Monday, 24 November 2014

How to Justify Spending Loads of Money on Clothes!

The unfortunate souls who don't understand the importance of revamping their wardrobes each week season or even worse, people who don't like shopping are always baffled when they see people like me spending 99% of their wages on fashion. For people who know me, or follow me on social media can see that I love to shop. I buy something new after almost every shift and why the hell not! I could die tomorrow, so at least I will look bang on trend before I'm about to be cremated.

My boyfriend especially, gives me the biggest eye roll and over exaggerated sigh when he hears me walking through the door rustling yet another bag brimming with new treats, shortly followed by "What have you been buying now?!?!?!" (Yawn) However, in the last few months I have started to become much more savvy about what I have been spending my hard earned pennies on. So I have decided to put together a few tips for my fellow spendaholics out there so you don't feel too bad about treating yourself every once in a while! (or every day!)

1. Make a list. Especially with the items that are a little on the pricey side. If they have been on your wish list for a while then just go for it! I had been lusting after a Louis Vuitton speedy 30 for YEARS, and when I got a cheque through the post from my tax refund I just went ahead and bought myself one! Lets just call it an early Christmas present.

Statement shoes - ZARA £49.99

2. Look for discounts! Especially online. I hate to admit I am one of those people who hate using discount vouchers in store or in restaurants I find it so embarrassing! Which is terrible really because you can save SO much money just by downloading an app or using a code! O2 priority moments is especially useful because it searches for all the deals in your local area. Particularly good ones on there in the past have been a free coffee at Cafe Nero and 3 for 2 on dry cleaning at Johnsons.. perfect for clumsy bitches like me! If your every shopping online, right before you click to 'check out', google *insert site name here* discount code and see what comes up! I saved £50 on my recent booking to Amsterdam, as well as 20% on my look fantastic order just by searching for a discount code.

Bought these with my staff uniform discount, so instead of being £120 I got them for £50! (Topshop 'CONTROL' leather thigh highs)

3. DONT IMPULSE BUY! Well, try not to do it AS much. I am so bad for impulse buying, at one point I would buy so much online, try it on, decide I hated it and not even bother sending it back! So I ended up with the bottom of my wardrobe full of brand new, unworn, ugly clothes. And a rapidly decreasing bank balance. Not a good combo.

Impulse buy'inell! And yes. More shoes.

4. Don't be afraid to send things back! If something arrives and it looks different than it did on the website, or you don't like it AS much anymore, or it doesn't fit right then send it back! AVOID the old 'oh, well I might wear it', because face it, you wont. The tarantula lurking at the bottom of your wardrobe is going to get more wear out of it than you are.

4. Be selective. When you're considering buying something eye-catching and gawdy, try and think about what you can wear it with. Is it versatile? Can you dress it up and down or is it going to be a one hit wonder and then you throw it back into the wardrobe never to be seen again. I buy a lot of monochrome because black and white never goes out of fashion and I think it always looks effortless and cool. Spend a little more on staple items which can be worn again and again in lots of ways to create different looks. I also like basic items made from expensive fabric, like the cashmere vests from Topshop Boutique, or anything from Whistles. I have worn my black cashmere vest to absolute death, I wear it on nights out tucked into leather skirt and even to the gym! It has a hole in the back now though …RIP black vest you will be sorely missed.

Premium grey longline blazer - Topshop £48

5. Work out CPW. (Cost per wear) This is especially great for when you've been umm-ing and ahh-ing over something a little over the budget. Basically you calculate the price of the item, and divide it by how many times you wear it.
For example, my Louis Vuitton bag was £450 from Covetique, (a site run by ASOS which sells pre-owned luxury items - my bag looks basically brand new and I saved myself £100- result!) I have used the bag every day since I bought it, so say 14 days, so £450 divided by (I can't find the divide symbol on my boyfriends MAC :| ) 14= £32. This means each time I have used the bag it has cost me £32, and when I continue to use it, the CPW will decrease more each time, making the initial cost not seen so bad after all! In fact I would say it was intelligent buy, it's real leather, so it's durable and it's big, so it's practical. Win-win!


  1. Ahh so jealous of your Topshop discount! Lovee your blog, you have such a likeable writing style! I already follow you on gfc but do you have bloglovin? xo

    Catherine | Pretty Little Beauty Blog | Instagram

  2. This is the best post I have ever read, I feel like I can totally justify my spending now! And I'm glad someone buys clothes after every shift like me, I'm not alone!!

    Emma xo

    1. Haha your not alone emma! Happens to the best of us ;)

  3. What a brilliant post. Not that I need any help justifying an expensive purchase or three.... great tips! xx

    Sarah |

  4. Loving the shoes and that gorgeous Louis Vuitton handbag!!! :)

    Layla xx