Monday, 8 September 2014


Cocktail and carbs…what more could a girl ask for! And this weekend I definitely indulged in rather excessive amount of each. (oops) My best friend from uni came down from Liverpool to stay over at my new place so of course we went out. It's so weird to go from seeing her almost every day for four years to living in different cities again so it was SO nice to be reunited!

I bought a new necklace from work after having my eye on it for a few days. I must say I do LOVE a statement necklace. (Topshop £20)

I also tried out my new Sleep contouring kit for the first time! I must admit I was so proud of my makeup this night, I spent about half an hour attempting to recreate a 'smokey eye' from a YouTube tutorial (lol) and I know theres gonna be some MUA's reading this thinking it's the most basic thing to do ever but I think I did a good job! AND Ryan even told me my makeup looked good!!!!!!!!!! My jaw nearly fell off I was so gobsmacked to hear an actual compliment come out of his mouth, so I swanned out the house feeling like an absolute supermodel and my night was most definitely off to a good start!

Another highlight of my night was seeing my two fave Menzels gals! We all used to work together and now Tara as a big girl job and Beth's moved back to Newcastle so it's a rare occasion for us to be reunited nowadays (Beth particularly) but I loved every second.

One of the only suitable photographs of me and my favourite little scouser of the night! Why I always seem to recreate the leaning tower of pisa with my body I couldn't tell you BUT to be fair I had necked quite a few tequilas by this point…
(I am wearing the lace eyelash bralet with a leather pencil skirt- both Topshop)

The calm before the storm…


My mouth is literally salivating just looking at this photo! Sundays have always been 'cheat days' for me and Ryan and the fact I was also extremely hungover made me even more enthusiastic about shovelling a hideous amount of calories into my mouth. Sam, Ryan and I headed to the Handmade Burger Co. which was such a strange experience for me because I NEVER eat burgers. I usually order salad or something healthy when I go out to eat so I was excited to check out the menu. It boasts an impressive list of all sorts of crazy burger combinations but I eventually decided on 'The Mexican', which was a burger topped with crushed avocado, tortilla chips and salsa. I also got seasoned fries. And let me tell you know this is a hangover DREAM. The portion are huuuuuuge and everything was just so delicious, I will most definitely be returning on my next hangover day! I already know what I'm going to order if anybody's interested - the avocado and bacon burger. YUM.

Has anybody else eaten at the HBC? What would you recommend?

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