Wednesday, 21 January 2015

How to Cope with Life After University

Yes, unfortunately there is a real world out there outside of the student bubble! I  can honestly say that my *four* (I retook first year, alright) years at university were the best years of my life. People who went straight from sixth form into a job just won't understand just how good it is to be a student. They just think we doss about all day, skip lectures, live off ready meals, go out every night, spend our loans on alcohol and nights out...And they would be completely right! I'm not gonna lie, I skipped a LOT of uni, left every assignment till the night before (which resulted in a 24 hour stint in the library), swore by wikipedia, and I STILL managed to graduate with a 2.1! Let that be a little motivation for you! (Kidding, I should have tried a lot harder- don't follow my example!)

Loving life as a carefree second year student!

However, now I am officially a journalism graduate, it is time to focus on the real world. Im no stranger to the working world mind you, I consistently worked two jobs throughout my time at uni. Not because I love work, but because my allowance from my parents and my loan STILL wasn't enough to fund my spending addiction! Now I can't fall back on my loan, in fact, its coming up to that dreaded time when I actually have to start paying it back! VOM. So it is time to get myself on the career ladder.

It is a rare thing for a student to graduate from uni and fall straight into a job in their desired field, but as I have always found it so easy to get a job, I always thought I would. Every job I have ever applied for, I have been successful, so why not now?!

Well, for starters, my whole working background is it retail. And no offence to anyone who works in retail, but it's easy. As long as you blag in the interview that the customer is always right, and you are always willing to go that extra mile, it's in the bag. But now I want to get a job related to my degree I'm having problems. The main reason being I have no experience in PR/Media (which is what I am wanting to go into). Every time I have got through to the second stage of the interview I have always missed out, with the reason being related to my 'lack of experience'. BUT HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET EXPERIENCE IF NOBODY WILL TAKE ME ON?! I have applied for work experience, internships, apprenticeships,  you name it. And still nothing.

It has now been 7 months since I finished uni, and I have been actively filling out application forms, updating my CV and applying for internships every week. I have had about half a dozen interviews but never managed to cinch the job...YET. At least I can use it as experience now I am getting interviewed about jobs related to my degree as opposed to retail, so I am getting stronger and better each time. 

I am lucky to currently be in a job I am happy at, but I can't wait to finally secure myself a job in the industry. Which brings me to the point of this blog post. Partly for me to let out my frustration, and partly to reassure anybody in the same position as me. IT'S OK to have graduated and still not have your dream job. As long as you are actively looking and not settling for anything less than what you deserve. At the end of the day, do you want to find going to work a chore? Or do you want to love your job and enjoy going to work every day? Just remember, anything worth having doesn't come easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it.

Is anybody else struggling to get on the career ladder? Or do any of my readers work in PR and could give me a word of advice? Thanks! 


  1. you need to come to London Claudetta

  2. You'll get there. You're smart and determined. I work in marketing and or and I had the same experience as you at first. I ended up with a first job in project management which gave me enough transferable skills to get my foot in the door at a really small company that needed more than hey could pay for, but hen that gave me hother relevant experience to get the job I really wanted first time - third time around!! You will do it, I have every faith in you! Xx

    Sarah |

    1. Thankyou so much Sarah this means so much :) xxxx

  3. Hey Claudia,
    Am at that point of the night where I cant stop browsing the internet so instead of accidentally spending loads money I thought id catch up on my favourite blogs, actually been reading yours for ageees but decided to actually give it a follow haha, anyways, I found this post so reassuring, I'm coming towards the end of my third year now and am dreading it!! have been looking at some jobs that I would be interested in but so many require like 2/3 years of experience in that field, so you're definitely not the only one. Great post though, and good luck with your search i'm sure you'll get what you deserve eventually :)