Thursday, 8 January 2015

7 things to consider before moving in with your boyfriend..

Anyone who reads my blog, will know that I live with my boyfriend, Ryan. (I talk about him enough!) 


We moved in together in June last year, so have currently been co-habiting for just over six months. Whilst I absolutely LOVE living with him, because who wouldn't want to be with their best friend for 24 hours a day?! There are a few things that REALLY get on my tits. So here are a few things to mentally prepare yourself for, before you sign that tenancy agreement...

1. Leaving the toilet seat up. Cliche, I know, but I will try and ease you in gently.

#prep on #prep on #prep

2. TUPPAWARE..EVERYWHERE. Those sinister clear containers have actually now started haunting me in my sleep. Meal prepping for the week = six tuppaware tubs a day = me spending my life at the sink trying to wade my way though the mountains of plastic. NOT OK.

3. Picking his toenails IN BED. Enough said. This has only happened once, but still, one time too many. Luckily my boyfriend is pretty well groomed. But still, VOM.

and I STILL have nothing to wear!

4. 'MORE clothes?!?!?' YES. More fucking clothes. (Men fail to realise that clothes are a necessity and yes we DO need those ninth pair of jeans because the rips are situated in different areas of the leg than the others.)

5. Thinking he is house-husband of the year because he puts a wash load on (takes 2 minutes) THEN leaves it festering away in the machine until I have to hang it out to dry (takes half an hour) 

6. Taking charge of the remote and constantly putting football on. Or The Big Bang Theory. Or another programme which I have absolutely zero interest in what-so-ever.

7. Having to sneak out the door quickly before you get the old "You're not going out in that!!" We've all been there girls!

I laughed whilst I was writing this post because I dread to think how many points Ryan would come up with if he had to write something similar! Obviously there is a million more positives than negatives to living with a partner, but when times get a bit tough, here is a little inspiration quote to get though it. I came across it on Pinterest the other day and really liked it:
It just made me thing that life really is too short to hold a grudge! Even if I don't think I am in the wrong (which is the majority of the time!) I have learnt just to say sorry anyway. It saves any sort of conflict or argument and my house is a much happier place. (Happy wife, happy life!)

Do any of my readers live with their partners? How are you finding it?

P.S Coming soon....7 things I LOVE about living with my boyfriend! (If he hasn't already killed me for writing this post!)

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