Sunday, 22 February 2015



Better late than never, right? I have been so busy this month with Amsterdam and London and my big brothers passing out ceremony (sob!) I have barely had a minute to shop! My work (Topshop) has been closed for a month for a re-furb, but it re-opened last week and has the most amaaaazing new stock so no doubt I ill be frittering away this months pay cheque quicker than you can say 'new season'.

Extensions. From all the bleaching/straightening/heated roller-ing, my hair is in the WORST condition. It literally consists of about three strands, kinda like Homer Simpson. But longer. I always moan about it being so limp and lifeless, but I know if I cut it off I will regret it instantly. I have always been a big fan of long princess hair, so my only option right now is getting extensions to thicken it out! I'm not going to bother wasting my money on cheap, synthetic crap, and I don't want to risk getting a weave applied after all the horror stories I have heard about how matted they get, so I am going to do a little research and see what I can do. Any help would be hugely appriciated!

The beloved Miu Miu sunglasses. Sigh. I had almost given up hope until I saw them on Covetique for a mere £100! Of course they had already been snapped up, but since then I have been stalking the site every day hoping for another pair to crop up. I WILL be wearing these in Marbella this summer.

The crocodile skin Givenchy Antigona. UGH this bag is so freaking amazing isn't it?! Only £22k... Pocket change :|

The bold metals Real Techniques collection. I seriously need to step up my make-up brush game, especially if I want to successfully grasp the concept of contour. I almost bought the standard Real Techniques collection until I saw these little beauties! They are pretty pricey compared to the fact you can get almost a core collection of RT standard brushes for the price of ONE bold metals brush. I will probably end up mixing and matching.

Polaroid camera! This is the cutest camera! One of the girls at work got one for Christmas and she has made a little display in her bedroom with all her hanging polaroids and it sounds so quirky and cute. Obviously polaroid film can be pretty expensive I would just use the camera on special occasions.

Nike Roshe Runs. I have had a little soft spot for these forever! Ryan said it is pointless getting a pair now though because 'they're old'. Oh.

YSL Black Opium. Such a sexy bottle! I love the glam rock glitter contrasted with the pink. It has top notes of black coffee (?!) heart notes of white florals and base notes of vanilla...I have no idea what any of that means but it smells absolutely divine! Perfect for night outs/dates/seducing!

Ben Nye banana powder. My friend Alex told me about this a couple of years ago, and recently I have seen it cropping up more and more frequently on my social media feeds so I decided to do a little more research. It's basically a contour powder than you apply under the eyes to brighten your entire face. I perhaps need a little more contour practice before I purchase this, but if it's going to make me look like Kim K then maybe I should join the waiting list now!


  1. Those sunglasses and that bag are perfect! xx

    1. Why aren't I a millionaire! haha, I am determined to own that bag before I die! xxx

  2. It's asif your post was directly from my brain, I want and like all these things xxx

    1. Twins! I had a wishlist as long as the equator but I had to narrow it down! ...I'll post the rest on March's lust list next week ;) xxx

  3. lovely wishlist Claudia ...The ben Nye Powder is AMAZEBALLS :D hope u get it cause I love it doll x