Friday, 20 February 2015


I was recently fortunate enough to be sent some goodies from the lovely Claire at Sienna X. I received the Dark Glowing Self Tan and the Gradual Glowing Self Tan and I could not wait to try them out! Anyone who knew me in high school/college/first years of university will understand my love of the lotion. I used to CAKE it on. I had my little fifteen minutes of fame on e4's 'Sorority Girls' back in 2011 where I appeared in the interview room absolutely SMOTHERED in orange tan and would not stop banging on about how I "put another layer on.....and then I hairdry my body" (Click below if you dare to see my little cameo on Harry Hill. Oh and please remember this was filmed in 2011 and I have changed a LOT/lost half my body weight since then!!!)

In recent years I have toned myself down a hell of a lot. (Thank God). I have seen the light, and realised that less is more (unless is a real holiday tan, then the blacker the better!) I used to swear by St. Moritz. It's cheap, its easy to apply (kinda) and it's nice and dark. Then we move onto the negatives- It has a tendency to turn green throughout the night, it clogs up around your knees and elbows, and turns your fingers and knuckles BLACK. And it absolutely REEKS. The aim of wearing fake tan is for it to look real, and St. Moritz has all the tell-tale signs to give it away.

Since then I have struggled to find a decent tan. I dreamt about finding the perfect solution, it would need to be easy to apply, instant, non-fragrent or have a nice, delicate scent, and look natural. It wouldn't clog up around my elbows and knees, and I would be able to layer it so I could have a more natural look throughout the day, then go darker for a night out. FANFARE *insert Sienna X here* As soon as I uploaded a photo of the products I had been sent, within seconds I had comments from girls raving about this wonder product, so you can imagine how excited I was to try it for myself!

I was prepping for a night out, so I decided to opt for the dark glowing self tan. For a start it is a lotion, which was a change for me as I usually buy tan in a mousse form. Firstly, it smells DIVINE- it has a lovely light sweet fragrance. And it glides on so smoothly, more like a body moisteriser than a tan. (I still made sure to put a little moisturiser on my knees and elbows before I applied the tan just in case). The directions state to apply the tan, wait 8 hours for it to fully develop then wash off, however I was wearing all black that night and needed to be SUPER dark so I applied it about three hours before I went out! Even though I didn't follow the correct procedure my tan was still streak free and looked like I had just hopped off a plane from the Bahamas! I didn't have to walk around as a naked starfish for two hours after I had applied it either as it does NOT leave a sticky residue! (There was no hairdrying of the body needed at all...Hallelujah!)

(Apologies for the poor quality!)

Apologies for the lack of close ups, my iPhone camera won't focus on anything within a 30cm radius!

And as if the tan couldn't tick any more is CRUELTY FREE! An absolute must-have for the make-up bag and a summer essential!

The dark glowing self tan retails at £23.95 and can be bought along with the rest of the tanning range at the official Sienna X site HERE.

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