Wednesday, 28 January 2015



Valentines Day is just around the corner, so what better time to start dropping SERIOUS hints to your other half surrounding possible gift ideas! The last thing anybody wants is a bunch of flowers from the service station and a box of chocolates -it doesn't matter even if they are Thortons premium collection, they are STILL chocolates and therefore no thought whatsoever has gone into them. Plus, who wants to get fat at the most romantic time of the year? I've only just managed to burn off all my Christmas calories for gods sake, not more! 

I have decided to put together a few beautiful gift ideas so you can start laying the foundations now, and he still has a couple of weeks to purchase.

1. Agent Provocateur lingerie. I'll say no more.

2. Python skin (faux, of course) iPad case, for the girl who has everything. Or for the girl who never knows what to ask her boyfriend for.

3. City break. My boyfriend is taking me to Amsterdam for the second year running, I love it there! Live sex shows, marijuana, space romantic can you get?! (Kidding). It is a fabulous break though if you are considering a little getaway, look out for good deals too, they are everywhere! Other nice little city breaks could be Prague, Berlin, Paris, Barcelona, you get my drift.

4. Kate Spade. I love Kate Spade, all her designs are so pretty and kitsch! Graphic prints and cute little quotes. This necklace has 'single' on one side and 'taken' on the other! I kind of wish it just said 'Taken', but nevertheless I want it! (Ryan I hope your reading this) I had to do a little digging to find it online without having to pay an absolute fortune in shipping from America, but I managed to find it on ShopBop HERE.

5. Scrapbooking. For those on a budget! i think scrapbooking is such a thoughtful idea. I made one for my best friends 21st birthday, I bought a brown paper scrapbook from Paperchase, printed out loads of photographs of us then bought masses of glitter, coloured paper, stickers, tape, sequins and got creative! Anyone needing a little more inspiration check out Pinterest! (Warning, visit Pinterest at your own risk! It's way too easy to spend hours on there!) Try and keep hold of cinema/train/event tickets so you can include them in the scrapbook alongside your photos.

6. Celine- A timeless classic. If your boyfriend buys you a Celine he is definitely a keeper! (Lucky bitch)

7. Chanel! Perfume is a little similar to chocolates and flowers,  bit boring and predictable. I suppose you could make an exception for Chanel though...

8. Diptyque candles. I have never owned one of these but I am always noticing them on all my favourite bloggers sites. A little on the pricey side, but again, a nice little luxurious treat for a girl who has everything.

9. For anybody who didn't know, MAC do make-up lessons! They cost £50 and last for 90 minutes, and the £50 is redeemable against products you buy afterwards. So in effect the make-up lesson is free! This is perfect for the boyfriend who has NO idea what to buy his lover, because what girl wouldn't love a make-up lesson and then a load of 'free' make-up to take home? My boyfriend bought me one as part of my Christmas gift, it's this Thursday! I will be sure to blog about it!

Has anybody already hinted at anything on my gift guide? Or will you be doing?

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

CALLING ALL BLONDES! Essential Products for Healthy Hair!

Blondes have more fun. There, I said it. HOWEVER, the fun screeches to an almighty halt when it comes to caring for our locks. E-F-F-O-R-T.

As a natural brunette myself, it took me about three years to get as blonde as I am today (bleach, oops!) because I did it the 'sensible' way. My hair has always been waist length, so the best way to fulfil my blonde ambition without it all falling out, was to get a full head of highlights every couple of months, gradually upping the 'blonde-ness' of the colour being applied. (Apologies for the lack of technicality when it comes to me describing the colour, I usually just agree with whatever the hairdresser is pointing to when she brings over the colour book and just go with whatever she suggests.)

When I was a brunette, I remember my hair being so thick and shiny and just generally amazing condition. I almost miss it. The truth is, no matter how good condition blonde hair is in, it will just NEVER get the same shine as a brunette, which sucks. And the fact bleach is so drying and damaging to the hair, means we have to take extra special care to keep it looking fresshhhhh. Over the years I have tried/tested/wasted money/wisely invested in so many products that claim to restore my blonde tresses. So today I am sharing my Holy Grail products to keep you blondes looking on fleek! Thank me later.

1. TANGLE TEEZER. If you do not already own one of these then you need to have a serious word with yourself, and realise this is why you currently only have 4 strands of hair left on your head. This little miracle product comes EVERYWHERE with me. I even take it to the hairdressers and request they brush my hair with it, instead of ragging it out with one of their little combs that has been used on every Tom, Dick and Harry's head. Ew. It provides minimal hair pulling, and decreases brushing time by huge amounts. I would especially recommend it for girls with long hair. It really is a god-send. It retails for around £10, and is sold pretty much everywhere! (I got mine from feel unique HERE)

2. REDKEN ANTI-SNAP. Apply when your hair is towel-dried, just before you blow dry it. (Or apple and then leave to dry naturally). You will soon start to notice the hair feels stronger, and there is less breakage. I got mine last year and it's still going strong! You only need a tiny bit each time. Squeeze once or twice into your hand, and just comb loosely through the ends with your fingers. RRP £12.95, again from feel unique HERE.

3. UNIQ ONE. I have always been sceptical of products that claim to be 'all-in-one'. I imagine them to be a 'jack of all trades, master of none' kind-of thing, where they claim to be amazing but actually turn out to be quite mediocre. Uniq One claims to provide:

1. Repair for dry and damaged hair.
2. Shine and frizz control.3. Heat protection.4. Silkiness and smoothness.5. Hair colour protection/with UVA and UVB filters.6. Easier brushing and ironing.7. Incredible detangling.8. Long-lasting hairstyle.9. Split ends prevention.10. Adds body.

And I must admit, so far so good! Again, use this when your hair is towel-dried, and don't use this and the anti-snap, choose one or the other. I use the Uniq One every couple of days, usually on the days when I am blowdrying or using my heated rollers, as it provides heat protection and body. It retails for around £14, but I managed to find one in TK Maxx for a tenner! Available at feel unique HERE.

4. PHILIP KINGSLEY ELASTICIZER. I bought this product after hearing Abbey Clancy raving about it on Twitter, and what's good enough for Abbey is certainly good enough for me! After doing a little research, I saw that it has previously won the 2013 InStyle award for best deep conditioning mask and the Sunday Times 2014 style award. Unlike other deep conditioning treatments, the Elasticizer is a PRE-shampoo. I usually apply a small amount to  dampened hair and then wrap in a heated towel for about an hour, whilst I'm watching the TV or messing around on my laptop. The directions don't state to leave it on this long, but I like to leave it on for as long as possible to allow as much moisture as possible to improve my bleached-to-death hair. The Elasticizer is the priciest product on my list, retailing for around £30 for 150ml. I got mine for Christmas LAST year (2013) and I still have enough left for two applications. Keep this little treasure for special occasions! Available HERE at feel unique.

5. FUDGE CLEAN BLONDE TONING SHAMPOO. The worst thing about blonde hair is that awful, yellow brassiness that crops up every now and again. Recently I tried to dye my dark brown roots back to blonde myself (biggest regret ever) and they turned bring orange. And I mean, ORANGE. Luckily my hairdressers managed to fit me in for an emergency appointment to rectify it, but there was still a slight brassiness. That is where the Fudge shampoo comes in! After researching the best products to relieve my hair or brassy tones, I came across the clean blonde toning shampoo. It is a gorgeous bright purple glossy colour, but be careful, it gets EVERYWHERE. I have been told off numerous times from my Boyfriend for all the random purple splodges scattered around my bathroom, so be sure to wash it off asap! Leave it on for about 3-5 minutes- any more and your hair will turn lilac! Follow with a moisturising conditioner specifically for colour treated/damaged hair, and voila! Beautiful fresh blonde. RRP £10. Currently sold out on, but google it and I'm sure it will be easy to track down a bottle.

Hope my guide manages to help anyone else going through the daily struggles of maintaining healthy blonde hair like I am! You natural blondies don't know how lucky you are...sigh!

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

How to Cope with Life After University

Yes, unfortunately there is a real world out there outside of the student bubble! I  can honestly say that my *four* (I retook first year, alright) years at university were the best years of my life. People who went straight from sixth form into a job just won't understand just how good it is to be a student. They just think we doss about all day, skip lectures, live off ready meals, go out every night, spend our loans on alcohol and nights out...And they would be completely right! I'm not gonna lie, I skipped a LOT of uni, left every assignment till the night before (which resulted in a 24 hour stint in the library), swore by wikipedia, and I STILL managed to graduate with a 2.1! Let that be a little motivation for you! (Kidding, I should have tried a lot harder- don't follow my example!)

Loving life as a carefree second year student!

However, now I am officially a journalism graduate, it is time to focus on the real world. Im no stranger to the working world mind you, I consistently worked two jobs throughout my time at uni. Not because I love work, but because my allowance from my parents and my loan STILL wasn't enough to fund my spending addiction! Now I can't fall back on my loan, in fact, its coming up to that dreaded time when I actually have to start paying it back! VOM. So it is time to get myself on the career ladder.

It is a rare thing for a student to graduate from uni and fall straight into a job in their desired field, but as I have always found it so easy to get a job, I always thought I would. Every job I have ever applied for, I have been successful, so why not now?!

Well, for starters, my whole working background is it retail. And no offence to anyone who works in retail, but it's easy. As long as you blag in the interview that the customer is always right, and you are always willing to go that extra mile, it's in the bag. But now I want to get a job related to my degree I'm having problems. The main reason being I have no experience in PR/Media (which is what I am wanting to go into). Every time I have got through to the second stage of the interview I have always missed out, with the reason being related to my 'lack of experience'. BUT HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET EXPERIENCE IF NOBODY WILL TAKE ME ON?! I have applied for work experience, internships, apprenticeships,  you name it. And still nothing.

It has now been 7 months since I finished uni, and I have been actively filling out application forms, updating my CV and applying for internships every week. I have had about half a dozen interviews but never managed to cinch the job...YET. At least I can use it as experience now I am getting interviewed about jobs related to my degree as opposed to retail, so I am getting stronger and better each time. 

I am lucky to currently be in a job I am happy at, but I can't wait to finally secure myself a job in the industry. Which brings me to the point of this blog post. Partly for me to let out my frustration, and partly to reassure anybody in the same position as me. IT'S OK to have graduated and still not have your dream job. As long as you are actively looking and not settling for anything less than what you deserve. At the end of the day, do you want to find going to work a chore? Or do you want to love your job and enjoy going to work every day? Just remember, anything worth having doesn't come easy. If it was, everyone would be doing it.

Is anybody else struggling to get on the career ladder? Or do any of my readers work in PR and could give me a word of advice? Thanks! 

Sunday, 18 January 2015

About Last Night! (OOTD

Excuse the terrible quality but I had about 3 seconds to get a photo because my friends were waiting outside in the my mother is useless with an iPhone. Anyway, last night was pretty special because it was my beloved Lord's 23rd birthday! I absolutely love it when the full team is out because its always such a good night. 

Outfit details-
Cape- Topshop £68
Lace bralet- Topshop £22
Wide leg trousers- ASOS £22
Feather bag- River Island £30

Before things got a liiiiittle cray

Back to Sheffield tomorrow eve...P-Town you have been good to me this weekend!

Sunday, 11 January 2015


So we are in the year 2015. As a loyal fashion follower I am so excited to see which trends crop up this year. But first, lets reflect on the absolute vile trends that have reared their ugly heads over previous years, and pray they never return.


1. GEEK Tops. So pleased that I didn't work for Topshop when these vile things were at their height of popularity. EVEN WORSE when other shops started selling rip-off versions of them reading things like 'LOSER' and 'NERD'. WHY.

2. Those vile Lady Gaga-esque heels. Jeffrey Campbell is to blame for this 'eccentric' trend, and it wasn't long before all the cheap market-style shops brought out their versions. If anybody hasn't seen the video for The Lonely Island - The Creep, watch it! It is hilarious and that's how I see girls tottering about in them. How ANYBODY thinks they can be sexy just baffles me.

Creepin in ma Jeffrey Campbells

3. Meagan Trainor!!!!! She is just an idiot! And her song is THE worst thing ever. The video looks like the opening credits of Hollyoaks.

4. Nike blazers/Air Max/Huaraches. Can we just get over trainers please. Blazers are just the cringiest shoes ever (especially the ones customised with rhinestones!) Huaraches look like Crocs with the holes filled in, and Air Max are WAY too overhyped. Even Queen Cara couldn't pull them off when she RUINED a beautiful velvet suit with a pair of hi-tops at the Topshop launch night in NYC.

5. Lace leotards and leather leggings. Every girl had this awful combo! And the extra risqué ones would pull down the leggings super low to reveal the cutaway sides of the bodysuit. *Hand over eyes* (Apologies to fashion-train for using your photo, but it was exactly what I was looking for! Show even the leading bloggers have fallen victim to a few fashion faux-pa's.)

6. 'Flatforms'. There is not many times I agree with this statement, but in this case less is definitely more! The higher they get, the worse! I have never laid eyes on anything more clumpy and clumsy-looking. How do people even walk in these?! I feel like it would be such a workout because you would have to lift each leg really high so you didn't trip over them, kind of like walking on the moon.

7. Shutter shades. You are not Kanye West.

8. Chokers. eDgY.

What trends do you hope to never see again?

Thursday, 8 January 2015

7 things to consider before moving in with your boyfriend..

Anyone who reads my blog, will know that I live with my boyfriend, Ryan. (I talk about him enough!) 


We moved in together in June last year, so have currently been co-habiting for just over six months. Whilst I absolutely LOVE living with him, because who wouldn't want to be with their best friend for 24 hours a day?! There are a few things that REALLY get on my tits. So here are a few things to mentally prepare yourself for, before you sign that tenancy agreement...

1. Leaving the toilet seat up. Cliche, I know, but I will try and ease you in gently.

#prep on #prep on #prep

2. TUPPAWARE..EVERYWHERE. Those sinister clear containers have actually now started haunting me in my sleep. Meal prepping for the week = six tuppaware tubs a day = me spending my life at the sink trying to wade my way though the mountains of plastic. NOT OK.

3. Picking his toenails IN BED. Enough said. This has only happened once, but still, one time too many. Luckily my boyfriend is pretty well groomed. But still, VOM.

and I STILL have nothing to wear!

4. 'MORE clothes?!?!?' YES. More fucking clothes. (Men fail to realise that clothes are a necessity and yes we DO need those ninth pair of jeans because the rips are situated in different areas of the leg than the others.)

5. Thinking he is house-husband of the year because he puts a wash load on (takes 2 minutes) THEN leaves it festering away in the machine until I have to hang it out to dry (takes half an hour) 

6. Taking charge of the remote and constantly putting football on. Or The Big Bang Theory. Or another programme which I have absolutely zero interest in what-so-ever.

7. Having to sneak out the door quickly before you get the old "You're not going out in that!!" We've all been there girls!

I laughed whilst I was writing this post because I dread to think how many points Ryan would come up with if he had to write something similar! Obviously there is a million more positives than negatives to living with a partner, but when times get a bit tough, here is a little inspiration quote to get though it. I came across it on Pinterest the other day and really liked it:
It just made me thing that life really is too short to hold a grudge! Even if I don't think I am in the wrong (which is the majority of the time!) I have learnt just to say sorry anyway. It saves any sort of conflict or argument and my house is a much happier place. (Happy wife, happy life!)

Do any of my readers live with their partners? How are you finding it?

P.S Coming soon....7 things I LOVE about living with my boyfriend! (If he hasn't already killed me for writing this post!)