Sunday, 22 February 2015



Better late than never, right? I have been so busy this month with Amsterdam and London and my big brothers passing out ceremony (sob!) I have barely had a minute to shop! My work (Topshop) has been closed for a month for a re-furb, but it re-opened last week and has the most amaaaazing new stock so no doubt I ill be frittering away this months pay cheque quicker than you can say 'new season'.

Extensions. From all the bleaching/straightening/heated roller-ing, my hair is in the WORST condition. It literally consists of about three strands, kinda like Homer Simpson. But longer. I always moan about it being so limp and lifeless, but I know if I cut it off I will regret it instantly. I have always been a big fan of long princess hair, so my only option right now is getting extensions to thicken it out! I'm not going to bother wasting my money on cheap, synthetic crap, and I don't want to risk getting a weave applied after all the horror stories I have heard about how matted they get, so I am going to do a little research and see what I can do. Any help would be hugely appriciated!

The beloved Miu Miu sunglasses. Sigh. I had almost given up hope until I saw them on Covetique for a mere £100! Of course they had already been snapped up, but since then I have been stalking the site every day hoping for another pair to crop up. I WILL be wearing these in Marbella this summer.

The crocodile skin Givenchy Antigona. UGH this bag is so freaking amazing isn't it?! Only £22k... Pocket change :|

The bold metals Real Techniques collection. I seriously need to step up my make-up brush game, especially if I want to successfully grasp the concept of contour. I almost bought the standard Real Techniques collection until I saw these little beauties! They are pretty pricey compared to the fact you can get almost a core collection of RT standard brushes for the price of ONE bold metals brush. I will probably end up mixing and matching.

Polaroid camera! This is the cutest camera! One of the girls at work got one for Christmas and she has made a little display in her bedroom with all her hanging polaroids and it sounds so quirky and cute. Obviously polaroid film can be pretty expensive I would just use the camera on special occasions.

Nike Roshe Runs. I have had a little soft spot for these forever! Ryan said it is pointless getting a pair now though because 'they're old'. Oh.

YSL Black Opium. Such a sexy bottle! I love the glam rock glitter contrasted with the pink. It has top notes of black coffee (?!) heart notes of white florals and base notes of vanilla...I have no idea what any of that means but it smells absolutely divine! Perfect for night outs/dates/seducing!

Ben Nye banana powder. My friend Alex told me about this a couple of years ago, and recently I have seen it cropping up more and more frequently on my social media feeds so I decided to do a little more research. It's basically a contour powder than you apply under the eyes to brighten your entire face. I perhaps need a little more contour practice before I purchase this, but if it's going to make me look like Kim K then maybe I should join the waiting list now!

Friday, 20 February 2015


I was recently fortunate enough to be sent some goodies from the lovely Claire at Sienna X. I received the Dark Glowing Self Tan and the Gradual Glowing Self Tan and I could not wait to try them out! Anyone who knew me in high school/college/first years of university will understand my love of the lotion. I used to CAKE it on. I had my little fifteen minutes of fame on e4's 'Sorority Girls' back in 2011 where I appeared in the interview room absolutely SMOTHERED in orange tan and would not stop banging on about how I "put another layer on.....and then I hairdry my body" (Click below if you dare to see my little cameo on Harry Hill. Oh and please remember this was filmed in 2011 and I have changed a LOT/lost half my body weight since then!!!)

In recent years I have toned myself down a hell of a lot. (Thank God). I have seen the light, and realised that less is more (unless is a real holiday tan, then the blacker the better!) I used to swear by St. Moritz. It's cheap, its easy to apply (kinda) and it's nice and dark. Then we move onto the negatives- It has a tendency to turn green throughout the night, it clogs up around your knees and elbows, and turns your fingers and knuckles BLACK. And it absolutely REEKS. The aim of wearing fake tan is for it to look real, and St. Moritz has all the tell-tale signs to give it away.

Since then I have struggled to find a decent tan. I dreamt about finding the perfect solution, it would need to be easy to apply, instant, non-fragrent or have a nice, delicate scent, and look natural. It wouldn't clog up around my elbows and knees, and I would be able to layer it so I could have a more natural look throughout the day, then go darker for a night out. FANFARE *insert Sienna X here* As soon as I uploaded a photo of the products I had been sent, within seconds I had comments from girls raving about this wonder product, so you can imagine how excited I was to try it for myself!

I was prepping for a night out, so I decided to opt for the dark glowing self tan. For a start it is a lotion, which was a change for me as I usually buy tan in a mousse form. Firstly, it smells DIVINE- it has a lovely light sweet fragrance. And it glides on so smoothly, more like a body moisteriser than a tan. (I still made sure to put a little moisturiser on my knees and elbows before I applied the tan just in case). The directions state to apply the tan, wait 8 hours for it to fully develop then wash off, however I was wearing all black that night and needed to be SUPER dark so I applied it about three hours before I went out! Even though I didn't follow the correct procedure my tan was still streak free and looked like I had just hopped off a plane from the Bahamas! I didn't have to walk around as a naked starfish for two hours after I had applied it either as it does NOT leave a sticky residue! (There was no hairdrying of the body needed at all...Hallelujah!)

(Apologies for the poor quality!)

Apologies for the lack of close ups, my iPhone camera won't focus on anything within a 30cm radius!

And as if the tan couldn't tick any more is CRUELTY FREE! An absolute must-have for the make-up bag and a summer essential!

The dark glowing self tan retails at £23.95 and can be bought along with the rest of the tanning range at the official Sienna X site HERE.

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

8 EASY Ways to Sell Unwanted Clothes

I am constantly buying new things. I work at Topshop for God's sake it's almost impossible to leave the store after a shift WITHOUT something new in my hand. However, due to the absolute bane of my life rearing it's ugly head recently (COUNCIL TAX), plus the fact I have two holidays booked for this summer, it's time to go out with the old, and in with the new!

Me attempting to sort out my 'keeps' from my 'get rid-of's'

I love eBay. I have managed to snag some absolute bargains on there. I remember the gold/black lurex body-con dress I wore on episode 1 of Sorority Girls, eeeeveryone was tweeting me/posting on discussion boards/etc asking where I got it from, and it was actually a 99p steal from eBay! I loved it so much, and I was so surprised about how much the rest of the world loved it too that I said it was from a boutique so nobody else could get it. LOL. It was actually a Topshop number from 2002.

Selling on eBay can be quite confusing and daunting if your pretty new to the concept, so I have put together some tips to make sure that you don't end up being the unfortunate soul having to post a dress you once bought for £80 for the grand total of £3.50.

1. TAKE GOOD PHOTOS. Fellow bloggers will understand this already, a good picture is EVERYTHING. Try not to use the photos from the website, potential buyers want to see photos of the ACTUAL items to make sure it's legit. If there are any imperfections, make sure the include them in the description, or include a photo. Believe me, missing them out is way more hassle than it's worth. The buyer can open a dispute, post the item back and you are forced to refund. Time-consuming, EFFORT, and eBay will give you a black mark against your name.
A good selling technique is to upload a photo of somebody wearing the item. The buyer can see what it looks like on, they get outfit inspo, and it makes the item look so much more pleasing to the eye, as opposed to it just hanging awkwardly off your doorframe. (But remember to include that as well.)

Which would you be more likely to bid on?

2. CHOOSE AN ACCEPTABLE TIME TO LIST. The time you list the item, is the same time the auction ends. I usually list mine for the full amount, which is 7 days, but you also have the option of 3 or 5 days. So if you list it at midnight on Tuesday, it will end at midnight the following week, and chances are not many people are going to be up and awake and bidding at that time. Unless you happen to be my friend Jess, who sets her alarm for 4am to bid for something she wants! Such an eBay Warrior. The best time to list items is on a Sunday. I read that in Sophia Amoruso's #GIRLBOSS, and it really is true.

3. ONLY LIST THINGS THAT HAVE ACTUAL VALUE. Nobody wants that purple vest you bought for £3 from H&M in 2007. And even if they do, is it really worth posting an item you sold for under £1? I suppose if you sold quite a few it would add up, but personally I would rather not treck to the post office with 20 items that only add up to about a tenner. Topshop always sells well. 

4. PROVE IT IS GENUINE. This only really applies to designer goods. When selling something expensive like a handbag or piece of jewellery, try and include a photo of the receipt or proof of purchase. Do you still have the dust bag or the certificate of authentication? Potential buyers are more likely to bid on yours instead of anybody else if you can guarantee it's real.


5. SELL ALL AT ONCE. I will accumulate a pile of clothes over an amount of time that I am ready to get rid of, so I try and upload them all at once. I find this way I manage to sell the things that usually I wouldn't get many bids on, because the really good things to counter out the crap. When a buyer clicks on one of my items, they have the option to click the 'see sellers other items' button and check out what else I have to sell. If you get a message asking about two or more items, offer combined postage at a reduced price and the buyer will be more tempted to take a couple of things off your hands.

6. USE KEY WORDS. Words like 'vintage' can really boost the views. (Only use appropriately though!) Try not to use 'stylish' or 'sexy' as these sound really out-dated and cringe. Describe every possible thing ever in the title to really boost the SEO. 'Topshop top' isn't really enticing me in to click on the item, however 'Topshop monochrome stripe print cami top 10 BNWT' is much more informative and is bound to come up in more searches. If the item is still on the original stores website, use the exact description.

7. KNOW THE LINGO. These are the most common.
'BNIB' means BRAND NEW IN BOX (mainly applies to shoes)

8. POST ON TIME. I used to be terrible at this! Sometimes when I was packaging up ready to post, I decided that I actually liked it and would keep it without telling the buyer! Then when the negative feedback started to build up I realised I need to stop being such a hoarder and learn to let go!

Once you get the hang of it, eBay is fab. It is an easy way to make a bit of cash at the same time as clearing out your wardrobe! I try and sell my old stuff so I can save the money and put it towards my holiday, but I always end up using it to buy more things! It's not too bad though, in effect it's just like a massive swap shop, and I am only using the money I have earned off my old stuff. (Desperate attempt to justify my spending there!)

Good luck!