Wednesday, 28 January 2015



Valentines Day is just around the corner, so what better time to start dropping SERIOUS hints to your other half surrounding possible gift ideas! The last thing anybody wants is a bunch of flowers from the service station and a box of chocolates -it doesn't matter even if they are Thortons premium collection, they are STILL chocolates and therefore no thought whatsoever has gone into them. Plus, who wants to get fat at the most romantic time of the year? I've only just managed to burn off all my Christmas calories for gods sake, not more! 

I have decided to put together a few beautiful gift ideas so you can start laying the foundations now, and he still has a couple of weeks to purchase.

1. Agent Provocateur lingerie. I'll say no more.

2. Python skin (faux, of course) iPad case, for the girl who has everything. Or for the girl who never knows what to ask her boyfriend for.

3. City break. My boyfriend is taking me to Amsterdam for the second year running, I love it there! Live sex shows, marijuana, space romantic can you get?! (Kidding). It is a fabulous break though if you are considering a little getaway, look out for good deals too, they are everywhere! Other nice little city breaks could be Prague, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, you get my drift.

4. Kate Spade. I love Kate Spade, all her designs are so pretty and kitsch! Graphic prints and cute little quotes. This necklace has 'single' on one side and 'taken' on the other! I kind of wish it just said 'Taken', but nevertheless I want it! (Ryan I hope your reading this) I had to do a little digging to find it online without having to pay an absolute fortune in shipping from America, but I managed to find it on ShopBop HERE.

5. Scrapbooking. For those on a budget! i think scrapbooking is such a thoughtful idea. I made one for my best friends 21st birthday, I bought a brown paper scrapbook from Paperchase, printed out loads of photographs of us then bought masses of glitter, coloured paper, stickers, tape, sequins and got creative! Anyone needing a little more inspiration check out Pinterest! (Warning, visit Pinterest at your own risk! It's way too easy to spend hours on there!) Try and keep hold of cinema/train/event tickets so you can include them in the scrapbook alongside your photos.

6. Celine- A timeless classic. If your boyfriend buys you a Celine he is definitely a keeper! (Lucky bitch)

7. Chanel! Perfume is a little similar to chocolates and flowers,  bit boring and predictable. I suppose you could make an exception for Chanel though...

8. Diptyque candles. I have never owned one of these but I am always noticing them on all my favourite bloggers sites. A little on the pricey side, but again, a nice little luxurious treat for a girl who has everything.

9. For anybody who didn't know, MAC do make-up lessons! They cost £50 and last for 90 minutes, and the £50 is redeemable against products you buy afterwards. So in effect the make-up lesson is free! This is perfect for the boyfriend who has NO idea what to buy his lover, because what girl wouldn't love a make-up lesson and then a load of 'free' make-up to take home? My boyfriend bought me one as part of my Christmas gift, it's this Thursday! I will be sure to blog about it!

Has anybody already hinted at anything on my gift guide? Or will you be doing?

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  1. Great ideas girl, I hope you get some of these haha!