Thursday, 29 January 2015



Nike sports bra
£74 -

Lululemon open back sports bra
£34 -

SALAR clothing
£30 -

Missguided activewear
£19 -

NIKE yoga activewear

NIKE yoga activewear

Adidas sports bra

Sports bra
£11 -

H&M Sports bra Medium support

It is only in the last year or so that I have actually started to really enjoy going to the gym. I used to rely solely on cardio, but since educating myself/getting constantly nagged by my boyfriend to start squatting, I have started to introduce weight training into my work-out regime. 

For those still lacking in motivation, I have put together a sports edit of some of my favourite gym attire to help you look the part. Even if it's a case of 'all the gear and no idea', you are bound to be 100% more motivated to go if you are looking on point.

I usually have the 'all black everything' vibe going on when I hit the gym, but since almost all of my favourite stores have brought out a fitness line, I have a lot more choice when it comes to expanding my work-out wardrobe.

HOWEVER, that does not mean I am going to rock up to my next spin class looking like a human traffic light. I still like to purchase with a specific colour scheme in mind. For this edit I have gone with pink, grey, and army print. I am a sucker for anything that draws attention to the back, and these sports bra's are a dream. I also will now only ever buy sports bra's with a zip on the front...I learnt the hard way, having to dislocate my back and shoulder every time I try and peel it off after a sweaty circuits class is not fun.

Click the links under the collage to purchase any items featured on my edit!

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  1. Cute post, it seems everyone wants to do sports wear this year!