Thursday, 12 March 2015


All of my loyal readers (love you) will already know that last year I took my boyfriend to Amsterdam for Valentines Day (unbelievable gift, I know), and we enjoyed it so much that we decided to go again this year and kind of make it a cute-yearly-valantines-day tradition. We only went for two nights last year, and managed to cram in all the standard touristy stuff, so this year we decided to go for for nights so we could explore more of the city, but still relax.

We stayed in the Golden Tulip Amsterdam West, which is a beautiful four star hotel just outside the centre of Amsterdam. Accessing the city centre is so easy, as the tram stops right outside and takes you to all the main locations. (Easier said than done, but we soon got the hang of it!)

Of course as soon as the plane touched down on Dutch soil that evening, Ryan was DYING to get to the nearest coffee shop, so we quickly dumped our suitcases and headed into town. Yes that is a cat who LIVES in the coffee shop! His name is Rizzla (lol).

The only downside to going straight out to a coffee shop when we arrived was that we didn't realise that we had been given a TWIN room by mistake! So when we stumbled home around midnight and were greeted by two single beds we were not happy bunnies! It was too late to complain so we just had a sleepover club on our own and sorted it out in the morning. Lucky for us we were upgraded to a suite which was HUGE! The bed was enormous and the bathroom had a massive glass shower with a rainforest shower head (is that what they are called?) and a massive mirror so there were no arguments about who is hogging the mirror. The rooms are also all soundproof...

Of course I brought my selfie stick! I think Ryan loved it more than me! I love this one with the canal and the bikes, I just wish I hadn't kept the bloody filter on cos I can't get it printed now :( (shit quality)

We stayed in and ate at the restaurant one night, and it was a typical buffet style dinner. It was delicious, but I ate so much I'm surprised I didn't have to request the extra long seatbelt on the plane home to wrap around my enormous hippo body.

We spent THREE WHOLE DAYS searching for this coffee shop that Ryan had some weird obsession with going to, only to eventually find it and it turn out to be the size of a a4 piece of paper. GREAT suggestion babe!!!!! *eyeball roll*

It's Amsterdam for gods sake you can't NOT go! (insert cute lil cheeky monkey emoji here)

We also visited the Amsterdam Dungeons. We were a little sceptical at first cos there were looooooads of kids but it was actually so fucking scary I think I burst a few blood vessels in my neck and head from screaming so much! Ryan was the same it was hilarious! I would definitely recommend it to anybody visiting Amsterdam. Has anybody been to the London/York Dungeons? Are they worth a trip?

Has anybody else visited Amsterdam? What was your favourite part of the trip?


  1. Me and the hubby went twice, The Supper Club is amazing, its like a nightclub come restaurant where you eat on beds, its amazing

    1. Im so annoyed, I had that on my list of places to go but we never got round to it! Next year for sure! xxx