Thursday, 26 November 2015


So its November 28th....27 days till the big day! If you follow me on Twitter/ Instagram you might have guessed that I have having quite the untraditional Christmas this year, as I will be spending it on a beach in ........THAILAND! One of my best friends is travelling and she is gonna be there over December and January so I had a bit of a #YOLO moment last week and booked a flight to go out and see her! Of course I am absolutely buzzing but it's gonna be super weird not having Christmas dinner with my family on the 25th and indulging in everything I can get my greedy little paws on. I'm gonna be hitting the gym hard and  following a strict meal plan to make sure I am looking smokin' on the beach and Greenpeace don't think I'm Shamu and try and roll me back into the ocean, so I'm gonna have to up my willpower game and say no to the endless boxes of Lindt and Quality Street this year!

Anyway back to the most exciting post I have written this year....My Christmas gift guide! Of course I want EVERYTHING on this list, but I guess my personal wish list is gonna be very different this year because I want things that I can take to Thailand and put to good use, but I will write a seperate post on that.


Buying clothes as Christmas presents in my eyes in a huge no-no, unless you know the person REALLY well. It's just awkward for everybody involved if they hate it and have to ask for the gift receipt and you do the whole 'oh don't worry about it, its fine if you don't like it' thing when really your abso FUMIN and wish you got them a WHSmith gift card instead. Here are a selection of ideas that will suit most gals who love nice things.

TOP LEFT-CLOCKWISE. (Click link to purchase)

1. My Burberry festive Eau de Parfum. A gorgeous, classic scent in a beautiful glittery bottle engraved with up to 3 initials. Such a stunning gift idea and a must for any dressing table.

2. iPhone cases- I had to whittle my numerous favourites down to these three. BAN.DO 'I am very busy'Coconut Lane marble print and this amazing Cover-Up Blackened Ash case. (Can you tell I love texture?)

3. The Balm Mary Lou Manizer Luminizer. I have heard nothing but good things about this highlighter. Get those cheekbones #onfleek.

4. FRENDS Layla Rose Gold headphones. If I needed anything as motivated to get me to the gym, it would be these headphones.

5. UGG Scuffette Slippers. The weather is getting colder and colder, so keep your friends and family snug as a bug in a sheepskin rug in these babies.

6. Real Techniques Bold Metals brushes. Ideal for any budding MUA or beauty blogger.

7. GHD Air. Slightly pricey, but probably one of the best investments I have made all year so I had to share the love.

8. 2015 has been the year of #GirlsWhoSquat, so these Nike's would be perfect for gym bunnies. Buying for someone REALLY special? Customise them a pair on Nike ID!

9. 2015 has also been the year of #MyCalvins. Perfect present for lounging around (Oh and taking a selfie and uploading to Instagram.)



LEFT-CLOCKWISE (Click link to purchase) 

1. Ban.Do making a second appearance. Such a cute passport cover, and something that is also on my Christmas list (so Mum, if you're reading this- Click the link!)

2. Urban Outfitters Photo Mobile. Really cute way to display photos in your bedroom. I've just got some Instagram-style photos printed so this would be perfect to hang them.

3. 'Me Me Me' mug by Keith Brymer Jones. As a dedicated green tea drinker, I would love to receive this! Make it a little but more special with a fancy box of their favourite tea to accompany it. (Try Whittards or Fortnum and Masons.)

4. There are so many gorgeous scented candles and diffusers around, but I have never seen such an exotic, luxurious bottle to match! This Voluspa Japonica diffuser is goji berry and tarragon orange flavour and looks just as good as it smells.

5. Kate Spade has my whole heart! I just love every single thing from every single collection and this plate would look gorgeous on any dressing table. Perfect to store rings or bracelets. 

6. This is My Year diary. A perfect present for the friend thats late to everything/would forget her own head if it wasn't attached to her neck. (Me, then.)

7. I have recently discovered this amazing website that is Society6. Hundreds of pieces of affordable, quirky artwork. I have about £500 of stuff in my basket so far! *buys euromillions ticket.*


I tried to keep my stocking fillers around or under £15, so they would be ideal for Secret Santa's.

LEFT-CLOCKWISE (Click link to purchase)
1. Flamingo Candle in Pink Lemonade. Flamingo have a huuuuuuge range of candles good enough to eat but this one makes a nice chance from all the standard seasonal scents.

2. Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. Again, a make-up bag essential. 8 Hour cream is an award-winning treatment cream that can be used on skin, lips and dry hands and nails. So basically a winter wonder product!

3. Fruit Infuser Water Bottle. Another stocking filler for fitness fanatics.

4. Redken Anti-Snap hair treatment. Miracle product alert! This is a treatment I buy again and again, and then continue to tell everyone that will listen about it! If you know anyone struggling to grow their hair, or has damaged it with colour/heat, then they will love you for buying them this.

5. Personalised Nutella Jar. I am a sucker for anything personalised, and at a bargain price of £4.99, this is ideal for that Secret Santa scenario where you don't actually know anything about the person you're buying for. We've all been there!

6. Pink Champagne. Another stocking filler. Who doesn't love pink champagne?!

7. Prestat red velvet truffles. If you can indulge in red velvet truffles at Christmas than when can you?! Another major bonus- The box is so pretty you won't even need to wrap!

8. EOS balm. Come in an array of delicious flavours. My personal favourite at the moment is coconut milk. Plus the casing is baby pink!

9. Guylian praline truffles. A family favourite. These indulgent truffles are a must for every house hold at Christmas.

10. Tangle Angel hair brush.This gorgeous brush is an asset to every princess' dressing table! I can't go anywhere without mine as my hair is so fine and this doesn't pull what-so-ever. They also come in miniature keyring sizes- Adorable!

11. MinkPink 'Eggnog & Elves' PJ's. Mink Pink is slowly becoming one of my favourite brands for their cute designs and fun slogans. I love the little pants too!

12. Pom pom keyring. I must have wasted hours rooting through my handbag looking for my keys until my Mum bought me one of these! So cute, and under a tenner.

13. ASOS leopard print make-up bag. This bag looks so much more expensive than £15! Fill it with some beauty products for something a little extra special.

Tuesday, 17 November 2015


After the roaring success of the first City Girls event in Sheffield, I couldn't believe my luck when I saw that a last minute space had become available to the Manchester event. Now that I live back home in Preston, Manchester is only about 40 minutes on the train away so of course I jumped at the chance and the lovely Holly e-sent me an invite.

It was the night after Halloween, but as I celebrated this year on the Friday, I was fresh as a daisy and ready to mingle with the babes of Manchester. We met at Rain bar and waited downstairs with a drink until Holly and Sioban called us upstairs. In true City Girl style, they had turned the upstairs room into a blogging wonderland just like the last event! The brands attending were Second Thread, What Emma Did, Holly Bower Makes, Calphoto Camera Shop, Artsy Nibs and my personal favourite....Look Fantastic! 

There were also little treats and trinkets dotted around the room from Posh Pickles, Twig and Dot, Voss water, Virtue iced tea, Angelica nails, Michael O'Mara 'Art of Mindfulness' adult colouring books and Green and Blacks. The lovely Siobhan had used some of the chocolate to conjure up some INCREDIBLE cookie-dough-truffle-bite-things. They were melt-in-the-mouth little pieces of heaven and probably the best things I have EVER put in my mouth. I daren't ask for the recipe because each one probably contained my whole weeks allowance of calories. But #YOLO.

#FOODPORN if I ever did see it!
The chosen charity for this event was The Alzheimer's Society, and it kicked off with a talk from one of the volunteers, Steph. The donations for the raffle were amazing so I think all of us bought at least one strip of tickets, with the proceeds going to The Alzheimer's Society.

I love the format of the City Girls events, where we can mill around the room at our own leisure and chat to the brands for as long as we wanted. Of course I sloped off to the Green and Blacks table first (FFS) to dig in to the truffles but then made a beeline for Look Fantastic! Laura had come to tell us about the subscription beauty boxes...How gorgeous is the box? I am a sucker for pretty packaging, especially if it's rose gold! The contents of the boxes total £50 and they contain 6 beautiful surprises to give your skin, hair and make-up the ultimate beauty treat. I could have chatted to Laura for hours, IMO she was everything a beauty representative should be! I just love it when you can tell how much somebody believes in the brand or the product or whatever it is that they are promoting. She was also kind enough to give us all a Christmas box no1 to take home. More info on the beauty boxes can be found HERE. I was lucky enough to swindle two boxes so I could give one away to one of my lucky readers so keep on reading!

Joyce from Artsy Nibs wrote my name in beautiful calligraphy, putting my horrific child-like size 70 font writing to shame! And Emma from What Emma Did is such a babe and I cant wait for my next night out so I have an excuse to purchase one of her dresses.

Try and spot me!

I was lucky to meet some absolutely blogging BABES at this event. Anastasia, Beki and Laura..Thank you for making my day so hilarious! I hope to bump into you all at many more events in the future! 

The day finished off with the raffle. After my life-long spell of bad luck meaning that I never win ANYTHING I was thrilled to win some Posh Pickles Bloody Mary chutney (which I have put away to give my Dad as part of his Christmas present) and a mini tangle angel which is  the PERFECT hand-bag size! Then of course we were presented with our goodie bags...BRIMMING with treats and treasures and make-up and skincare and vouchers and naughty little snacks. I have to admit I nearly dislocated my shoulder about 8 times on the way home due to the sheer weight of it but it was definitely worth it.

Huge thank-you to Holly-Lucy and Siobhan for another incredible blogging event! I look forward to round 3....

And now for the part you have all been waiting for- THE GIVEAWAY! I am giving away a Look Fantastic beauty box to one lucky reader, all you have to do is fill out the Rafflecopter below. Good Luck! 

Tuesday, 3 November 2015


Is it sad that I look forward to each payday because I can try out a new foundation? The beauty bloggers out there will know EXACTLY what I'm coming from here! I'm genuinely so gutted that I am the only girl out of three children in my family so I don't have any sisters to scrounge and share new beauty products with. There is absolutely no chance of that happening with my Mum- Her make-up bag consists of about 300 anti wrinkle creams and some touche ├ęclat 'for special occasions'. Hardly Sephora beauty hall is it.

I have been using my Nars Sheer Glow foundation since June, and it has lasted me up until now which is AMAZING! I thought because it just pours out that I would have bled the bottle dry in about two weeks, but I have been pleasantly surprised. 

I spent a couple of days researching good foundations that have staying power and a matte finish and I came across No 7 Beautifully Matte foundation. I had seen the 'foundation match made device' on the adverts so I was intrigued to see how well it worked! The woman on the counter matched my face with number 13 - Wheat. It was an absolute STEAL at £13.50, a massive difference to my Sheer Glow which was around £32. There was a 'buy one get one half price' offer on all No 7 products so I also picked up the 'perfect light' pressed powder (another bargain at £11.50) so altogether my purchase came to £19.50. A nice change to what would usually have cost me over £50! 

When I applied it for work the next day, I noticed just how matte it really was. I don't know whether it's because Sheer Glow had a nice dewy finish, but it just made my face look DULL. Nothing a bit of Chanel Tan du Soleil cant fix, but I wanted something as easy and effortless as possible for work. However, I only had to apply powder once throughout my day at about 1pm which was good! Annoyingly though, the woman from the beauty counter gave me a powder than is a shade too light for my face. Ugh.

Overall score - 6/10

Great staying power, but VERY matte and without a bronzer or highlighter can make your complexion appear dull. When this bottle runs out I'll be moving on, leave any recommendations in the comments or tweet me! @CLAUDIAWRIGHTx

Tuesday, 27 October 2015


When it comes to Halloween, there are two types of people- those who go ALL out, and those who literally put a bit of blood dribbling out of the side of their mouth. Terrifying. *eye roll*

Personally, I like to go all out. I don't necessarily have to be GORY, (although I do love splattering myself with fake blood) I try to stand out.  I also don't like spending money on a pre-made costume because A) They're usually crap, and B) I really enjoy putting the outfit together! I was recently sent a little box of (trick or) treats from @HQHAIR to create some #HQSCARE's which I have really enjoyed doing. I have chosen two super simple costumes to give you a little inspo for this years scarefest...

LOOK 1- Lady Gaga in the 'Bad Romance' video. Such a simple, but so effective costume to create. I used some white face paint that I picked up in a fancy dress shop and applied to my whole face. I then applied black face paint around my eyes, and then used my Rimmel Glam Eyes Mono Eye-shadow in colour 'jet black' to smoke it out and create a 'hollow' look. I lined my eyes with my Rimmel Exaggerate Smoke n Shine Eye Definer in colour 'little black smokey' for extra drama. For the mouth, I drew vertical, slightly skewed lines with my black face paint, covering my lips and about half way across my cheek. I finished off the look with white contacts (be careful with these- they are an absolute BITCH to get in and out!) and of course a gals gotta have brows, right? Even if I am a skeleton!

Here was my finished look! A simple white shirt and bow tie that I picked up from Primark and some black shorts I already had from Topshop Boutique. You could wear trousers but if you wanted to flash a little more flesh (we've all seen Mean Girls, right!?) then opt for something shorter. I am wearing SO many extensions to get the volume but another option would be to backcomb like you've never backcombed before! 

LOOK 2- Zombie schoolgirl. A cliche costume, some might say, but a classic nontheless! And again, SO EASY TO DO! For this look I applied my foundation as I usually would, then dabbed over areas of it with a damp sponge and some dark yellow face paint, to create a sort of rotting skin effect. Then I went #HAM with my jet black eyeshadow and smoke n shine eye definer! I started by coating the lid then just started smoking outwards. I applied fake blood in the top corner of my head and dribbling out of my nose after this photo was taken but it looks good with or without!

Stay tuned for later on this week where I will be creating some more #HQSCARES!

Friday, 9 October 2015



It's October, officially time to break out the A/W wardrobe. Which I must admit, I'm pretty glad about because I am siiiiiick to death of my summer clothes, I feel like they have been worn to death and I am beginning to get pissed off by just looking at them. I love Autumnal colours- I think warm tones like rust, camel, nude teamed with black looks so classy and so easy to pull off! I have decided this year I want to invest in a few premium pieces that I can just wear to death as opposed to loads of crap that I impulse by and start to hate after about 2 wears.

Starting top left- clockwise:

TOPSHOP BOUTIQUE CAMEL ROLL NECK.  LOVE camel. LOVE roll-necks. I just need to see this little gem in with my very own eyes before I go making any brash purchases though, there has been too many instances lately where I have bought something from the boutique range and it has turned up on my doorstep looking NOTHING like it did online. So. annoying.

STUART WEIZMAN LOWLAND BOOTS. I can't decide between black and grey so I included both! Just a little *ahem* out of my price range at £650 but maybe one of my online sugar daddies will see this post and surprise me with them on Christmas day!

BLACK LEATHER ANKLE BOOTS. These particular pair are by Acne Studios, but I have no preference really. I just want a really good quality pair that I can live in over the festive season.

IPHONE 6S ROSE GOLD. YES the colour makes ALL the difference! I've still got about 10 months left on my contract but I'm considering recycling my current 5S and using the money to pay off my contract so I can upgrade. As well satisfying my rose gold obsession, I hear it has a better camera etc etc so I can waste more of my life taking thousands of selfies :)

LEATHER SKIRT. I saw one of these on one of my favourite fashion bloggers recently but instead of shelling out £120 on the Topshop Boutique version I found this steal in Zara for £29.99! Absolute bargain.

ANASTASIA BEVERLY HILLS LIP GLOSS. I follow the ABH account on Instagram and these glosses are always cropping up! I'm gonna wait till I can track it down on a UK site so I don't have to pay a fortune in shipping/import fees. (I learnt the hard way with my NastyGal order! .....FOURTY FIVE FUCKING POUNDS)

ORIGINS GINZENG. Smells amazing. Feels amazing on my skin. I think I might wait for Christmas for my Mum to get it me as a little stocking filler hehehehehehe.

Monday, 5 October 2015


I cant believe that I am actually typing this, but the day has finally come where I have fallen out of love with reality TV. Now, for the last God knows how many years I have been THE biggest fan of TOWIE, to the point of if I was to ever appear on Mastermind, it would have been my specialist subject. Yes, I really was that obsessed! Whenever a new series started it was like a team-building activity at my flat. My housemates and I would settle down in the lounge with a selection of telly snacks, and my ex-boyfriend would come round just in time for it to start to watch it with us. I'm one of those people where I HAVE to watch it with people. I HAVE to discuss the events as they happen and give my opinion on every hook-up/date/argument/event. Oh, and if that wasn't enough then I also did a running commentary on Twitter so I could interact with other super fans and stir a bit of trouble with a few highly opinionated tweets ;)

I was absolutely HOOKED on the first few series, and then my favourite characters starting leaving the show to move onto bigger and better things, and their replacements were kind of disappointing. First there was Mark Wright, then Amy Childs, JOEY ESSEX (my absolute fave) Sam Faiers, Lucy Meck...

Even the little addition of some eye candy didn't help....Cos he bloody left too!
And same with MIC, Francis left, Caggie, Millie, and now big Spenny has gone! As much as I thought he was a massive twat, his womanising ways were the best thing about Chelsea! Oh, and who can forget the famous #SMACKINTOSH

I was hanging onto TOWIE by the skin of my teeth, until I recently found out my ALL-TIME favourite Diva had left the show. GC, HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?! I just love everything about her, her diva strops, her love/hate relationship with Bobby, her hilarious one-liners. I mean who can forget the infamous pool scene in Marbs?!?!

"You ain't EVER gonna get this candy!!!!"

She was the only good thing left about the show. So should ANOTHER series have been filmed? (15!!!!)

IMO, #TOWIE has had it's day. Same goes for #MIC. I didn't watch ANY of #MICLA, despite being so obsessed with the NYC episodes. Nowadays, I have to admit I can't even be bothered having it playing in the background. I've grown tired of the constant rows and bitching and falling out, nothing is funny or entertaining any-more, and it's become a bit of a chore to watch. In fact, now I have discovered how to add gif's to my posts, here are a collection of Lucy Watson eye-rolls to illustrate how I feel when someone asks me if I watched the latest episode...

Monday, 21 September 2015


Confession: I have NEVER been for afternoon tea. At least once a week it will crop up on my Instagram newsfeed and I always get so jealous of the cute little sandwiches and exquisite looking cakes (especially which my huge sweet tooth). But I have just never got round to actually booking something. 

It's my Mum's birthday next week, however she is jetting off to Italy with my Dad for two weeks so I won't see her on the day, so I decided to book afternoon tea at the MacDonald Manchester hotel and spa in Manchester as a little treat for us both. I found a special offer online which included afternoon tea for two, including a glass of process each for £29.

The MacDonald Manchester Hotel is about two minutes walk from Piccadilly station, which was ideal. We got to Manchester early so we could go and have a little shop and then wander over later on in the afternoon for reservation at 2pm.

When we arrived we were given as choice of tea or coffee, and our food and prosecco were brought over shortly after we had finished our coffees. OH MY GOD. I didn't realise we had a whole shelf each! The sandwiches were: a chicken caesar wrap, melted cheese and pickle ciabatta, egg and cress triangle, and salmon and cream cheese mini bagel. Salmon and cream cheese is up there with my favourite combo's of all time so that was definitely my favourite! When I booked I had mentioned that my Mum is a vegetarian, so hers was slightly different but equally delicious. If the table wasn't already crowded with tempting treats, the waitress then brought over two plump scones, fresh from the oven! Along with jam and cream. 

The cake selection consisted of: the most dense, decadent brownie I have ever tasted in my life! (I couldn't finish it!) Carrot cake, (FAVE THING EVER) a macaroon, and a mini meringue topped with cream, strawberries and a piece of toffee popcorn. I managed to try everything, even if it meant that I almost had to be rolled out of the door afterwards! It was absolutely divine and I could not fault the service or the food. However, as soon as I got home I slipped into a sugar-induced coma and woke up feeling like Shamu the whale. I decided to skip dinner and just ate blueberries instead....That cancels out the calories from lunch, right?

Now I have finally had my first afternoon tea experience I cant wait to try other places! Have any of my readers got any recommendations? *Gains 3 stone just reading reviews*

Sunday, 6 September 2015


I haven't really been buying much since I've moved home. Kind of a mixture of being too busy with my new job and just the fact that it hadn't really crossed my mind. Anyway, as soon as payday arrived I stocked up on all the necessitates (and a few extras, of course) How is it that all your most expensive make-up always runs out at the same time?!
I also have 20% off vouchers for Urban Outfitters and ASOS to be used by September 10th, so expect another haul video very soon!

Anyway, check out my new vlog- like, comment subscribe, share!


(I tried so hard to create a nice opening photo but once again...absolute fail! AND how on earth have I managed to crop half of my head out for the whole thing FFS)

Friday, 28 August 2015


I am thrilled to announce that I am now a proud owner of a car!!! Here is a bit of background info...I passed my driving test three months after turning 17. (I'm now 23) I had about 3 lessons a week because my Mum was hell-bent on me having a full license as soon as possible. (I did fail twice before I passed though, oops.) In the one measly year that I was actually on the roads I managed to write off two cars, one was my fault, one wasn't. It didn't really matter to me anyway because I was off to uni where I wouldn't be needing my own transport anyway.

But now I am back home where it all began! My new job however, is in Lancaster, which is only about 20 minutes away on the train. My ANGEL of a Mother drops me off at the station each morning at the eye-watering time of 7.40am, and then I get the train to Lancaster and walk about 10-15 minutes to the office. I make the same journey home, except from this time my Mum can't pick me up, so I have to get the peasant wagon (bus, if you hadn't got that) to near my house and then walk another 10 minutes home.

I know there are gonna be people rolling their eyeballs into another dimension at this, and I know it doesn't sound TOO bad, but believe me, after just one week I was ready to quit and beg my Dad's friend who owns the Newsagents up the road to give me a paper-round instead. I mean, yeah the train is only 20 minutes but who wants to trek 15 minutes UP HILL at the crack of dawn and arrive at work looking like I've just finished circuit training?!?!?! AND THE BUS HOME oh my God don't get me started. I feel like my IQ drops every time I step foot on board.

So I started pestering my parents for a car. I have wanted a cream Mini since forever, but both my parents point blank refused and said there was no way I was getting a Mini until I was confident driving again. They agreed to get me a 'practice car' for six months first. I was absolutely horrified when they took me to see a little black Clio, but I was tired and hungover and somehow agreed to have it. 

Now I get what my Mum was talking about when she said I needed a practice car!!!! She took me down to Macro car park for a little drive around to refresh my memory and Jeeeesus Christ I felt like I had dementia. I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW WHICH PEDAL WAS THE BRAKE FFS :| And don't get me started on all the little knobs and levers around the steering wheel, I felt like I was playing Bop It! After spending half an hour working out which button turned the windscreen wipers on, I finally started moving. 

Accurate reconstruction of the drive home

Long story short...I was in the drivers seat for about 20 minutes till my Mum had to take over. Since then I have been going out and having little practise runs around Preston, supervised of course. I am ashamed to admit that I am now fully embracing the course of 're-fresher session' driving lessons my Mum has booked me in for. *Hand over eyes*

Who would have thought it would be so difficult to pick up again after having a few years out?!?!!?!? 

Please tell me somebody else has had this problem. Oh, and stay off the roads. For now.

Wednesday, 26 August 2015


Casual smart. Such a loose phrase that could be used to describe a whole plethora of looks. I absolutely hate not knowing the exact dress code, like even before a night out I send a group text round asking to know exactly what everyone is wearing (photographs are an added bonus) Fail to prepare, prepare to fail I say.

I mean, who wants to turn up to their first day at work in a three piece suit when the guy on the desk next to you is wearing his PJ top and some old George at Asda jeans that should not be seen by the light of day, never mind in your place of work. This ACTUALLY happened at my work a few years back. Maybe I over-exaggerated the extravagance of the suit, and of course nobody is REALLY going to turn up to work in their PJ top, but the point I am trying to get across is, when you have never stepped foot there before, how are you supposed to know what the F to dress yourself in?!

This is my idea of casual smart. Of course, you're in your place of work so there has to be some form of professionalism. I can't be rocking up to any more interviews in my daisy dukes again (A la Sorority Girls!) I am wearing a structured T-Shirt shift dress that I picked up in the Mango sale, with my beloved marabou feather cardigan from Topshop, and my Louis V, which I am sure you are all sick to death of seeing by now (LOL, soz) but I am afraid it is still surgically attached to my arm. To add a bit of colour and fun to my outfit, and to reassure my colleagues that I am not a member of the Addams family, I threw on my beaut suede red booties. They were an absolute steal from the limited edition range last year at.......M&S!

I got my mum to quickly take this photo before work this morning, so it isn't the best, but it is an actual outfit post for once!!!!! I promise to post loads more because I feel all my beautiful Topshop clothes are wasted by just swinging on my clothes rail in my bedroom and not getting any airtime. However at the moment I feel like a beached whale so give me a week or so to fit back into them first. Regina George.....I feel ya sista.

Tuesday, 18 August 2015


Me every day when I worked in retail

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had finally broken out of the living HELL that is retail, and got myself a proper grown up job! (Not that I absolutely dreaded every day of retail life, because I met some of my best friends there) I'm not gonna lie, it took me just over a year of filling out dozens of application forms, endless interviews, countless mental breakdowns over the thought of never actually getting a  job in my field and a LOT of tears. I mean, who wants to spend four years at university working hard towards a degree that is useless? There were times when it felt absolutely pointless, that uni was just a waste of time and money, when I saw friends who went straight into a job after college earning more than me. Every time I got knocked back it was always the same, "Great interview, but we have decided to go with somebody with a little bit more experience." But how the F am I supposed to get experience when nobody will employ me?! Surely a degree counts as experience?!

Nevertheless, I was determined to get a job in digital media. Whether it be PR, social media,  blogging, I just knew this was an industry I would thrive in. I never gave up, and I accepted my role as a Social Media Executive at the end of July this year.

I have worked here for almost a month now, and I am still absolutely loving every day! (Touch wood!) My team are great, the work doesn't feel like work and the pay is a LOT better! 

Did I mention our office has a beer fridge AND a popcorn machine?! The only downside is getting up at 6.30 every day and getting home at 6.30 every day. L O N G. But I am slowly getting used to it and actually managing to have a social life again instead of already being tucked up in bed at 7pm every night!

I can finally experience the infamous 'Friday Feeling' and make weekend plans!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anybody currently working in retail will understand what a liberty this is!)

The point of this post isn't PURELY to blow my own trumpet (well, kinda), it is a kind of preachy post for all the grads still searching for their dream job, don't give up!

Has anybody else struggled with getting themselves on the career ladder after uni?

Friday, 14 August 2015


WHAT IS THAT FREEZE FRAME!!!?!?!? I look like I'm about to beat up your mum or something! I didn't know I was capable of such foul facial expressions. Ew.

This week I am reviewing Crest teeth whitening strips. I have heard loads about them, but unfortunately they aren't available to buy in the UK. Fortunately though, they are really easy to get hold of! I got mine from Amazon, but you could always try eBay too. 

Having had my teeth laser whitening before (costing me 10x the price of these strips!) I was thrilled to see the same results! Of course, when I had them professionally done they stayed white for a lot longer, but I suppose you could just re-purchase some more strips when they need a little top up.

BEWARE though, I mentioned this briefly in the video but I feel like I should emphasise the point of NOT leaving them on for longer that than 30 minutes. I made the mistake of leaving them on for an hour once and the next day I was in sooooo much pain! I felt like all my teeth were falling out of my head. I couldn't even breathe air through my mouth because they were so sensitive, and touching anything with some form of texture made me gip. So yeah, don't do that.

P.S I was supposed to post this video a month ago but got a little delayed (SHOCK). I am no longer blonde :( BUT on the plus side my room looks nothing like that bomb site any more!

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