Thursday, 1 January 2015

My New Years Resolutions!..."NEW YEAR, NEW ME!"

For anyone who didn't notice the sarcasm in the title, here is a meme to illustrate how I feel whenever I see another copied and pasted Facebook status/tweet/Instagram quote about how '2015 is going to be my year' or something equally as cringe and cliche:

99% of the population make the same resolutions year in year out.. to lose weight, save up, go travelling, get a job..etc etc, then December rolls back around and you're still fat, broke, and living at home with your parents. And I am ashamed to admit that even I fall into that category. However, 2014 marked some big changes for me. I graduated and I moved in with my boyfriend. So here I am, in the big wide world having to make some grown up decisions for myself for once!

Ryan and I on NYE

Hopefully 2015 will mark the beginning of the rest of my life, so I am writing my resolutions now in the hope I will stick to them and start to make some productive changes in my life! I don't want to fall into the 'New year, New me' cringe-fest category, Im just making a few changes to help steer me into the right direction. 

1. TONE UP. I am noticing my jeans fit a little TOO snug at the moment, especially after the festive period. I wear a size 10 currently but I want to get down to an 8. I know I say this every year but I have a personal trainer as a boyfriend ffs, this should not be hard for me! 

3. BE A BETTER BLOGGER. I have my very own brand-spanking new Mac book Pro now, so I have no excuses!

2. TRAVEL. Last year was the first year since I can remember that I didn't go on holiday how depressing! I went to Amsterdam in February but that isn't a holiday, it's a city break. Plus it was about -28349283 degrees so it wasn't like I got a tan there either. I would like to go on a romantic luxury holiday to Egypt or somewhere with Ryan, and book a few mini breaks in other cities like Dublin, Paris, Newcastle etc. (Recommendations welcome)

3. GET ON THE CAREER LADDER. Even though I do enjoy working at Topshop, I feel like my talents are wasted! I have a degree and I am absolutely desperate to put it to good use. Getting a job in media/PR is so hard because eeeeeverywhere wants somebody with experience, which I currently don't have. I am determined not to be working in retail next Christmas, I want to be firmly established on the career ladder and working my way to the top.

4. BE HAPPY. I really need to stop wasting my time and energy on things that really don't matter. Life really is too short and I refuse to settle for anything less than absolute paradise.

Have you made any new years resolutions?

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  1. "I refuse to settle for anything less than absolute paradise!" - Wow, what a great and positive outlook! I'm kind of tempted to write that on my whiteboard for inspiration. Keep up the great blogging!