Wednesday, 3 September 2014


This picture sums up exactly how I feel on payday…aaaaand then I blow the majority of it the same day and am forced to live off bread and tap water for the rest of the month. Anyway here are a few treats I have been buying this week.

I haven't had a little Missguided spree in ages! To be fair now that I am basically a married woman I don't go out anyway near as much as I used to so I haven't really been buying 'going out' clothes. However my bestest friend EVER from uni is coming to stay this weekend so what better reason to get a new outfit! I bought this white two piece (£14.99 each) and couldn't resist this little faux leather nude skirt which was in the sale for £12.99. Everyone needs a back-up outfit right?

This has been allllll over my instagram this week! My beloved black duster jacket from Topshop (£45). I think it is perfect for cool summer days and will take me right through into A/W as something I can just throw on and still look good.

The checked shirt was kind of a panic buy I am still slightly undecided on whether to return this. It was selling out almost as soon as we got it in so I snagged one last minute. However the shirt style doesn't really suit my body although I really love the material and print! I have another week to mull it over so I guess I'll try it on with a few outfits first. (£38) The  gold crop is a firm favourite I feel like the colour really suits me and it makes a nice change from my usual black on black. (£28)

UH-MAZING jumpsuit from Zara (£45) I love the fact it looks like a separate tee and trousers and it has a super low back as well-something I adore in a clothing piece! I was tempted to wear this on bank holiday but I was unsure about how crazy things were gonna get and I didn't fancy ruining it the first time I wore it.

I don't know how to rotate this sorry! I already had the eyelash bralet in black so when it came back in stock in the white I snapped one up ASAP. (Topshop- £22 each)

NOW THEN. This marabou fur gilet has been in the back of my mind ever since I laid eyes on it about three weeks ago. With quite a hefty price tag of £90 I was umm-ing and ahh-ing for about two weeks whether to buy it. Pros- It is absolutely HEAVENLY and would be perfect for A/W outfits. Plus the fact I am such a sucker for anything furry, ESPECIALLY marabou or mongolian. Cons- The first droplet of rain and will it be ruined? will I spend the rest of my night smelling like a wet dog? How will I restore the fur to its original silky soft fluffy state? So many questions. ANWAY I decided to go for the sensible approach and chose not to buy it. But after having ACTUAL DREAMS about it (what the  hell) I raced back to work and reserved myself one to buy after my shift (the last size 10 can i just add!!!! definitely fate.) So here it is, hanging proudly in my closet.

This cutey little thing was only £22. I love the exposed zip on the back! (Topshop….again)

Continuing with the fur theme here! Ryan's response when he saw this on the side was 'Claudia what the fuck is that furry animal you've adopted" so I take it he wasn't impressed! But I love it and thats all that matters. (River Island £35)

I have had my eyes peeled for a cute pair of shoe boots for ever and couldn't believe my luck when I spied these over HALF price in Kurt Geiger. They were £59 reduced from £140 and whenever I wear them somebody pays me a compliment so my work here is done! (minus the fact they shred my feet to absolute pieces but I am hoping they will just need breaking in.)

I feel very regal in this statement necklace! I just wish the metal was thicker and heavier…it feels a little cheap :( (ASOS £22)

Now that I am on the hunt to start my actual CAREER (aaaahhhhh!!!!) I feel the need to invest in something to make me feel a little more professional. And that something is a Louis V Damier Speedy 30 handbag. RRP £595. Do I have the mental willpower to stop buying clothes and save up for my dream bag?!?!!? place your bets now.

(or il just go back into my overdraft)
Happy spending guys!

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