Sunday, 26 October 2014

5 EASY ways to live healthy!

Recently I have become a lot more interested in fitness and nutrition, and it is no surprise to anyone that it takes a LOT more effort to stay healthy. It seems so much easier to grab a McDonalds extra value meal on your lunch break than to prepare a chicken salad the night before (and cheaper!) But I have put together a few useful tips to get started, small changes will make a big impact on you and your lifestyle and I promise you will feel loads better for it!

1. Don't waste money on fad diets
In particular here I am talking about 'Results With Lucy'. I know it's only £3 a week, but the videos are just basic toning exercises which you can find in abundance on YouTube! Search for 'Tone It Up' (or click for a direct link) and subscribe for free! It's a channel run by twins fitness Guru's Katrina and Karena, and they have posted hundreds of videos aimed at toning various parts of the body. 

2. Substitute sauce in favour of seasoning
A jar of sauce can contain hundreds of unnecessary calories! Especially creamy, cheesy pasta sauces. Save yourself the unwanted fat and calories by making your own! And it doesn't have to be time consuming OR expensive. Use extra-light Philadelphia (it comes in all kinds of declines flavours nowadays!) as a pasta sauce or use to to stuff chicken breasts. And instead of cracking open a jar of passata or other tomato based sauce, make your own! A whole can of chopped tomatoes only contains about 50 calories, and when combined with some basil, garlic, and other spices and seasonings it really is hard for your tastebuds to tell the difference (but your waistline will do!)
Also, when baking basic chicken breasts cover them with various spices and herbs to liven them up a little. A favourite in our house is jamaican jerk seasoning and cajun spices, yum!

3. Don't fall for trick 'healthy' foods
Don't assume that because it is 'raw' that you can stuff your face with it. I learnt this the hard way! Dried fruit and nuts in particular are an absolute killer!!
100g dates = 282 calories. 
Kit Kat chunky = 280 calories.
It seems obvious what most people would choose out of the two. HOWEVER.. out of those 282 calories for the Kit Kat 126 are from the 14g of fat which it contains. Whereas the dates have no fat and a lot of fibre and other health benefits, so technically they are better for you. But if you are counting calories, watch out for dried fruit and nuts as they are verrrrry high in cals. But then again everything is good in moderation so don't completely cut them from your diet! (and allow yourself the odd kit kat every now and again too!)

4. Get a gym partner
Going to the gym is sooo much easier when you have somebody to go with! Its great for motivation as well, like if one of you can't be bothered but the other is really up for going then you are more likely to go. Booking classes is great for motivation as well, for example if I am feeling a little tired or just can't be bothered, I will book myself onto a really high intensity class like vipR or kettle bells. They are only 30 minutes long and burn so many calories so it is much more effective attending one of these than being in the gym for hours attempting a pathetic workout myself!

A sneaky photo somebody took of Ryan and I at the gym last week…hate it when that happens

5. Eat 'clean'
No, this doesn't mean you have to spend all your money on hemp milk, maca powder, buckwheat granola and fresh coconut water! By cutting out processed crap you will notice a world of difference. For example a normal day for me would be oats for breakfast, made with a water and a chopped banana and topped with a squirt of honey (around 300cals) lunch is a baked chicken breast with slices of baked sweet potato and broccoli (literally season and oven bake together for 20 mins whilst the veg is boiling) and dinner will be egg white omelette with either boil in the bag fish (100 cals) or avocado and veg. Three simple meal ideas using basic ingredients, low calorie and quick and easy to cook! I will be doing more posts on healthy eating ideas and recipes too so watch this space!

What I have been eating this week!

Remember, Rome wasn't built in a day…every little change you make is one step closer towards a healthier, happier lifestyle!


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  2. I love this post, Its so honest! My favourite thing is to go running with my best friend on a Sunday morning, it clears my head, is refreshing and somehow so much fun.

    Priyanka :)