Saturday, 14 March 2015

MAC CINDERELLA COLLECTION (and a few cheeky extra's)

I have never really been too fussed about the limited edition collections that MAC bring out every now and again. I mean, wasn't the last one a Sharon/Kelly Osbourne collar?! So random. ANYWAY when I heard about a Cinderella collection my little eyes lit up. I am a sucker for anything princess/fairytale/magical/glittery/cute so it sounded right up my street.

I had no idea when the collection was due to come out, and it just so happened my boyfriend woke me up at the crack of dawn last Friday, after I had told him a million times that it was my day off and I wanted a much earned lie-in. HUMPH. So when I was lying there absolutely fuming that I was awake before midday and did the usual scroll-through-every-social-media-platform-I-have, when I came across the email from MAC telling me the collection was now live. I decided to purchase both lipsticks, Free as a Butterfly and Royal Ball. (How cute are the names by the way!!!!) I was tempted by the beauty powder and the iridescent powder, but I would prefer to test them out in-store before I forked out £23 each for them.

Little did I know the WHOLE collection was completely sold out less than an hour later! So it turns out Ryan did me a huuuuuge favour by giving me the rude awakening I got that morning, not that he needs to know that though or he will continue doing it.

Of course I couldn't just buy two lipsticks. I also managed to get my little paws on not one, but TWO infamous velvet teddy's. And I have heard such good things about the mineralize skinfinish in 'soft and gentle' that of course I had to get that too. Small fortune, I know, but a worthy investment. 

HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THE CINDERELLA PACKAGING?!?!?! My hands were trembling when I was opening the cute little box because it is just so precious! The colour are both quite nude, Royal Ball more of a fleshy pink and Free as a Butterfly more of a golden nude. Nevertheless absolutely lush.  HOWEVER. They are both lustre which is so annoying!!!!!!! They are so sheer and shiny I just wish they were matte!

Top- Royal Ball
Bottom- Free as a Butterfly

Velvet teddy is a massive hit with me, I feel like I get one step closer to becoming a Kardashian every time I slick it on. In fact from now on I would like to be addressed as Klaudia if you don't mind.

Practically twins.

I still have a MAC make-up lesson and £50 worth of make-up to redeem so expect another MAC haul in the near future! Any recommendations? I want them to teach me how to do my eye make-up and brows properly, and perhaps a smoky eye. To be fair it will probably take me more than an hour and a half to learn to apply mascara properly so I am going to be over the moon with any new tricks they can show me!

Did anyone else managed to snap up anything from the Cinderella collection? What was your favourite product?


  1. I like this your post a lot! It’s amazing!
    Thank you for sharing!

    Diana Cloudlet

  2. What a great MAC Haul, I'm really gutted that I didn't get anything from their cinderella collection x
    han // emandhan xo