Friday, 21 November 2014


What a whirlwind week! I have been so busy with work/interviews/graduating that I still haven't had the chance to write about my first ever blogger event! I was lucky enough to be invited to the #BloggersSecretSanta2014 hosted by the lovely Emma and Hannah. I was so pleased to see that it was being held in Nottingham, mainly due to the fact that every blogger meet up I ever read about is held in or around London! Ohhhh the down side of living in the North. I was looking forward to it so much that I purchased my secret santa gift about two weeks early, which is a major first for me because I am always such a last minute Linda.

Anyway I woke up bright and early on Saturday morning and picked out my outfit — a black slouchy tee from Zara, leather trousers and my new all black high top Converse. I got so many compliments about my choice of outfit on the day I wish I had taken a photo, but no doubt I will wear it again soon and I will make sure to get one.

I was slightly overwhelmed when I arrived and was faced with 30 other bloggers but it was so lovely to chat to everybody and find out a bit about their blogging history. It has definitely given me plenty more reading material for my morning commutes into work!

A small selection of the Secret Santa gifts

The first talk was from Ian, or as he likes to be known, 'The friendly UK guy'. He spoke to us about two products, The Ultimate Fix, which is a quick dry nail spray, and Hello, which is a fresh and tasty breath spray. Both products instantly appealed to me as I have stopped wearing false nails so I have to actually PAINT MY NAILS MYSELF!!! Such a strenuous activity, I know. #firstworldproblems But after years of somebody else doing it for me I had actually forgotten how long real nails take to dry! 9 times out of 10 I chip or smudge one or two of my nails and then end up spending the rest of my day picking all the other nails off and I am back to square one. I actually tried this out this morning and I would definitely recommend as there was not a smudge in sight.

It may look small, but each can contains around 15 uses

The second product- 'Hello' is a breath spray which comes in three flavours: super mint, pink grapefruit mint and mojito mint, which unfortunately we couldn't try out as it was sold out everywhere! Kind of understandable because who doesn't want an excuse to be tasting bursts of mojito throughout their drab day at work. Another bonus is that I always chew gum at work which is reaaaaally unprofessional, so a quick spritz of this would banish my bad habit for good. Hello (£3.99) and The Ultimate Fix (£9.50) are both currently being sold in Selfridges

Next up was Lekha from Merumaya. I loved how she gave us some background information about the brand first and how it came about. (Merumaya is actually a made up word using Malika's (the founder) first two letters of her own, her Father's, Mother's and Sister's names, something her Father always wanted to do if he ever started a business. Which is SO cute!) She opened my eyes up to the importance of cleansing and toning, something I am quite ashamed to admit I have NEVER done! I only just started using moisturiser last year for Christ sake! Criminal, I know. But in my defense I have never been prone to problem skin, I never really get spots and I have always put that down to my diet, and the fact I drink a lot of water. Lekha talked us through the best selling products and gave us all a tester of each, I can't wait to try out the Melting Cleansing Balm after hearing the rave reviews! Merumaya is available directly from their website and select John Lewis stores.

Not the type of shot I am accustomed to..! Five a day +

Whilst we were enjoying our lunch (I ordered a chickpea sandwich…random..and instant regret when I saw the look of the other dishes that were brought out shortly after mine!) Suzie from The Xenca Way spoke to us about a few health products, starting with Five a Day Plus. We got to try a shot each and although it doesn't look too appealing it doesn't really taste of anything. You take one teaspoon mixed with water or fruit juice or whatever you fancy each morning and apparently it has been found to boost energy, aid recovery, improve mental concentration, aid weight loss and provide you with the nutritional equivalent of 5-7 servings of fresh fruit or veg in one go. Suzie was lovely, but I am so skeptical about things like this because-
1. There are a million powders and pills that claim to do exactly the same thing
2. I have a health freak of a boyfriend who is extremely clued up on nutrition and hates anything like this
3. I would rather just EAT the 5-7 portions of fruit and veg! I love it!

Getting down and dirty with Lush

The final talk was from the guys at Lush! I am a huge Lush fan, even if I have no intention of buying anything I still enjoy going in for a nose around. My mum used to work at a soft play area centre for disabled children and I feel like Lush is a bit like that, so much sensory activity and colour and smells and I just wanna prod and poke everything! Holly spoke to us for a while first about the ethics behind the company. They are completely against animal testing and won't even source products from companies who test on animals either which makes me so happy! Animal testing is such a sore topic for me because I sometimes find myself spending hours trawling through the PETA website, getting worked up over all the awful videos and then it makes me want to jump on the train down to London to protest outside the Houses of Parliament about fois gras or something. Anyway I am moving slightly off topic so back to Lush! WE GOT TO MAKE OUR OWN BATH BOMBS!! It was pretty simple, just a case of mixing together a couple of different powders with sea salt and compacting it into the mould. It was fun making one but I don't think I could ever work in one of the factories churning out hundreds each day. I'd have bigger biceps than my boyfriend!

My finished product! 'Big Blue'

I had to leave about 20 minutes before the end of the event because I had work that evening unfortunately (vibe killer) so I spent the duration of my journey home admiring the vast amount of treats and testers in my goodie bag! It really was like Christmas come early. A few of my faves include the Your Tea 14 day teatox, NKD skin false tan, Leighton Denny nail polish and eye primer. I will be blogging about the majority of these products over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled! 

And not forgetting …My #BloggersSecretSanta2014 gift! I received some gorgeous looking Nip+Fab detox body lotion, some dreamy metallic bit from Make-Up Revolution, a tangle teaser style brush to tame my mane, and some Eylure lashes in 145 which is one of the styles I always wear so my Secret Santa obviously did their research! So grateful and THANK YOU to whoever you are! 

I just want to say another massive thank-you to Hannah and Emma, the day was perfect and ran so smoothly! 
Looking forward to attending more blogging meet ups in the near future!


  1. It was really lovely to meet you! What a great event. I totally loved your outfit and lashes! xx

    Sarah |

    1. Thankyou so much Sarah it was fab to meet you too!