBIZA this year!!!!! (loooooooooooool) Ok, so I maybe slightly taking the piss here but hey, if laser finger beams are your thing then you can grab a right bargain here!

(Who the F created this,)


Have you managed to snag any bargains this year? I rarely shop in Primark but I will most definitely be picking up some holiday essentials and saving myself some money this summer!


  1. OMG Claudia the flower printed bikini are amazing!! Hugs

  2. You're so right, you can get some real gems in prim ark if you hunt through. For me it is so hit and miss, sometimes I find absolutely nothing while other times I'll get some really good stuff fora great pric. I love these bikinis and they really do look like you spent a load on them at topshop or something!! Love. Also love that pool bag, perfect for everything you need :)

    It was lovely to meet you today!! Can't wait to see your posts :)

    Sarah xxx ||

  3. The choice of things to do is endless, from beaches to bazaars to mountains to sampling Turkish foods or sticking to your favourite British dishes (for those of you who are less adventurous). So last week