Tuesday, 31 March 2015


My summer holiday is booked! I am going back to  Marbella on June 3rd with some girlfriends. For anybody who watches 'The Only Way is Essex', or reads the Daily Mail, you will understand the whole 'Marbs' stereotype. Beautiful skinny girls, tanned muscular boys, money, glamour, parties, you get the picture. I have to admit, after visiting Marbella three times before the stereotype is true! And I must admit I absolutely LOVE it! What is there to dislike about caking on a full face of make-up to pose poolside in 30 degree heat all day... (lol). OK, perhaps I am being a little sarcastic/extreme but it is a very glamorous place to be, therefore I need to start preparing. Which brings me to the point of this post.

I HATE speaking about my weight, because I have always had an issue with it for as long as I can remember. As with most girls, my weight has been up and down over the last few years. I put on weight throughout college and the start of uni, then lost loads of weight in my third year of uni from replacing two meals a day with a protein shake. I was skinny, but I had NO muscle and as you can see from the photo, my bum was completely non-existent. As with any fad diet, I put the weight straight back on (and more!) when I started eating normally again, and I am back to square one. Square one being completely ashamed and unhappy with my body.

Top- one year ago
Bottom- me right now

It is almost April, and I am determined to get the body I have always wished for. I have started training hard with my boyfriend, I am sticking to a custom designed meal plan, and I have my holiday in the forefront of my mind to stop me slipping. I have even downloaded one of those countdown apps to remind me how scarily close it is until I am rubbing shoulders with the self-proclaimed 'models' and weekend millionaires at Ocean Club. (For the record, it is 64!) Not to mention, the girls I am going with are slimmer than me and there is no way that I am being the 'fat friend'.

dream bod

It pains me to admit that my finger has been hovering over the 'publish' button for this post for about half an hour before I took the plunge and decided to make it public because it is such a sensitive topic for me! I feel as though I wrote half of it with both my hands covering my face in pure shock over the fact I was about to post a photograph of my (almost) naked body for the world to see.  I take pride in my blog as being something completely non-serious and quite humorous, but I was at the gym the other day and caught sight of myself in the mirror running and wanted to burst out crying! So I feel if I make my feelings (and body) public then I will kind of shock myself into making a change. Oh, and although the title states otherwise, I most certainly will be eating carbs! (In moderation, of course!)

Who's with me? (motivational tweets welcome!)

Monday, 23 March 2015


I was participating in a beauty bloggers chat on Twitter on Sunday night which had a very interesting topic- If you could design a beauty product what would it be? There were a lot of great idea's such as self cleaning make-up brushes and a device that curled your whole head of hair in seconds, but one invention in particular caught my attention, a foundation which adjusts to the colour of your skin. 

Ever since I started wearing foundation I have always had trouble finding the PERFECT one. It's either not the right shade, not enough coverage, wrong consistency, not right for my skin etc etc. It is a NIGHTMARE. I dread the day my current bottle runs out and I have to trawl round the beauty counters in Debenhams or House of Fraser, as I always end up panicking and re-purchasing Studio Fix fluid from MAC. I mean Studio Fix is OK, but just not perfect.

Over the years I have tried MAC Studio Fix and Pro Longwear, Estee Lauder Double Wear and then various random brands from Boots (Borjouis, Rimmel, Maybelline etc). I used to find it so hard to find the right match as I used to be perma-tanned, so the consultant would match the foundation to my tan, instead of my actual colour (which is about 3842394823798 shades paler, unfortunately) and I would either have an orange head and white body, or the other way wrong. Either way NOT a good look.

I have quite oily skin, and even though I rarely get spots I still like a full coverage. I like to look like I am wearing make-up! (Don't get this confused with looking cakey though! I still like to look polished) So I ended up at the Clinique counter after work last week, and the consultant suggestion their new foundation - Beyond Perfecting. It is a foundation and a concealer, so it gives a really nice full coverage. She tried a bit out on my cheek and I fell in love! You apply it with a wand which is quite strange, but she told me one 'wandful' (I don't know how to describe it!) should be enough for my whole face. I nodded and smiled, but inside I thought HOW the hell is that tiny little wand going to cover my huge moon head. I think it just about covered my chin! (Joking......maybe one cheek)

ANYWAY I thought what the hell and purchased a bottle in shade 7 'cream chamois' (£25) and I am loving it! It makes my skin look airbrushed and it doesn't feel heavy, which is perfect especially now the weather is getting warmer.

NO FILTER believe it or not!

Has anyone else found their perfect foundation? what brands are you rating?

Friday, 20 March 2015



Working at Topshop, it is IMPOSSIBLE to save. We may as well get paid in gift vouchers because I am sure 99% of the employee's wages go back into the company as soon as payday rolls around! Anyway here is my current wish-list (which will no doubt be swinging in my wardrobe in the next week as i have absolutely NO self control.)

Starting top left-clockwise

THE KYLIE BOMBER! My mum actually bought me this on Sunday so I am now the proud owner! Can't wait to rock it with some ripped jeans and some hoop earrings and let my inner Jenny from the block roam free!

TOPSHOP MAID SLINGBACK ANKLE BOOTS. These arrived in store this week and caught my eye straight away. The soft leather looks so appropriate for summer and looks so good against the grey heel. 

TOPSHOP MAGNUM SNAKE PRINT BOOTS. WHY DIDN'T I BUY THESE WHEN THEY WERE STILL IN STOCK?!?!!? They are sold out everywhere now so I may have wave goodbye to being the owner of the coolest boots evs. But at least I can say hello to the extra £85 I have saved by not buying them... (poor attempt to outweigh my devastation with something positive)

TOPSHOP BELTED WIDE LEG TROUSERS. I think these would look so effortless with a slouchy vest tucked in and some birks. When the weather gets a little warmer of course. I am a huge fan of khaki this season so plan on buying LOADS!

GLITTERY IPHONE 5S CASE. OK so I had a little gap in the corner of my collage and had to fill it with something, lol. I do like this case but I wouldn't say its top of my 'things I need in my life RIGHT NOW' list.

SALT AND PEPPER KNITTED CO-ORD. I have seen this on a few of my favourite bloggers recently and it looks UH-MAHZING. We have just got the top in our store, but the trousers are sold out everywhere and I don't really wanna buy one without the other.

FIGTREE GLADIATOR SANDALS. These are an absolute bargain at £52! With my staff discount they will be about £40 so I will definitely be getting them in time for my holidays.

ECRU RIPPED JAMIE JEANS. ECRU is the new white didn't you know?! I am so over pristine white joni jeans, ugh. 

DARK FLORAL WIDE LEG TROUSERS. I have been on the fence about these trousers for weeks now! I know that once I try them on I will either love them or hate them, but I just haven't gotten round to it yet. Watch this space.

MINT D-RING BRALET. It's almost summer, which means the bralets will be out in full force! I like the D-ring style, and the colour is gorgeous! Plus it's only £22. Bargain.

FLORAL EMBROIDERED BOMBER JACKET. How beautiful is this jacket! I love the feminine twist on a classic bomber, and my friend Chloe had it on today at work and made me fall in love with it even more. FFS HOW MANY JACKETS DOES A GIRL NEED?! I'm gonna have nothing to put on underneath them at this rate.

GENEVA STRAPPY COURT SHOES. Another bargain at only £52! They look so premium and expensive I wouldn't be surprised if they were designer. The only problem I have now though is.....nude or black?

SNAKE PRINT CLUTCH. Snake print....suede...fringing...all of my favourite things made into one exquisite little clutch bag! This would be perfect for livening up a monochrome outfit, or even just teamed with ripped blue jeans and a plain white tee during the day.

Whats on your wish-list this month?

Thursday, 19 March 2015


The female population has become OBSESSED with eyebrows lately. I can't scroll down my Instagram feed without seeing one of these meme's crop up: 

or this:

And funnily enough it always seems to be the girls with the worst looking brows posting them! (lol) Even though I absolutely cringe into oblivion every time I see one (I mean WHY do somebody's brows mean they can't boss you around?! It is just so RIDICULOUS), I still do appreciate a good, strong eyebrow.

It genuinely sends a shiver down my spine remembering the days where an eyebrow pencil was foreign to me. The only make-up I thought I needed was Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse (about four shades too dark for my skin, of course), Collection 2000 Mascara and black kohl eyeliner (or something else I could afford with my weekly pocket money) and some form of glittery hair gel to grease my hair back into a high ponytail. Please take into consideration that this was about 8 years ago (I won't scare you with a photo), and my cosmetic essentials have been notably upgraded since then.

It was when I started university in 2011 that I started giving my brows a bit more attention. I started using a Rimmel eyebrows pencil, and soon upgraded to Benefit Brow-Zings (RRP £24.50). I swore by that little kit for years, I love the fact it has everything you need in a cute little compact set- Including the cutest mini tweezers! However that started to also be the downside, everything was TINY. The brushes are about three inches long (if that) so I found myself hunching over in a desperate attempt to get them both even. I had to mix the wax with a bit of the powder to get a darker look too, as I found the wax was too sheer on it's own and didn't outline my brows in the defined way I wanted.

I decided to purchase the 'Dipbrow Pomade' by Anastasia Beverly Hills earlier this year after seeing rave reviews over Christmas. Every celebrity under the sun swore by it, and with a price tag of only £15, almost £10 cheaper than Brow-Zings, I decided to invest. The websites describes the gel as a "smudge free, creamy formula which glides effortlessly onto the skin and adheres to the brow hairs for optimal definition. Perfect for oily skin and humid climates, Dipbrow Pomade can be used as a brow definer or eyeliner and provides luxurious colour and sculpture." I suffer from oily skin myself, so it seemed ideal. The website also recommended I bought the large synthetic duo brow brush for maximum results. (£14)

The only annoying thing about Dipbrow is that Anastasia Beverly Hills is an American brand, and isn't available in the UK yet. This means you have to guess which colour you are, which is pretty tricky! I originally ordered 'medium brown', but it was way too dark and I looked like the evil baby from the Simpsons with the monobrow. I re-ordered 'soft brown' and it is just perfect.

After endless attempts to photograph my own 'how-to' eyebrow guide, I have given up, the iPhone 5S camera just does not do the brows justice! However I managed to find this tutorial which is done in the exact same way I do mine: 

Start by lining the brow with the sculptured end of your brush. Begin with the underneath and then shape the top, leaving the top cm of each brow (as shown).

Softly fill in the end first, then brush the hairs up at the front of your brow and start to fill, brushing your gel UPWARDS as opposed to sideways. Make you you only press very lightly, to get that natural gradient filling of your brown. (Basically so it looks light to dark)

It may sound and look a little tricky but as with everything, practice makes perfect!
(Please ignore my creepy little eye and the fact my brows need a little tidy up- I have been trying to avoid getting them threaded to grow them out!)

I also use a hightlighting concealer and sculptured brush after I have drawn on my eyebrows to line it again, just to define it a little more. (I use Rimmel Match Perfection Illuminating Concealer RRP £5.99)

Has anybody else bought any Anastasia Beverley Hills products? I am such a fan of Dipbrow I want them all!

Saturday, 14 March 2015

MAC CINDERELLA COLLECTION (and a few cheeky extra's)

I have never really been too fussed about the limited edition collections that MAC bring out every now and again. I mean, wasn't the last one a Sharon/Kelly Osbourne collar?! So random. ANYWAY when I heard about a Cinderella collection my little eyes lit up. I am a sucker for anything princess/fairytale/magical/glittery/cute so it sounded right up my street.

I had no idea when the collection was due to come out, and it just so happened my boyfriend woke me up at the crack of dawn last Friday, after I had told him a million times that it was my day off and I wanted a much earned lie-in. HUMPH. So when I was lying there absolutely fuming that I was awake before midday and did the usual scroll-through-every-social-media-platform-I-have, when I came across the email from MAC telling me the collection was now live. I decided to purchase both lipsticks, Free as a Butterfly and Royal Ball. (How cute are the names by the way!!!!) I was tempted by the beauty powder and the iridescent powder, but I would prefer to test them out in-store before I forked out £23 each for them.

Little did I know the WHOLE collection was completely sold out less than an hour later! So it turns out Ryan did me a huuuuuge favour by giving me the rude awakening I got that morning, not that he needs to know that though or he will continue doing it.

Of course I couldn't just buy two lipsticks. I also managed to get my little paws on not one, but TWO infamous velvet teddy's. And I have heard such good things about the mineralize skinfinish in 'soft and gentle' that of course I had to get that too. Small fortune, I know, but a worthy investment. 

HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THE CINDERELLA PACKAGING?!?!?! My hands were trembling when I was opening the cute little box because it is just so precious! The colour are both quite nude, Royal Ball more of a fleshy pink and Free as a Butterfly more of a golden nude. Nevertheless absolutely lush.  HOWEVER. They are both lustre which is so annoying!!!!!!! They are so sheer and shiny I just wish they were matte!

Top- Royal Ball
Bottom- Free as a Butterfly

Velvet teddy is a massive hit with me, I feel like I get one step closer to becoming a Kardashian every time I slick it on. In fact from now on I would like to be addressed as Klaudia if you don't mind.

Practically twins.

I still have a MAC make-up lesson and £50 worth of make-up to redeem so expect another MAC haul in the near future! Any recommendations? I want them to teach me how to do my eye make-up and brows properly, and perhaps a smoky eye. To be fair it will probably take me more than an hour and a half to learn to apply mascara properly so I am going to be over the moon with any new tricks they can show me!

Did anyone else managed to snap up anything from the Cinderella collection? What was your favourite product?

Thursday, 12 March 2015


All of my loyal readers (love you) will already know that last year I took my boyfriend to Amsterdam for Valentines Day (unbelievable gift, I know), and we enjoyed it so much that we decided to go again this year and kind of make it a cute-yearly-valantines-day tradition. We only went for two nights last year, and managed to cram in all the standard touristy stuff, so this year we decided to go for for nights so we could explore more of the city, but still relax.

We stayed in the Golden Tulip Amsterdam West, which is a beautiful four star hotel just outside the centre of Amsterdam. Accessing the city centre is so easy, as the tram stops right outside and takes you to all the main locations. (Easier said than done, but we soon got the hang of it!)

Of course as soon as the plane touched down on Dutch soil that evening, Ryan was DYING to get to the nearest coffee shop, so we quickly dumped our suitcases and headed into town. Yes that is a cat who LIVES in the coffee shop! His name is Rizzla (lol).

The only downside to going straight out to a coffee shop when we arrived was that we didn't realise that we had been given a TWIN room by mistake! So when we stumbled home around midnight and were greeted by two single beds we were not happy bunnies! It was too late to complain so we just had a sleepover club on our own and sorted it out in the morning. Lucky for us we were upgraded to a suite which was HUGE! The bed was enormous and the bathroom had a massive glass shower with a rainforest shower head (is that what they are called?) and a massive mirror so there were no arguments about who is hogging the mirror. The rooms are also all soundproof...

Of course I brought my selfie stick! I think Ryan loved it more than me! I love this one with the canal and the bikes, I just wish I hadn't kept the bloody filter on cos I can't get it printed now :( (shit quality)

We stayed in and ate at the restaurant one night, and it was a typical buffet style dinner. It was delicious, but I ate so much I'm surprised I didn't have to request the extra long seatbelt on the plane home to wrap around my enormous hippo body.

We spent THREE WHOLE DAYS searching for this coffee shop that Ryan had some weird obsession with going to, only to eventually find it and it turn out to be the size of a a4 piece of paper. GREAT suggestion babe!!!!! *eyeball roll*

It's Amsterdam for gods sake you can't NOT go! (insert cute lil cheeky monkey emoji here)

We also visited the Amsterdam Dungeons. We were a little sceptical at first cos there were looooooads of kids but it was actually so fucking scary I think I burst a few blood vessels in my neck and head from screaming so much! Ryan was the same it was hilarious! I would definitely recommend it to anybody visiting Amsterdam. Has anybody been to the London/York Dungeons? Are they worth a trip?

Has anybody else visited Amsterdam? What was your favourite part of the trip?