Friday, 20 March 2015



Working at Topshop, it is IMPOSSIBLE to save. We may as well get paid in gift vouchers because I am sure 99% of the employee's wages go back into the company as soon as payday rolls around! Anyway here is my current wish-list (which will no doubt be swinging in my wardrobe in the next week as i have absolutely NO self control.)

Starting top left-clockwise

THE KYLIE BOMBER! My mum actually bought me this on Sunday so I am now the proud owner! Can't wait to rock it with some ripped jeans and some hoop earrings and let my inner Jenny from the block roam free!

TOPSHOP MAID SLINGBACK ANKLE BOOTS. These arrived in store this week and caught my eye straight away. The soft leather looks so appropriate for summer and looks so good against the grey heel. 

TOPSHOP MAGNUM SNAKE PRINT BOOTS. WHY DIDN'T I BUY THESE WHEN THEY WERE STILL IN STOCK?!?!!? They are sold out everywhere now so I may have wave goodbye to being the owner of the coolest boots evs. But at least I can say hello to the extra £85 I have saved by not buying them... (poor attempt to outweigh my devastation with something positive)

TOPSHOP BELTED WIDE LEG TROUSERS. I think these would look so effortless with a slouchy vest tucked in and some birks. When the weather gets a little warmer of course. I am a huge fan of khaki this season so plan on buying LOADS!

GLITTERY IPHONE 5S CASE. OK so I had a little gap in the corner of my collage and had to fill it with something, lol. I do like this case but I wouldn't say its top of my 'things I need in my life RIGHT NOW' list.

SALT AND PEPPER KNITTED CO-ORD. I have seen this on a few of my favourite bloggers recently and it looks UH-MAHZING. We have just got the top in our store, but the trousers are sold out everywhere and I don't really wanna buy one without the other.

FIGTREE GLADIATOR SANDALS. These are an absolute bargain at £52! With my staff discount they will be about £40 so I will definitely be getting them in time for my holidays.

ECRU RIPPED JAMIE JEANS. ECRU is the new white didn't you know?! I am so over pristine white joni jeans, ugh. 

DARK FLORAL WIDE LEG TROUSERS. I have been on the fence about these trousers for weeks now! I know that once I try them on I will either love them or hate them, but I just haven't gotten round to it yet. Watch this space.

MINT D-RING BRALET. It's almost summer, which means the bralets will be out in full force! I like the D-ring style, and the colour is gorgeous! Plus it's only £22. Bargain.

FLORAL EMBROIDERED BOMBER JACKET. How beautiful is this jacket! I love the feminine twist on a classic bomber, and my friend Chloe had it on today at work and made me fall in love with it even more. FFS HOW MANY JACKETS DOES A GIRL NEED?! I'm gonna have nothing to put on underneath them at this rate.

GENEVA STRAPPY COURT SHOES. Another bargain at only £52! They look so premium and expensive I wouldn't be surprised if they were designer. The only problem I have now though is.....nude or black?

SNAKE PRINT CLUTCH. Snake print....suede...fringing...all of my favourite things made into one exquisite little clutch bag! This would be perfect for livening up a monochrome outfit, or even just teamed with ripped blue jeans and a plain white tee during the day.

Whats on your wish-list this month?

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  1. Lovely wishlist, I swear I could spend my entire lifes wages in Topshop haha. The floral bomber is gorgeous! xo

    Catherine | Pretty Little Beauty Blog