Sunday, 4 January 2015


It has only been in recent years that I have fully stepped up my A-game in the fashion stakes and started  to really make an effort with my outfit choices. I used to literally have one coat, one pair of boots and one bag that I used to wear EVERY day. I'm going to blame my poor/pitiful wardrobe on my Mum. She tried to bring me up with the idea that material goods are nonsense and that I should be saving my money for a rainy day, i.e not spending it on clothes/shoes/anything 'on trend'. Howeverrrrr, whilst I absolutely LOVE my mum to pieces and wouldn't change a thing about her, the frugal life is just not for me and I love nothing more than blowing all my hard-earned cash on a new, ridiculously overpriced handbag.
In the words of Blair Waldorf-

I have always wanted a trench coat, but never thought I was the type of gal who could pull one off. UNTIL I laid my eyes on this absolute beauty in Topshop. I was just about to type 'it was a steal at only £79', when my fingers screeched to a halt because £79 isn't really a bargain is it?! Maybe its because I got it on my staff discount so only paid around £30 (insert smug face here) so to me it really was a bargain! It is lightweight so I can wear it literally everywhere. And I think I actually might because it is SO beautiful I never want to take it off! I can't believe I waited so long to buy a trench coat- now I feel like I can take on the world!

Outfit number 2. The cape. I bought this a few weeks ago from Miss Selfridge. Ideally I would have liked to purchase the Burberry edition, personalised with my own initials (a la Olivia Palermo) but unfortunately I didn't have a spare £895 on me (+£200 for monogramming) so had to make do. Don't get me wrong I do love it (£28!) but I was waiting for the perfect outfit to team it with. I have seen many people make the mistake of throwing it on over any old thing and end up looking like they're wearing their Grandma's old wheelchair blanket. I wore it with a beautiful khaki jumper dress I also bought from work. It cost £42 and can be found HERE. I finished off my outfit with my thigh high leather boots also from Topshop! They were £130 and can be found HERE. I wore this outfit to go out for drinks for a friends birthday.

Outfit number 3. I woke up waaay too early for work this day so I had a little extra time to try all my new beauty products that I had gotten for Christmas. Ive been trying to teach myself a 'gradient' brow, as I think it looks a lot more professional than a great big scary block brow (PLUS all my favourite make-up artists do it). And I think I did a pretty good job so here is a huge photo of my face! (lil cheekbone contour going on there too)

In my eyes you can never go wrong wearing all black. It looks so effortless and classy, ESPECIALLY  if you're blonde. I bought a pair of wide leg trousers from ASOS recently, and even though I have received a very mixed response of likes and dislikes (biggest dislike being from my boyfriend...lolllll) , I love them! I paired them with a super tight turtle neck top from ZARA, and my moschino belt. (excuse the terrible photo, it was so hard to take one without my bra showing through my top!) And I wore my favourite black Zara booties too.

Now I have my selfie stick I am going to try and do more outfit posts! I am constantly getting asked on Twitter and Instagram where my clothes are from, so I thought it would be easier to write about it all on my blog. (even if the majority is Topshop!)
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