Tuesday, 6 January 2015


I have always been a fan of LUSH. Ok when I say fan I mean, if I have a spare 10 minutes to kill before work, I might wander in for a little browse. I am such a child when it comes to funny textures, I love prodding the jellies and opening every single tester to have a smell. However I never really buy anything! I do enjoy the experience of being in a LUSH shop but due to my hair being in the state that it is (HAY) I always have to buy professional hair care, and with regards to soap and body wash, well, if I am honest it doesn't really bother me! As long as the bottle is pretty and it smells good I will usually just buy whatever is on offer in Boots! (Come on, it isn't just me who does this!) The bath bombs look amazing, but baths just are not for me. The thought of a bath sounds so relaxing and tranquil after a long day at work, but in reality, I spend about an hour running it then when I eventually get in I am just laying there like...okkkk now what :| I just get bored. AND I can't wash my hair lying down because it is too long. AND I feel dirty lying there in the same bathwater for ages, so I have to have a shower afterwards anyway. Ain't nobody got time for DAT.

I overheard some of the girls at work squealing about the 50% off sale at Lush one day at work last week, and after seeing bottles upon bottles of this sought-after 'Snow Fairy' crop up on my Instagram feed, I had to jump on the bandwagon. When my boyfriend and I were running a few errands in the city centre I dragged him in so I could see if there were any bottles left, and my eyes lit up when I spied the last two 'large' bottles in Sheffield! I popped open the lid on the tester and my little nostrils were filled with the most beautiful scent...it was sweet and bubblegum-my but christmassy at the same time! I snapped up them both - they were half price so I got both for about £11.50. When I have used them at home I have also noticed they fill the whole bathroom with a beautiful snow fairy scent for hours after I have showered! Delicious.

Oh and since Snow Fairy is only a limited edition product, (available from September-December) I have just seen it being flogged on eBay for $49.99?! WTF.  Jesus I know its nice but paying $50 for it?! Some people have more money than sense.

I can't wait to try more LUSH products...what are your favourites?

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