Monday, 23 March 2015


I was participating in a beauty bloggers chat on Twitter on Sunday night which had a very interesting topic- If you could design a beauty product what would it be? There were a lot of great idea's such as self cleaning make-up brushes and a device that curled your whole head of hair in seconds, but one invention in particular caught my attention, a foundation which adjusts to the colour of your skin. 

Ever since I started wearing foundation I have always had trouble finding the PERFECT one. It's either not the right shade, not enough coverage, wrong consistency, not right for my skin etc etc. It is a NIGHTMARE. I dread the day my current bottle runs out and I have to trawl round the beauty counters in Debenhams or House of Fraser, as I always end up panicking and re-purchasing Studio Fix fluid from MAC. I mean Studio Fix is OK, but just not perfect.

Over the years I have tried MAC Studio Fix and Pro Longwear, Estee Lauder Double Wear and then various random brands from Boots (Borjouis, Rimmel, Maybelline etc). I used to find it so hard to find the right match as I used to be perma-tanned, so the consultant would match the foundation to my tan, instead of my actual colour (which is about 3842394823798 shades paler, unfortunately) and I would either have an orange head and white body, or the other way wrong. Either way NOT a good look.

I have quite oily skin, and even though I rarely get spots I still like a full coverage. I like to look like I am wearing make-up! (Don't get this confused with looking cakey though! I still like to look polished) So I ended up at the Clinique counter after work last week, and the consultant suggestion their new foundation - Beyond Perfecting. It is a foundation and a concealer, so it gives a really nice full coverage. She tried a bit out on my cheek and I fell in love! You apply it with a wand which is quite strange, but she told me one 'wandful' (I don't know how to describe it!) should be enough for my whole face. I nodded and smiled, but inside I thought HOW the hell is that tiny little wand going to cover my huge moon head. I think it just about covered my chin! (Joking......maybe one cheek)

ANYWAY I thought what the hell and purchased a bottle in shade 7 'cream chamois' (£25) and I am loving it! It makes my skin look airbrushed and it doesn't feel heavy, which is perfect especially now the weather is getting warmer.

NO FILTER believe it or not!

Has anyone else found their perfect foundation? what brands are you rating?


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  2. Your skin looks amaaaaazing!! Do you find it survives the day?! I've tried Mac, double wear, the latest was Illamasqua (good but pricey!) Have you ever tried Nars? xx

  3. I loved this post as I'm considering purchasing this foundation. I got a sample but the colour just wasn't right! Your beautiful picture came up on google search for swatches and I was like whatever shade she is in I'm getting! lol What powder if any do you set this with? xx