Sunday, 11 January 2015


So we are in the year 2015. As a loyal fashion follower I am so excited to see which trends crop up this year. But first, lets reflect on the absolute vile trends that have reared their ugly heads over previous years, and pray they never return.


1. GEEK Tops. So pleased that I didn't work for Topshop when these vile things were at their height of popularity. EVEN WORSE when other shops started selling rip-off versions of them reading things like 'LOSER' and 'NERD'. WHY.

2. Those vile Lady Gaga-esque heels. Jeffrey Campbell is to blame for this 'eccentric' trend, and it wasn't long before all the cheap market-style shops brought out their versions. If anybody hasn't seen the video for The Lonely Island - The Creep, watch it! It is hilarious and that's how I see girls tottering about in them. How ANYBODY thinks they can be sexy just baffles me.

Creepin in ma Jeffrey Campbells

3. Meagan Trainor!!!!! She is just an idiot! And her song is THE worst thing ever. The video looks like the opening credits of Hollyoaks.

4. Nike blazers/Air Max/Huaraches. Can we just get over trainers please. Blazers are just the cringiest shoes ever (especially the ones customised with rhinestones!) Huaraches look like Crocs with the holes filled in, and Air Max are WAY too overhyped. Even Queen Cara couldn't pull them off when she RUINED a beautiful velvet suit with a pair of hi-tops at the Topshop launch night in NYC.

5. Lace leotards and leather leggings. Every girl had this awful combo! And the extra risqué ones would pull down the leggings super low to reveal the cutaway sides of the bodysuit. *Hand over eyes* (Apologies to fashion-train for using your photo, but it was exactly what I was looking for! Show even the leading bloggers have fallen victim to a few fashion faux-pa's.)

6. 'Flatforms'. There is not many times I agree with this statement, but in this case less is definitely more! The higher they get, the worse! I have never laid eyes on anything more clumpy and clumsy-looking. How do people even walk in these?! I feel like it would be such a workout because you would have to lift each leg really high so you didn't trip over them, kind of like walking on the moon.

7. Shutter shades. You are not Kanye West.

8. Chokers. eDgY.

What trends do you hope to never see again?


  1. I hope to never see again a new trend called, hastagging!! i just cant believe it when i saw a shop with a hashtag name like this #name and i was like omg ffs not again when are they gonna stop this because i just thinkg it looks so shit and they dont use any punctuation am i right?

    I exppecially liked the part in ur blog were u hatin on geek tops am right! bcoz ifind it so offensive becas i consider myself a geek right but then i wish it were cool to b 1 buit i dont fink it is and people are so confused if it is it? r isnt it? (cool to be a geek) because all the cool kids r wearing those geek tops. JHeeeeeeeze

  2. I can't take my eyes of these amazing studded shoes!! Freaking hot!! WOW!

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    Would feel very honored to welcome you as my latest follower :D
    xoxo Colli // my blog - tobeyoutiful

  3. Ahahah loved this post! A bit of honesty alas! some things just should never been worn, as harsh as that may sound.

  4. could not agree more, I also feel like the warehouse project outfits need to be gone! what are people thinking xx

  5. Geek tops and meghan trainor are like on my list of most hated. YUCK. xx

    Blonde Of Carbs

  6. This is such a true post! I'm proud that I never owned a pair of those weird no heel, heel things. Ew.

    P.s I love your blog!
    Style Storms